07 February 2016

Review of 1.2 [#02] Wednesday 15/10/97 added in Season 1 Episode Guide. Unfortunately due to missing episodes which will be frequent in S1&2, the next available episode to be reviewed will be 1.8 [#08].

31 January 2016

Began to add the first details from Season 1's guest and recurring cast to Recurring Character Tenures, including a full biography for Ron Atkinson during his character's time in DT.

Guest character pages opened for Season 1-5's
A-M and N-Z, presently with the very first episode's cast. This will continue to grow in detail as the episode reviews go on.

29 January 2016

New magazine scans added in Press Articles (Media), how the Radio Times covered the launch of DT in October 1997.

22 January 2016

Neil Newbon Interview with Dream Team Diehard added.

10 January 2016

New magazine scans added in Press Articles (Media), of TV & Satellite Week's coverage of Season 4's finale in April 2001, featuring an interview with Sarah Matravers (Victoria Baptiste).

05 January 2016

A little feature on behalf of The Misty Moon Film Society for Nina Muschallik's upcoming appearance and Q&A evening event.

01 January 2016

Return of the (new) Episode Reviews! And we're right back to where it all began - 1.1 [#01] Tuesday 14/10/97

18 December 2015

New magazine scans added in Press Articles (Media), this time TV & Satellite Week's coverage of DT's return for Season 8 in October 2004.

11 December 2015

Added two lots of new magazine coverage in Press Articles (Media), this time TV & Satellite Week's spread on DT's Season 2 finale in May 1999 plus synopsis listings for Season 1's last week in May 1998.

07 December 2015

Added Ryan Naysmith (Ricky Whittle) character biography. The site now has complete profiles for all 121 Dream Team regulars!

24 November 2015

New magazine coverage uploaded in Press Articles (Media). TV & Satellite Week's publicising of Dream Team's launch in October 1997.

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"I was so thrilled when my dad agreed to be on it"

Neil Newbon talks to Dream Team Diehard about his career

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