Season 7 Episode 12

Episode 304


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 14th December 2003


Directed by

Rob MacGillivray


GS: Alison Hill (Keeley Mills)  Christopher Hill (Jacob Lloyd)  Dr. Solley (Nicholas Gecks)  Mr. Kirk (Paul Clarkson)  Judge (David Larder) 

Mr. Connaught (Simon Coates)  David Douglas (Richard Derrington)


Three days after being punched by Ryan, Dr. Solley tells Luke that the swelling caused may hasten the deterioration of his condition. Luke finally confesses to Pilar that he is going blind, and when Chelsea make a £40 million offer for Luke, she sees it as a way of not only shifting the problem of Luke’s condition onto another club, but also sorting out Harchester’s debt from buying him. At a meeting with a Chelsea representative, she manages to convince him to disclose the full payment within the first week of Luke being sold off to them. Meanwhile, the day of the court case to decide who rightfully owns Harchester United has arrived.


Dean and Donna are with their usual council, whilst Matt represents himself. When David Douglas testifies that letters were sent out to fans informing them of the rematch, Matt announces that he never received one. That night, after Luke has already gone against Pilar over her decision to sell him and with the fans on her back, Pilar holds a press conference with Matt’s insistence, announcing that Luke will not be leaving. Jeff, now working for the Boyles, learns from Sandra that Matt may not have received a letter informing him of the rematch. When he tells Alison that Matt’s name was on the mailing list, she bizarrely panics and insists they destroy the print-out confirming this, leading Jeff to suspect that she is hiding something.


The next morning, Jeff realises he could put pressure on Alison by getting Matt’s postman to confirm in court whether he delivered the letter. He then manipulates Matt into persuading Alison to take the stand as his ‘star witness.’ Once up there, Alison is overwhelmed by Mr. Kirk’s interrogation and is forced to admit that Matt did receive a letter only she destroyed it without him ever knowing, so they would still be able to go on holiday. Because of this the judge rules that Harchester were in their right to reallocate Matt’s seat, and therefore, his claim no longer has any merit. A distraught Matt runs out of court, and as Jeff tries to console him in the court’s toilets, Tony bursts in and congratulates Jeff on a job well done. Matt hears everything and calls Jeff “Judas.”


Matt returns to the house where he tells Chris and Alison that he’s leaving Harchester. He gives Lee the keys to the house, and then goes to the club for one final look around. Tony threatens Donna that he’ll tell Clyde about her night of passion with Curtis, unless she drops her claim to the club. She calls his bluff and refuses. That night, Tony is interviewed for Sky Sports and reveals what Donna has done. With Matt out of the ownership, and Luke about to undergo a surgery that could send him blind, Pilar runs away from Harchester, leaving only a note for Stuart to find.




·          Last appearance of Matt Webster (James Daffern).


The Best: The press being under the impression that Luke got his black eye during an “unconfirmed training ground bust-up”. Mr. Kirk’s cross examination of Alison is nothing short of brilliant, and the flashback sound of her tearing the letter is the icing on the cake. Chris’ “Bye dad” as he hugs Matt goodbye. Jeff gloating over Pilar, and taunting her on how he will ultimately have her job. Pilar screwing up her messages and the look on Sandra’s face as she does so. Matt tying his scarf across the Dragons crest on the gate of the club.


·          Quotes: Reporter to Donna: “Donna, any comment on the Chelsea bid for Luke Davenport?”  Donna: “How much?”  Reporter: “Forty million.”  Donna (smiles): “Forty million. Pounds or Euros?!”  Reporter: “It’s pounds!”.  Sandra (explaining to Jeff of the problems they had when sending letters out concerning the rematch): “The Everton game was mad, we only had five minutes notice to get them all out. We were in the office until about 3am stuffing envelopes. We had some of the stewards helping. By midnight people were just chucking letters into the bin, less hassle. It is possible that letter didn’t get sent.”  Matt (to Lee): “When you score your first for Harchester, just think of me yeah?”


Foreshadowing: Goalkeeper Tommy Moore is said to be “struggling for fitness” whilst Alex Lawlor fills in in goal [307: Baptism Of Fire].


·          Continuity: The courtroom is shown footage of Phil announcing the winning seat number [292: Just The Ticket]. David Douglas, who was last seen being fired by Pilar in 293: Groundhog Day, appears as a witness. Jeff asks Sandra about her time working in the ticket office (to which she replies “Yeah, but that was a while ago.”). Probably when we first saw her in #9, and between when she was seen as Jerry’s secretary in #148.


Additional Info: Despite resigning, Stuart tells Pilar that he will stay on as manager for Ryan’s sake. Pilar offers Stuart twenty of the forty million Chelsea will pay for Luke to buy new players, saying that the rest is for the club’s debt. Luke is contracted to Harchester for three more seasons. He has scored 20 of the clubs’ 24 goals this season. The judge announces he will make his final decision on the ownership after the Christmas break on the 4th January.


·          Surprise!: The revelation that Alison ultimately stopped Matt being in his seat and winning the club, in favour of her “cherished family holiday”.


What Was The Score?: The Dragons lose to Middlesbrough. As reported on Sky Sports News: “Stuart Naysmith’s contentious decision to remove Davenport at half-time failed to resurrect the fortunes of Harchester, who went on to lose the game 2-0.”


·          Soundtrack: Apollo Four Forty: “Electro Glide In Blue” and “Stealth Mass In F#m,  BBG Feat. Dina Taylor: “Snappiness Original 12” Version”,  Citizen Cope: “Let The Drummer Kick”,  Fat Boy Slim: “Right Here, Right, Now”,  Fingathing: “Epitaph”,  Groove Armada: “Easy”,  Moby: “Look Back In”,  Massive Attack: “Tear Drops”,  Tori Amos: “Winter.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Luke's sight affects his game

 Alison's secret revealed



Judas Jeff!

 Matt says goodbye



Tony calls Donna's bluff

 Pilar decides to flee


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