Updated: 17.04.14

17 April 2014

Holly Jones (Lamorna Watts) character biography added.


6 April 2014

5 new articles from 2002-03 on the Season 6 female cast of DT.

02 April 2014

Gavin Moody (Jonathan Howard) character biography added.

23 March 2013

Stevie Shaw (Adam Allfrey) character biography added.

18 March 2014

Cheryl Mackie Interview added.

15 March 2014

3 more press articles (from Season 4 in December 2000 and Season 10 in June 2007) added in Press Articles (media).

23 February 2014

Added 5 NEW scanned articles to Press Articles (media) all from Sky Magazine's May 2003 issue, featuring the run-up to Season 6's finale.

21 February 2014

Jo Goldie Interview added.

24 January 2014

Covers of the press-released video of the very first episode added in Other Press (DT related).

16 January 2014

Added 7 NEW scanned articles to Press Articles (media). Enjoy!

14 January 2014

Added two further sections to Features: Other (DT related) where some of the already present articles in Features have been moved into for the catagory they fit into.

And Press Articles (media): a section yet to kick off which will include lots of scanned Dream Team press articles - some rarities not seen for a long time! I will begin to add to this shortly.



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"My mum and brother were fans of the show so that made it extra special."

Cheryl Mackie talks about playing Karen Boyle

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