Season 7 Episode 13

Episode 305


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 21st December 2003


Directed by

David Bartlett


GS: Dr. Solley (Nicholas Gecks)  Security Guard [Ray] (Malcolm Taylor)  Baby Louis (Max & Harrison Wooley)



It’s Christmas day, and having been thrown out by Clyde following Tony’s revelation that she slept with Curtis, Donna plots the ultimate revenge on Mr Boyle snr. After organising her own behind-the-scenes tour of the club, she heads to the Boyles under the premise that she wants her family back and no longer cares about the ownership. Karen persuades Tony to let her in, but he still refuses to give Donna an easy time, even in front of guests Jeff and Lee. Donna later gives Tony a present – seat #61 all wrapped up and encourages him, Karen and Dean to join her at the club. With only twenty-four hours until their next game, and both Luke and Stuart absent without explanation, Marcel goes to question Pilar.



Nikki and Sandra are overloaded with calls, and Marcel answers one from a wary Dr. Solley. Marcel learns that the call was from the Wilkins Foundation Clinic, so he and Abi go there and discover Luke recovering from his eye surgery. Abi is furious that Pilar and Stuart kept this from her, and the fact that Fletch hasn’t called her on Christmas day hasn’t helped. When they get home, Abi’s complaining of how hard her life has become leads Marcel to vent his emotions on how he really feels about her. Abi kisses Marcel and soon they are making love on her and Fletch’s bed. Stuart travels to Spain to bring Pilar back to Harchester. While she’s at first reluctant, Stuart promises to stand by her.


They arrive home and Stuart organises lunch for them both at the Grange. After a long talk, the two end up almost kissing when Dr. Solley calls Pilar and tells her of Marcel and Abi’s visit that morning. At her house, Abi confronts them over their dishonesty and after a heated row throws both them and Marcel out, clearly feeling guilty at having cheated on her husband. At the Grange, Pilar tells a shocked Stuart that business must return to normal following their near-kiss earlier. Marcel returns home to check on Abi and Fletch finally calls. She breaks down in tears, telling Karl she needs him while a dejected Marcel listens on. At the club, Donna gets Tony alone under the pretence of writing Dean a Christmas message on the scoreboard.


In the stands, Karen and Dean discuss whether there’s any possibility of he and Donna ever getting back together, whilst at the same time Donna is putting her plan for revenge in motion by coming onto Tony. The two begin necking (as Karen would say), and whilst Donna coaxes Tony to admit that he wants her, she activates the speaker button causing him to be heard across the entire stadium. Dean and Karen hear everything, and rush into the control room to see Tony all over Donna. Karen is distraught and runs away crying. Tony chases after her out of the club, but as she drives away he suffers a heart attack behind her and collapses, dead.




·          Last appearance of Tony Boyle (Alan Stocks).


Best Known For: In an impressive and long career, Malcolm Taylor has worked as an actor, producer and as a director, working on many soap operas home and abroad.


·          The Best: Jo Goldie, who is brilliant as Donna in this episode. Pilar’s swimming pool scene, and Stuart’s obvious attraction. Donna’s festive Santa-outfit and Lee’s impressed giggle to Dean when she first enters the living room. Tony and Dean, wearing Luke and Marcel’s ‘ Davenport’ and ‘Sabatier’ shirts. Donna giving Karen the photo of them both on her tenth birthday, and Karen’s memories of the day. The look Stuart gives Pilar when Marcel reminds her that Abi is a strong woman who is under a loss of stress, and surely Pilar could understand that. The entire final few minutes, with Karen running away and the long distance shots of Tony (in Luke’s kit) lying dead on the car park.


Quotes: Pilar (to Stuart): “…And then everyone will know. Pilar Hernandez made the biggest mistake in football history. Forty million euros on a blind player.”  Abi (to Dr. Solley): “Don’t tell me to calm down. That woman replaced my husband with a man who can’t see!”.  Abi is also on top form when confronting (mostly) Pilar and Stuart; (to Pilar): “Ah, she speaks. So tell me Miss Hernandez, what if the operation fails and Luke’s finished? What then? Insurance?” [Pilar uncomfortably looks away] “…I wanna hear her say it. Admit she’s a total failure!” (then to Stuart:) “You’ve had no authority at this club since she arrived and everybody knows it. It’s ‘yes Pilar, no Pilar… whatever you say Pilar!’”  Pilar (shouts): “That’s enough! How dare you speak to a senior member of staff…  Abi (interrupts): “Senior? Stuart is nothing more than your lap-dog…”. Donna’s last dialogue of the episode: “Sorry Dean. He deserved it.”


·          Foreshadowing: Karen trying to persuade Tony that he should let Donna in: “I mean what harm can one day do?”, and later at the club the look of concern Dean gives Tony when leaving him alone with Donna.


Continuity: Luke tells Marcel his dad has the same condition as him, and is blind now [302: Achilles Heel].


·          Additional Info: Harchester are playing Charlton as their Boxing day fixture. Donna has been living in the Boyles’ caravan since being thrown out by Clyde. Ray the security guard tells Donna how Jimmy Fellows was Harchester’s best goal-scorer during the 1965-66 season, scoring around 38 goals. Always good to hear about Harchester’s history. At Marcel’s request, Grace contacts Ryan’s clinic and reports back that he isn’t allowed visitors for the first month. Marcel and the team are under the impression that Luke is away with a knee injury. Tony and Karen watch the 1982/85 Christmas classic “The Snowman” on TV. Stuart spent a season in Turkey when Ryan was little, playing for Galatasaray as a win-back. Tony is already on the verge of having a heart attack before Donna has even done anything, as we see when he climbs the stairs with her. The message Tony and Donna write for Dean reads ‘DEAR CHAIRMAN DEANO MERRY XMAS LOVE DON & TONE’.


Soundtrack: Aim: “Linctus,  Air: “Talisman”,  Aled Jones: “Walking In The Air”,  Blur: “Good Song” and “Jets”,  David Holmes: “Opening Credits”, Dido: “Who Makes You Feel”,  Fat Boy Slim: “Right Here, Right Now.”


Screencaps taken from 7.13’s original broadcast on Sky One on 21/12/03.

Poolside Pilar

 Nearly there Stoo-art!



Sisters, sisters

 Abi hears from Fletch



Tony caught out...

 ...and Tony dead!



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