Updated: 23.03.15

23 March 2015
Leon Richards (Nathan Constance) character biography.

18 March 2015
Updated Kit Gallery with five new shots of various kit in
Shorts and Training.

04 March 2015
Natalie Hocknell (Helen Latham) character biography. Also added an update to Dean Hocknell (Darren Morfitt) profile last paragraph.

01 March 2015
Kitty Wyatt (Choy-Ling Man) character biography added.

18th February 2015
Tommy Valentine (Chris Brazier) character biography.

12th February 2015
Linton Alexander (Robbie Gee) character biography added.

08 February 2015
Article by Carl on visiting the Millennium Stadium and remembering it's usage in Season 8&9 of Dream Team.

02 February 2015
Stephanie Jacobs (Eva Pope) character biography.

20th January 2015
Kim Sullivan (Natasha Symms) character biography added.

11 January 2015
Lee Presley (James Watts) character biography added.

31st December 2014
Scott Lucas (Luke Mably) character biography added.

18 December 2014
Katy Irwin (Amy Perfect) character biography added.

12 December 2014
Added a brand new, long time coming section
Kit Gallery, showcasing some classic and rare HUFC strips from across DT's ten years, with more to be added as time goes on.

30 November 2014

Julie Alexander (Julie Smith) character biography added.

23 November 2014

John Black (Gary McDonald) character biography added.

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