Jo Goldie, 2014

A native of Carlisle (described as the great border city), and having spent a long time in and around Liverpool, Jo Goldie got her first break as a dancer in the music video for "In My Eyes" by Milk Inc. Her career as an actress got started with small roles in film "The 51st State" (2001), one-off drama "Blood Strangers" (2002) and mini-series "Between The Sheets" (2003), both for ITV. It was following this Jo landed the part of Donna, a new regular character in Dream Team who was set for an eventful stint.


FEBRUARY 21st 2014



First described by Jane Hewland as the "New totty arriving in Episode 1", Donna Gibb (later Connelly) was the answer to the mystery DT viewers had been left with at the end of the sixth season: Just who was sitting in North Stand, Block 3, Row F, Seat #61 when Phil Wallis (Neil Jackson) announced "Congratulations, you are the new owner of Harchester United". Donna was a Liverpudlian who admitted she hated football, but quite liked footballers - so much so in one season at HUFC she managed to pull three of the first team on top of regular boyfriend Dean and his old man Tony! The writers featured Donna prominently as a big, new female character. From her often unscrupulous ways of keeping her claim to the club alive, a wedding to Clyde in Las Vegas to sharing club ownership with now ex-boyfriend Dean, Donna's time in the show was certainly colourful(!) and she remained someone the viewers loved to hate.


Since the show, Jo has taken on a number of special roles, both as an actress and away from the camera. The victim of domestic abuse in Gemma Fox's "Girlfriend's Story" music video, and a sole-female role in Steven Lally's stage production "Dealing" told the story of the effects of children dealing prescription drugs in a playground. Jo now also passes on her experience in the field of Dance and Drama to teenage students, where she teaches in secondary schools.


In the following pages, Jo recalls her time as Harchester United's youngest ever Chairwoman, heart-warming stories of being recognised for Dream Team by both students and employers, plus her time as a guest character on "Hollyoaks" which featured an encounter which could have come straight from the script!



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