Updated: 29.10.14

29 October 2014

Nicole Caskey (Cassandra Bell) character biography added.


27th October 2014

Martin Crewes Interview added.


14th October 2014

Jerry Block (Michael Melia) character biography added.

28th September 2014

Jacqui Wallis (Jane Campbell) character biography added.

22nd September 2014

Luis Amor Rodriguez (Martin Crewes) character biography added.

10 September 2014

One new article added in Press Articles (Written). Thanks to Carl Field for the use.

06 September 2014

Ian Coates (Francis Johnson) character biography added.

23 August 2014

Lynda Block (Alison King) character biography added.

04 August 2014

Jeff Stein (Ray MacAllan) character biography added.

27 July 2014

October 2006 coverage of Season 10's premiere in Sky Magazine added in Press Articles (media).

15 July 2014

Naomi Ryan Interview added.

27 June 2014

Added Matt Webster (James Daffern) character profile.

21 June 2014
More Sky Magazine scans of their always brilliant DT coverage in Press Articles (media), this time from May 2002 and the Season 5 finale. Plus some new Radio Times listings from towards the end of Season 9 in April 2006.

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"Dream Team was such a unique show at the time and didn’t apologize for itself."

Martin Crewes discusses his time playing Luis Amor Rodriguez

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