Season 7 Episode 11

Episode 303


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 7th December 2003


Directed by

David Penn


GS: Paul Boardman (as himself)  Bill Kenwright (as himself)



Stuart, now aware of Ryan’s accidental killing of Steve, tries to organise a transfer that will send Ryan to Liverpool in order to help him get over what he did. He manages to convince Pilar it would help the club financially but when telling Ryan himself, Lee overhears the conversation. He goes home and tells Jeff, who is preparing for Matt’s head-to-head debate with Dean on Sky, and decides to use this to Matt’s advantage as future chairman, starting the “Saving Priceless Ryan” campaign. With the live Sky debate only two days away, Tony is worried about the press learning of Dean’s absence. Karen reminds him that the Mercy Derby is tomorrow, and he’ll be sure to find Dean there.



Tony goes to the game at Goodison Park and finds Dean, eventually persuading him to come home and fight for his £30 million claim. The press capture Tony and Dean at the Everton game, and in an attempt to explain their defection back from Harchester, they send Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright an offer for Wayne Rooney. This only plays to Matt’s advantage however, and he appears on TV with Bill saying that Wayne will be going nowhere (but Old Trafford shortly). With his eye operation coming up, Luke goes to Pilar and gives her an ultimatum: if Ryan goes, then so does he. Stuart threatens to resign if Ryan isn’t sold, and Luke continues to pressurise Pilar into stopping the deal.


Acting as an anonymous (but official) source, Pilar goes to the press in an attempt to destroy the Liverpool deal, and tells them Ryan is hooked on anti-depressants. She then has to deny the story when Gérard Houllier phones her in front of Stuart, and asks Ryan to go for a medical that afternoon. Gérard later phones Stuart and tells him he wants Ryan, and a disgruntled Luke overhears them celebrating. The Harchester United Christmas party is held at Studs, and the team present Ryan with a leaving present – his No.29 jersey framed and signed by them all.


Meanwhile, after Luke presents her with his own transfer request, Pilar has the final say – if they lost Luke they would be finished, so Ryan stays. Stuart resigns on the spot, and upon telling Ryan the news, he flips and punches Luke causing further damage to his sight. Matt hears the fans outside praising Pilar for keeping Ryan, and makes a statement backing her as his choice for Chief Executive when he gets the club. Following this, an angry Jeff joins alliances with the Boyles. The next day, Stuart takes Ryan to a clinic where he will stay until he is well again. As Ryan is taken away, Stuart breaks down and cries.




·          Ricky Whittle takes a break from the show after this episode, as Ryan leaves to recover in a rehabilitation clinic. During his time away he appears in an episode of "Holby City" and returns in 314: 11 Angry Men after ten episodes away.


The Best: Ryan, envisaging with Stuart in the dressing room, playing and scoring for Liverpool. The visit to Goodison Park, and Ricky Whittle outside Anfield. Bill Kenwright putting his acting to use again, whilst appearing as himself. The look on the Grange receptionist’s face when she sees Tony and Dean’s offer for Rooney. Matt and Dean on “You’re On Sky Sports”, and Jeff phoning in under the guise of Jessie from Leeds. Also Dean and the ‘Looney for Rooney t-shirt’. Everyone dressed up for the Christmas party – with Marcel and Abi looking the best. Lee getting his “Christmas snog” from a horrified Nikki. The team singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to Ryan. The final shot of Stuart after Ryan is admitted, obviously believing his had failed his son.


·          Quotes: Stuart imagines explaining to Pilar the truth of why Ryan has to leave the club: “He killed someone. He didn’t mean to, but he beat a man to death with his bare-hands. It’s tearing him apart. And it’s tearing me apart, and I’m trying to save him for it, why can’t you understand that you selfish cow!”.  Luke (to Pilar) on Stuart: “You only like him because he’s a puppet… find a new one.”  Pilar (angry): “He is not a puppet!”. Tony (to Dean at the Everton game): “That’s my boy  Dean (on Rooney): “Come on Wayne!”  Tony: “That’s my boy!”.  Neal from London phoning “You’re On Sky Sports” with: “I may be in the small minority, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one person who should be running this club, that’s Donna Connelly. Wow, she’s fit and has a great pair of… [before being cut off].”


Foreshadowing: Stuart mentioning “we need a new keeper” [307: Baptism Of Fire].


·          Continuity: Nikki’s “Every party we have is a disaster” is a reminder of the two previous Harchester United Christmas parties she has been present at [240: It’s My Party and 271: Three’s A Crowd]. Stuart tells Ryan “I knew you’d been having problems, even before Birmingham.” [264: The Root Of All Evil]. Stuart’s last ditch attempt to make Pilar let Ryan go is threatening to tell on her torching Fletch’s contract [293: Groundhog Day] and faking Bruce’s injury [298: The Usual Suspects].


Additional Info: Stuart’s registration number ends with NAY – a personalised plate. Liverpool offer Harchester £9.25M for Ryan. The “You’re On Sky Sports’ poll puts Matt in the lead with 56%, Dean with 42% and Donna with only 2%. The clinic Ryan checks into is called the Jacob Trust Clinic.


·          What Was The Score?: Wayne Rooney scores for Everton at the Mercy Derby.


Soundtrack: Catcher: “Destiny Sunrise/INDOOR”,  CeCe Peniston: “Finally”,  Dido: “Life For Rent”,  Dirty Vegas: “Lost Not Found”,  Gerry & The Pacemakers: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”,  Husan: “Bhangra Nights”,  Macy Gray: “Winter Wonderland” and “When I See You”,  The Farm: “All Together Now.”


Screencaps taken from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Ryan losing control

 Tony at Goodison Park



And Matt in Bill Kenwright's office!

 No to Saving Priceless Ryan!



Davenport under the Christmas tree

 Stuart has Ryan admitted



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