Updated: 22.05.15

22 May 2015

Sam Irving (Stefan Dennis) character biography added.

15 May 2015

Marilyn Harwood (Amanda Abbington) character biography added.

09 May 2015

Taylor Doyle (Paul Ellis) character biography added.

06 May 2015
Vincent Osamabiku (Michael Price) character biography.

30 April 2015
Michael Jacobs (David Hunt) character biography.

26th April 2015
Rachel Gately (Elizabeth O'Grady) character biography.

19 April 2015
Robbie Walsh (Scott Mean) character biography added.

15 April 2015
Maxine Duxbury (Madeleine Curtis) character biography.

04 April 2015
Sofia Moxham (Lisa McAllister) character biography.

30 March 2015
Lucy Patcham (Kate Farrah) character biography.

23 March 2015
Leon Richards (Nathan Constance) character biography.

18 March 2015
Updated Kit Gallery with five new shots of various kit in
Shorts and Training.

04 March 2015
Natalie Hocknell (Helen Latham) character biography. Also added an update to Dean Hocknell (Darren Morfitt) profile last paragraph.

01 March 2015
Kitty Wyatt (Choy-Ling Man) character biography added.

18th February 2015
Tommy Valentine (Chris Brazier) character biography.

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