Season 7 Episode 10

Episode 302


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 30th November 2003


Directed by

Clair Breton


GS: Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston)  Jenny Davenport (Sarah Berger)  Dr. Solley (Nicholas Gecks)



Whilst leaving an awards show with Pilar, Luke’s eyesight is stunned by the beam of an oncoming car, in which unfortunately for him Paul Hankin is a passenger. Luke meets with his mother at the club, and tells her that she and his father must leave the country before the press learn of his fathers’ eye condition. The next day, instead of attending the worldwide press launch for his new boot, Luke visits his father’s ophthalmologist who informs him that he has an inherited case of Flukes Dystrophy and will need surgery to save his eyesight. Curtis, still receiving the cold shoulder from Stuart and feeling rejected by Grace, gets drunk at Studs with Donna who herself is feeling neglected by Clyde.


The two go back to Curtis’ house where Grace phones and leaves an apologetic message, which makes Curtis feel guilty so he throws Donna out. The commotion is heard by Tony Boyle who goes round to the house as Donna hides. Tony sees Donna’s necklace on the stairs and realises what she’s been up to. He then pays Donna a visit at Clyde’s flat and tells her he knows about her and Curtis. Seeing that Curtis is being held back in his game over the Ryan situation, Grace comes clean to Stuart that it was she who gave Ryan the sleeping pills.


The night before their game against Blackburn Stuart apologises to Curtis for how he has treated him, and asks him to speak to Ryan about why he took the pills. After Donna informs Curtis that Tony knows about their drunken evening together, he takes his frustrations out on Ryan, leading him to confess about accidentally killing Steve. After he doesn’t put Ryan on the team-sheet for the Blackburn game, Curtis tells a stunned Stuart about what Ryan told him and that he must play him because football is the only thing keeping Ryan going right now. Curtis sacrifices his own place in the team so that Ryan can play.


Luke’s diagnosis begins to cause him paranoia. After running out of the rearranged boot launch he asks Nikki back to his hotel room, and then throws her out accusing her of wanting ‘Luke Davenport the legend’ instead of the person that he is. He later attacks Bruce when he mistakenly picks up Luke’s eye drops whilst looking for toothpaste. On the morning of the game Hankin shows up and tests Luke, saying he knows all about his eye condition. Luke calls Hankin’s bluff however and questions him about the name of his condition, to which Hankin cannot answer. Hankin is then forced to drop his story when Luke threatens to sue him for slander.




Best Known For: Sarah Berger has had roles in “Castles” (1995), “Doctors” (2003-2004) and “Murphy’s Law” (2004). In his career, Nicholas Gecks has over 40 credits in both stage and screen, and recently appeared in “Doctor Who” (2007).


·          The Best: Neil Newbon’s appearance as Luke at the Disney Channel Kids Awards 2003, adding some realism to Luke supposedly being an international star. Ditto the Disney Channel presenters - Nigel Mitchell, Mark Rumble and Emma Lee giving HUFC a mention! Marcel’s decoy-story to Hankin about Luke going to the bathroom on his own. The Sky Sports News headlines ‘prominent photographer attacked by HUFC superstar’ and ‘LD in plastic surgery shocker.’ The LD Brand point-of-sales-display set up in the boardroom for the boot launch. Luke challenging Stuart in an attempt to test if any of them would stand up to him, and only Marcel doing so.


Quotes: Luke’s definition of his life to Dr. Solley: “Let me tell you what’s going to happen, just so you’re prepared; I don’t know if my coming here is going to be front page news. Journalists are gonna arrive, they’re gonna bribe your staff two or three times as much money as they make in a year just to say I had an appointment.”


·          Continuity: Curtis tells Donna that two years ago he was the second-top scorer in the French League and that he cost Harchester £7 million pounds [261: It Could Be You].


Additional Info: It is five weeks until the transfer window opens. The players aren’t allowed mobiles in the dressing room. Luke’s father Robert Davenport is aged 56. Since Luke has joined Harchester, the club’s merchandising sales have increased by 300%, according to Pilar. Luke has 15 goals to his name at Harchester so far, until he scores at the Blackburn game.


·          What Was The Score?: Curtis scored three goals against Leicester reserves (off-screen). Blackburn result unknown but Luke scores for Harchester.


Soundtrack: Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z: “Crazy In Love”,  Coldplay: “Clocks”,  David Holmes: “Spell Rigazzi”,  Lemon Jelly: “Kneel Before Your God”,  Main Source: “Looking At The Front Door”,  Sigur Ros: “Track 8”,  Starsailor: “Love Is Here”,  Stone Roses: “I Wanna Be Adored”,  Tim Burgess: “Oh My Corazon”,  Unknown: “The Chase.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Back to my place?!

 Luke gets his diagnosis...



...and doesn't make the best roomate!

 Ryan confesses the truth



And Curtis knows what he must do

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