Season 7 Episode 14

Episode 306


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 4th January 2004


Directed by

Jim Doyle


GS: Mr. Lau (Stuart Ong)  Mr. Bartram (James Howard)  Judge (David Larder)



It’s new year in Harchester and the day of the decision on who rightfully owns the club has arrived. Karen, who is being looked after by Jeff following Tony’s death arrives at court in Dean’s place, as he is in too much of a state to attend. Inside, the judge rules that Donna and Dean will both own 50% of Harchester United’s shares and make joint decisions on the club’s future until their first year in charge is over in this present season. At his home, Dean is furious to see Donna smiling on television and vows to take her, and if necessary, the club down. Jeff accompanies the Boyles to the club, where Pilar and an appalled Stuart are forced to welcome Dean and Donna.



Whilst being formally introduced to the team, Dean loudly voices that they should all leave whilst the transfer window is still open, much to the horror of Stuart and Pilar. With Donna in charge Clyde requests a transfer from Pilar which she refuses, so he offers Jeff a consultancy fee in return of helping him out. Following his outburst at the training ground, Pilar visits Dean at the Barrons and tries to make him see sense regarding keeping players and needing a strong squad, but to no avail. In a desperate bid, she takes Dean to see Luke and informs him of his hereditary eye condition, and the fact that without insurance they would lose the entire forty million they paid for him.


Jeff lets it slip to Donna that it’s Tony’s funeral that afternoon, and her arrival at the church just as Dean is about to make his speech undoes Pilar’s breakthrough and reverts Dean back to his anger. He takes revenge by telling the awaiting press all about Luke’s eye condition and the club’s debt – causing worldwide news. Having lied to the press already, Pilar forces Stuart to tell the now blood-baying reporters that she lied and he knew nothing of Luke’s condition, so at least one of them would still be a credible source with both the press and the club’s sponsors. The next day however, Mr. Lau arrives from China and announces that Dream Inc. are considering withdrawing their sponsorship money. After Dean tells him there may not even be a club this time next year, Mr. Lau goes to the training pitch where he tells Stuart and Pilar that he is taking Bruce out of the club.


After learning that Clyde is about to sign for Spurs Stuart flips and gets hold of Dean, dragging him round the club and screaming at him for all the trouble he’s caused. At the game the crowd are so hostile towards Dean that the match is briefly stopped and he and Karen have to leave the VIP box. Karen reminds Dean that he is doing all this for a father who slept with his fiancée, and that it was Tony just as much as Donna. After the team are knocked out of the FA Cup, Dean goes and apologises to them for his behaviour before and is then called to see Pilar. On his way he tears up Clyde’s transfer deal with Spurs. At the boardroom, he is introduced to Mr. Bartram from Coopers National Bank, Harchester’s biggest creditors. Mr. Bartram tells Pilar, Dean and Donna that if Harchester United drop below 6th in the Premiership, Coopers will withdraw their sponsorship and the club will cease to exist.




·          Last appearances of Karen Boyle (Cheryl Mackie) and Zhao “Bruce” Quiang (Jon Yang)


The Best: Donna’s delight when Pilar asks if they’d like to meet the players. The Davenport story being shown on various worldwide news bulletins, from Sky News in London to several European networks. Jeff’s plot to step in as the club’s hero only when the Davenport mess has been sorted. Bruce’s tearful goodbye to the team. Karen’s final talk with Dean: “Imagine if someone did that to Everton?” and her last scene as she stops and realises what she’s about to throw away if she leaves, and then carries on walking.


·          Quotes: Donna’s “All right Stu?” to Stuart, as if they are good friends. Also, when choosing her new office; Donna (to Pilar): “I don’t think the owner should have a smaller office than the – what are you?!”  Pilar (slyly, and suddenly reminded that Donna is now in a higher position than her): “Chief Executive.”  Donna: “Yeah, that.”  Dean (with his face pressed up close to the camera lens) to Donna: “You think you’re rich now? Donna, you’ve got it wrong. You’re just like Harchester United – broke babygirl, broke!”.  Karen (to Donna): “So let me get this straight; my sister sleeps with my husband to show me something? Oh yeah, thanks! It was really good of ‘ya!”  Dean: "Clyde ‘Gone-Nearly’. He’s off to Spurs Monday.”


Foreshadowing: The beginning of Stuart’s knee problems, leading up to 309: Hopelessly Devoted.


·          Continuity: Tony is the latest addition to the local church’s famous Harchester United graveyard, where several deceased past characters now reside, the most recent of these being Jamie in 292: Just The Ticket. Some brilliant continuity from Stuart, enlightening Dean on events before he himself even arrived at the club; on how long Sandra and Nikki have been there (Sandra: “Four years” [148]) (Nikki: “Three” [229: Passports Out]), and then informing Dean of Nikki’s unfortunate history (“Her brother was on the team, he’s injured now [248: Broken Dreams]. Her boyfriend Stevie, he played for us too. He died for this club.” [260: Forsaking All Others]). Check out the dirty look Abi shoots Marcel as he watches her before the game, following their um-hum-hum in the previous episode.


Additional Info: Jeremy Langdon, who is following the Boyles throughout this episode, refers to Dean and Donna as “twenty-something Evertonians”. Sandra has since been promoted from club secretary to Pilar’s PA. There are only three other mourners at Tony’s funeral, and their identities are left unknown. Following the Davenport revelation, Donna, who has now moved back into the Grange, is responsible for £15 million of the club’s debt. Mr. Lau and Dream Inc. place Bruce in the Spanish League La Liga. Justin Lee is also seen for the first time in goal. Before meeting up for his 22nd birthday in 293: Groundhog Day, Dean had not seen Tony for two years.


·          Swearing Is Not Clever (mostly): As Dean and Karen walk out to their seats at the beginning of the game, archive footage of booing and jeering used from another football match shows an irate man at the front of the crowd clearly mouthing the words “Fucking pricks!”.


What Was The Score?: Harchester crash out of the 3rd round of the FA Cup, losing 2-0 to Preston.


·          Soundtrack: Apollo Four Forty: “Stealth Mass In F#m.”


Screencaps taken from 7.14’s original broadcast on Sky One on 04/01/04.

Dean blames Donna

 Dean blames the team



Dean blames Donna's face!

 Donna doesn't blame herself

 (as usual!)



Bruce's La Liga bound

 Stuart shows he has balls (for

 the first time this season!)



Karen's La-Liga-Liverpool bound

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