Season 7 Episode 19

Episode 311


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 8th February 2004


Directed by

Rob McGillivray


GS: Karl Fletcher (Terry Kiely)  Sheik Abdul Al Shaziz (Hassan Shapi)  Mustafa Karim (Daniel Lundh)  Baby Louis (Max & Harrison Wooley)



With a big upcoming match that could decide whether the club survives, Pilar brings Fletch back to Harchester with a Saudi Sheik in tow, hoping he will end up buying the club and bring much needed investment. As he and Dean struggle to impress Sheik Al Shaziz with the club’s present operandi, Fletch approaches Jeff for his help in winning the Sheik round. In return Jeff suggests a deal with Fletch that if he convinces the Sheik to buy and Fletch becomes manager, he could become Chief Executive thus them both getting revenge on Pilar for shafting them before.



Jeff comes up with a plan for an impressive new stadium for Harchester United and he and Fletch create a computer-generated walk-through model of the final result to present to the Sheik, hoping it will guarantee his approval and convince him to buy. The Sheik is interested in ‘Harchester Village’ but makes it clear he would not be willing to pay a high price for the club if he is also to proceed with the plans for the new stadium. Therefore, Fletch and Jeff manipulate Dean and Donna into agreeing to sell their shares for only two million pounds each.


Pilar becomes worried when Fletch and the Sheik’s people cut her out of discussions. Knowing that Jeff is involved, she visits Nikki and tricks her into revealing the full plans. Pilar also (somehow) manages to get hold of the video tape containing the plans and tells Stuart that Fletch and Jeff are after their jobs. She then goes to see Donna to inform her of the new stadium plans and slyly advises her to demand more money from the Sheik, knowing the deal will fall through. As the contract is presented in front of her, Donna refuses to sell unless she gets twenty million to which the Sheik, furious at being dictated to by a woman, pulls out of Fletch and Jeff’s deal.


Abi begs Marcel to not let onto Fletch about what happened between them. He reluctantly agrees, and clearly rattled by Fletch’s return moves out of the house. He remains in a disillusioned state, not turning up for the team coach waiting to leave for London, and attempts to hurt Abi by seducing Sandra right in front of her. The next morning Stuart attempts to talk some sense into Marcel, during which crossed wires leads Stuart to discover that it is infact Abi and not Pilar Marcel is in love with. They make it to the game as meanwhile, Pilar has caught the Sheik just as he is about to leave. She offers him a proposition – wait until Harchester go bust, which they will if they lose to Chelsea that day, and then pick up the club at a cheaper price, with Pilar still running it.




·          Best Known For: Hassan Shapi appeared in the big budget movies “The World Is Not Enough”, and as Eeth Koth in “Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" (both 1999). Daniel Lundh co-starred alongside Marem Hassler again, in 2008's "House of Saddam".


The Best: The reappearance of Fletch (Terry Kiely returns for a two episode guest stint) and his and Abi’s reunion on the training pitch. Sheik Al Shaziz shutting Pilar and Donna out of the boardroom meeting. Mustafa Karim – like Mei Lee in 296: Chinese Takeaway, he would have made an interesting regular character; although her appearance was restricted to the one episode, Daniel Lundh is around for five episodes. The Fletch/Abi/Marcel sexual tension throughout the episode, with a clueless Fletch repeatedly gushing over his “mate” Marcel. Stuart standing over Sandra and Marcel in bed, and her horror as she awakes half naked and sees him above her. A very glam looking Pilar on the Sheik’s plane – a definite “security issue”! Got to be one of DT's sexiest ever scenes, Marem Hernandez looks totally gorgeous!


·          Continuity: Fletch saying he doesn’t know what’s up with Marcel, missing a game and pulling Sandra – like he himself did in #213.


Additional Info: Marcel says Louis’ first birthday is next month. Sheik Al Shaziz’s brother owns the club Fletch plays for in Saudi. The Dragons Lair seats 30,000 people. Fletch writes on the Studs beer mat that the Sheik is worth £4,500,000,000. The outlook for Harchester Village: an all-weather 80,000 seater stadium featuring six bars, three restaurants and a five star deluxe hotel.


·          What Was The Score?: The game against Chelsea ends on a “… to be continued” [see 312: What A Tangled Web We Weave for the result.]


Soundtrack: Aqualung: "Good Times Gonna Come",  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: "Rise Or Fall",  Blur: "Sing",  Damien Rice: "Cannonball",  Fingathing: "Epitaph",  Reno: "When Your In Love.”


Screencaps from 7.19’s original broadcast on Sky One on 08/02/04.


 Karl's heart is still in




Abi needs Marcel to keep quiet

 Hello Mr. Bond!



I'm still the Gaffer!

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