02 May 2016

New magazine scans of TV & Satellite Week's May 2005 coverage of Season 8's finale added in Press Articles (Media).

28 April 2016

(The real) Season 1 Episode 20, 1.20 [#20] Wednesday 17/12/97 reviewed in Season 1 Episode Guide.

15 April 2016

New magazine scans of TV & Satellite Week's October 2002 coverage of Season 6's premiere, where they talk to Terry Kiely (Fletch) added in Press Articles (Media).

10 April 2016

Review of next available episode, 1.19 [#19] Tuesday 16/12/97 added in Season 1 Episode Guide.

31 March 2016

Coverage of Season 5's premiere (September 2001) and finale episodes (May 2002) from TV & Satellite Week added in Press Articles (Media).

25 March 2016

Review of 1.14 [#14] Wednesday 26/11/97 added in Season 1 Episode Guide. This episode was previously thought to be, and listed as, Season 1 Episode 20.

18 March 2016

Updated Kit Gallery with 5 new pieces in Training plus a very special edition in Plain Backs Away.

13 March 2016

Coverage of DT's Season 7 finale in Sky Magazine's May 2004 issue added in Press Articles (Media), featuring a big interview with Marem Hernandez (Pilar)

08 March 2016

Stats for 1.9 added in Recurring Character Tenures and S1-5 A-M Guest Characters.

06 March 2016

Review of 1.9 [#09] Tuesday 11/11/97 added in Season 1 Episode Guide.

27 February 2016

New scans added in Press Articles (Media) of Sky Magazine's May 2006 coverage of the far too short mini-series prequel Dream Team 80's.

24 February 2016

D and M Recurring Character Tenures, and S1-5 A-M Guest Characters updated for characters featured in 1.8.

23 February 2016

Review of 1.8 [#08] Wednesday 05/11/97 added in Season 1 Episode Guide.

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An Evening with Nina Muschallik at the Misty Moon Film Society

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