Season 7 Episode 15

Episode 307


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 11th January 2004


Directed by

Riita-Leena Lynn


GS: Minister (Gordon Case)



In desperate need of a permanent goalkeeper and with no funds to bring in anyone new, Stuart suggests approaching an old team mate, the notorious Vivian “Jaws” Wright. He goes to visit Viv at his home and encounters Chelsea, Viv’s wife, who more than enjoys the fact that Stuart needs her husbands’ help. Stuart begins to feel uncomfortable, especially over past events with Viv and is about to leave when Viv arrives home. Viv wants a 250K signing on fee and 15 grand a week. Stuart tells him he cannot afford it and Viv lets him know he isn’t interested. Wanting to be taken seriously as their boss, Donna informs the players that Viv will be joining the team, to their horror.



With her announcement having caused fear and uproar amongst the dressing room, Donna tries to patch things up between herself, Clyde, Curtis and Grace by arranging a meeting in the boardroom. This ends disastrously, with Donna suspending both Curtis and Clyde. Clyde is so furious that he taunts Curtis on his playing ability until Curtis attacks him, leaving Clyde in a bloody mess on the floor. After a long chat with Stuart about his present state, Curtis suggests he take the wages he should be fining him in order to put towards getting Viv, which gives Stuart an idea.


He asks the players if they’d be prepared to take a wage cut, but when Marcel queries as to whether Luke will be doing the same, Stuart, having already been turned down by Luke, has to say he isn’t. The players then refuse. Curtis approaches the Minister from Grace’s church to inquire about being baptised. He tells the Minister he wants his baptism to take place at the football club (on the pitch infact), and invites his team mates to attend, although they are at first hesitant after what happened with Clyde. Curtis goes to see Luke and apologises for the resentment he’s held against him since his arrival at the club, and also to invite him to the baptism. Luke appreciates this but is about to leave the country to continue his recovering from the operation and won’t be able to attend.


After learning that Viv wants money they don’t have, Donna goes to see him and offers seduction in an attempt to get Viv to sign, which seems to be working until Chelsea arrives home and angrily throws Donna out. The next day Stuart explodes at Donna for her recent behaviour, sending her running in tears. As Grace comforts her, Donna admits she wishes that she was more like her, so Grace offers to help Donna change her look. Donna meets Luke at the Grange just as he is leaving, and following on from his discussion with Curtis earlier he gives Donna a cheque for the wage cut so they will be able to bring in Viv. The other players reluctantly agree to do the same and Stuart toasts to his new signing with Viv and Chelsea in Studs.




·          First appearances of new regular characters Chelsea Wright (Karen Ferrari) and Vivian “Jaws” Wright (Philip Brodie) – who will go on to become one of Dream Team’s most iconic characters. As Luke leaves Harchester to recover from his eye surgery, Neil Newbon is out of the show until 315: Locked Out, when he returns after seven episodes away.


The Best: Justin Lee slamming his drink down after Donna announces Viv will be arriving. The various framed newspaper articles hanging on the Wright’s guest bathroom wall, with headlines including ‘OUTRAGE AS VIV WRIGHT BITES BACK’, ‘BITE ME’, ‘VIV WRIGHT BIT MY NOSE OFF’ (the man pictured with the bandage covering his nose and face is believed to be Series Producer and writer Ben Harris) and ‘“JAWS!” Dare to go back into the penalty Box.’ Donna is on top form again in this episode, especially in her attempted seduction of Viv and genuine attempts to be taken seriously in her new role as chairwoman. Her belief that she ultimately scored the cheque from Luke even though he couldn’t see the “new” her is also very cute.


·          Logic: Curtis tells the Minister that he doesn’t have any family anymore; “Well not blood anyway” he states. Aside from Linton’s son and daughter [252: The Birthday Party], his mother appears in four Season 9 episodes after Curtis is dead [357: Phoenix from the Flames, 358: Brotherly Love, 364: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and 375: Just Another Game].


Quotes: Chelsea (upon catching Viv with Donna): “Your tastes are getting more common Viv”  Donna: “Excuse me! I’m the owner of Harchester United!”  Chelsea: “I knew Stuart was desperate but I didn’t know how much.”  Stuart (shouting at Donna over her genuinely-good-hearted attempts to help the club): “In one day you’ve put one of my players in hospital, sent another into a depression, reduced my team sprit to zero, and single handedly ruined the only chance I had of getting us a decent player this window… I’m assuming it’s just stupidity and you’re not deliberately trying to ruin us?!”


·          Foreshadowing: Chelsea’s first visit to Studs, presently sitting on the customer side of the bar [308: Swimming With Sharks].


Continuity: Stuart says it would be hard to ask any of the younger players to fill Jamie Parker’s boots. Curtis reminisces with Stuart over his best form at PSG two seasons ago (23 goals in one season) and how he is seeing in himself the same type of violence that he used to in Linton, and hate him for.


·          Additional Info: The goalkeeper situation (or lack of it) at the beginning of the episode has Alex Lawlor out injured for two weeks, hence the inexperienced Justin Lee taking over in goal. Viv and Chelsea have pet Dobermans, one of whom is called Suzy (although they are never seen on-screen). Viv has been out of the game for three months, following an incident at Middlesborough where he bid another players’ nose off. His agent Frank has quit because of this, and Chelsea has been forced to take over in that role. The article from which Donna recites to Viv (Soccer Sensations Magazine; May 2003, Issue 39, article by Gary Jones entitled ‘Wrong or Wright: Viv’s game’ page 246 column #3) and he ends up finishing reads as follows: “[on Viv] Your performance in Middlesborough against Liverpool last season can only be described as a fete of athletic poise, reminiscent of Schmichael in his prime, and marred only by the unwarranted violence which accompanied it.”


Soundtrack: Basement Jaxx: “Hot N’ Cold”,  Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z: “Crazy In Love”,  Groove Armada: “My Friend”,  Idlewild: “A Modern Way Of Letting Go”,  Moby: “Natural Blues”,  Nickelback: “Too Bad”,  Nomad: “(I wanna give you) Devotion.”


Screencaps from 7.15’s original broadcast on Sky One on 11/01/04.

Chelsea loves seeing Stuart squirm

 Says writer/producer Ben




Sully trying to finish Clyde off? (already?)

 Caught out there!



Grace mentors Donna

 Viv's warning for "Stupot"



Think we prefered the Curtis before (go back in!)


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