Season 7 Episode 22

Episode 314


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 29th February 2004


Directed By

David Bartlett


GS: Mr. Bartram (James Howard)  Alan Curbishley (as himself)  FA Commissioner (John Blakey)  Gordon Taylor (as himself) (uncredited)



As Harchester lose to Leicester, Pilar begs Mr. Bartram not to pull the plug when the Champions League is still within the club’s grasp. He tells her that no rash decisions will be made straight away, but no sooner than leaving he calls in the receivers who wait until everyone has left for the night before locking the gates shut. They then place a sign that the club has permanently ceased trading. The next morning Sandra and Grace arrive for work and receive text messages saying their contracts have been terminated. Pilar arrives and the dire consequences of her actions hit her.



The stunned team gather at Curtis’ whilst the management sit at Dean’s, watching Mr. Bartram as he tells the media that liquidation of the club's assets has begun. A writ arrives at the house informing the group that all of their homes are to be repossessed, giving them two hours to vacate. Stuart lets Pilar know that he holds her responsible, before heading to Curtis’ to apologise to the team and to tell them to find new clubs. At the Grange, Pilar receives hate mail from the fans and Dean is assaulted when he tries to stop one from attacking her. As Dean and Curtis sit in Studs they realise that the club would still exist if the team and the fans turned up for their next game. Whilst Dean sets about capturing the fans attention, Curtis tells the team that he’ll be holding training sessions in Addison Park and if the club means anything to them they should be there.


The next day Dean goes on television to tell the fans to be at the Charlton away game because they'll be 11 angry men on the pitch. He then goes to see Alan Curbishley at training, who tells him he would need clearance from the Premier League before Charlton could consider playing Harchester. Dean consults the rule book which states that if a club goes bust they are out, and after seeing large deliveries of fan mail with pictures drawn from children, Dean is determined to get the rule changed. Not all the lads are willing to play so Donna speaks to Clyde who has been offered two and a half million to join Spurs. He still isn't convinced and refuses so Donna gets him drunk and they sleep together, thus forcing him to return to the team when she threatens to humiliate him in the papers. Curtis meanwhile, asks Marcel to play in the team for Saturday, but he wishes him luck and leaves for other matters.


Stuart lets Pilar know he’s realised she only slept with him to get him on board for the deal. She finds it hard to deny this, which just confirms his belief. Dean presents his case to the Premier League officials. He is told that it's the nineteen other Premiership chairmen that make the final decision. To the waiting press outside Dean makes his appeal whilst the players all slowly make their way to Addison Park, completing the 11 Man line-up. The team are allowed to proceed but Jeff is not happy about Lee playing when he is not insured and has to pull out. The team now doubt they can win and consider dropping out. Curtis tells them any result is better than being remembered as cowards. At the Charlton game, Stuart arrives with Ryan and Curtis asks whether he's willing to play. Ryan agrees and says he's been looking forward to this day for the last three months and it's the only thing that's kept him going. Curtis scores, whilst back in Harchester DRAGONS 4 EVER! is sprayed onto the deceased sign on the club gates.




·          The Best: Gordon Taylor’s appearance. Alan Curbishley’s appearance – with more still to come as the series continues. Donna bedding Clyde as a way of blackmailing him into returning to the team. Dean’s speech – the moment that his character, who was fairly unpopular upon his arrival, became a Harchester and DT legend.


Quotes: Donna, when Clyde tells her he’s moving to London: "What you think you won't be a laughing stock down there when they read my story in the papers? 'Connelly keeps comin' back for more!' [giggles] I think you’ll be rejoining the team now!”.  Dean: “This town. We've killed its football club” and, in full, his beautiful speech which was too good to be left out: “I wasn't born a Harchester United fan. You all know that. I was just a scouser Everton fan before I came to Harchester. And I admit it, money was all that mattered to me, I thought I'd won the lottery. When all this happened, when everything was taken away, it all became clear to me. Your club is in my hands, and it's my duty as a football fan to protect it. And protecting it wasn't as hard as I thought. Because I realise, when those chains went up on the gates of our stadium, when all the decent loyal members of staff at our club lost their jobs, when our players, the men who have fought problem after problem all season were evicted from their homes. There's one thing that those banks can't repossess or put a padlock on or sell off because it lies in the players and it lies in the fans and that's the sprit of a football club [crowd cheers]. And I want all you Premiership chairmen to know, when you vote tomorrow, to let us play on, because we are Harchester Uni...[pauses] because we are Harchester United."


·          Continuity: Karen phones Dean whilst he and the team nervously await the nineteen Premiership chairmen’s decision.


Additional Info: The news reports that Harchester United have been in the football league for 120 years (true, formed in 1883 and turned professional in 1895). Dean collects a 5,000 name petition from Harchester's fans. Curtis mentions that the Reserves have gone and they as a team are all that’s left. England Manager (2001-2006) Sven Goran Erikkson makes an appearance at the Charlton game. With Marcel absent Viv hands Curtis the captain's armband.


·          Surprise!: Ryan’s return. He has been missed.


What Was The Score?: Continued game from 313: The Fix: Harchester lose 2–0 to Leicester meaning the club drops below sixth place in the league. At the Charlton game, Curtis scores making it Harchester 1–0 Charlton.


·          Soundtrack: Archive: “Organ Song”,  [the 2003 UK Christmas No.1] Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules: “Mad World”,  Placebo: “The Bitter End”,  R.E.M.: “(It’s the) End Of The World As We Know It”,  Sigur Ros: “Track 3”,  Thomas Newman: “Road To Chicago.”


Behind The Scenes: In the run up to the show finishing in 2007, Jane Hewland listed 11 Angry Men as one of her best moments and told how Dean’s speech (written by her son, Harry) made his grandfather cry. It is a lovely speech.


Screencaps from 7.22’s original broadcast on Sky One on 29/02/04.

Locked out!

 Hate mail for Hernandez



Connelly keeps coming back for


 Will Stoo-art wise up?



Dean gives his speech

 Ryan is ready to play again



Amen to that!


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