Season 7 Episode 2

Episode 294


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 5th October 2003


Directed By

Marcus D F White


GS: Christopher Hill (Jacob Lloyd)  Alison Hill (Keeley Mills)  Lynda Block (Alison King)  Clare Tomlinson (as herself)  Phil Edwards (himself)

Fixer (Bruno BilottaBaby Louis (Max & Harrison Wooley)  Rodney Marsh (uncredited) (as himself)  Mario Melchiot (uncredited) (as himself)


Fletch and Abi collect Louis from Lynda at the prison. Fletch then goes to the club to inquire about his contract, in which he meets Pilar, who tells him she cannot find the contract and stops at drawing him up a new one. Fletch storms out and vents his frustrations at Stuart, just as Matt is arriving to stake his claim in owning the club. Pilar senses more trouble with Matt’s added claim and is less than helpful towards him. Feeling guilty over Fletch’s contract (as he should) Stuart visits him at the Barrons, during which an unassuming Abi asks Stuart if he would be Louis’ godfather when they have him christened. Stuart accepts, to Fletch’s now obvious annoyance.



Fletch asks Jeff for his help in getting Pilar to give him a contract, to which Jeff agrees to for a consultancy pay and the added chance to get revenge on Pilar for before. He goes to see Pilar and she still refuses to back down. Matt takes a walk around the Dragons Lair and is furious to find his seat in the stands has been removed. He goes to confront the Boyles and gets into a spat with Donna, who is showing the seat off as hers. Having heard Fletch’s dispute with Stuart over his contract, Matt attempts to add substance to his claim by telling the surrounding press that if he is put in charge he will make sure Fletch goes nowhere. Fletch sees Matt’s statement on television and pays him a visit, to both his and Chris’ bewilderment.

Fletch and Matt come to an agreement that they will help each other, with Fletch getting his contract and then putting in a good word for Matt with the fans, which would help in his quest to get the club. The pressure gets to Pilar, only she doesn’t give in and brings Luke to Harchester in order to get the fans off her back and show them what will be coming when Fletch goes. When the players return to training from their summer break, they make Stuart all but admit that Luke will be coming to Harchester. Abi is annoyed that they have already forgotten Fletch. She storms out and has sharp words with Stuart over how he’s let Fletch down. Meanwhile Marcel is furious to learn about Pilar’s new position at the club. After learning that Juventus have offered Barcelona €36 million for Luke, Pilar ups her bid to €40 million.


Knowing that he has lost his bid to stay at Harchester, Fletch has Jeff look for new clubs. He returns with a team in Saudi Arabia, and as they offer the best option, Fletch agrees to sign. On the day of Fletch’s departure and testimonial, Pilar announces Luke as Harchester’s new signing. Before the match, the team movingly pay tribute to Fletch in the dressing room. After the match Luke enters and in their own way, he and Fletch show their acceptance of each other. Alison worries that Matt’s commitment to the club is having a bad effect on Chris. Lynda calls Abi and tells her to bring Louis to the prison, in which she tells Abi she cannot take Louis to Saudi Arabia. Because of this, Abi is unable to go with Fletch and is left alone in Harchester looking after Louis. She and Fletch have an emotional goodbye outside the club as he leaves.



First appearance of new regular character Luke Davenport (Neil Newbon).

·        Terry Kiely’s second regular stint as Karl Fletcher ends here, although he is back for two more episodes this season beginning with 311: Sheikover.

Best Known For: Neil Newbon is an actor with 30 credits to his name (including several music videos). His most prominent role has been as the mysterious Simon Walker on "Hollyoaks", appearing from May 2012. He is also the son of ITV (and later Sky Sports) football pundit Gary Newbon who makes a special appearance in 318: Sign On.


·          The Best: The Boyles sitting outside their caravan in Harchester shirts. The press (led by Jeff) turning on Pilar. Luke’s sensational arrival. Fletch shrieking “Jeff!” after Jeff criticises Luke’s decision of choosing to come to Harchester. The scene in which the team gathers round in the dressing room to send Fletch off, and Marcel’s subsequent speech. Andy Ansah, Rodney Marsh and Mario Melchiot all playing on the Harchester All Star XI team. Fletch and Luke’s showdown to the tune of a western. Fletch and Abi’s farewell scene, and the final shot of her standing with Marcel as Fletch is driven away.


Quotes:  Pilar gives Matt a run-down on his competition for owning the club: “There’s already four Everton fans fighting each other, and Clyde Connelly’s claim.”  Jeff (on Pilar): “Pilar Hernandez is capable of anything. She’s a devil in female form.”  Matt, on seeing Donna wearing a Fletcher 7 shirt: “His number’s eleven you dozy tart!”.  Sandra (about Marcel as he storms past her): “Let’s see what you’re like when Luke Davenport gets here.”  Jeff to Pilar: “I know you like being unpopular, but this…”


·          Foreshadowing: Fletch telling Marcel to look after Abi whilst he’s gone (305: O Come All Ye Faithful and 312: What A Tangled Web We Weave). Jeff tells Fletch that Tash has met an oil millionaire whilst they were on holiday in Texas, and she and Hope have stayed there (319: In His Hands).


Continuity: Jeff’s “That woman ruined my life” refers to the Mendoza scandal with Pilar which concluded in 285: Show Me The Money. Abi mentions that without Stuart she “would have died in that changing room”, a reference to being shot in 290: End Game. Matt relives some of Fletch’s greatest moments as a player, including winning the FA Cup Final in #140. Abi makes a brief reference to Fletch’s bankruptcy after discovering he is without contract. When Kevin Keatings lists Fletch’s accomplishments at Harchester, he mentions getting to the UEFA Cup Final in 260: Forsaking All Others.


·          Additional Info: Lynda (Alison King) is out of the show for the next two years after this appearance, until 357: Phoenix From The Flames. With Tash and Hope in America, Ryan and Linzi break up off-screen over the summer. Luke’s character was believed to have been moulded upon David Beckham. Pilar breaks the British transfer record for buying a player in this episode, paying €40 million for Luke.


Soundtrack: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: “Spread Your Love”,  Chemical Brothers: “Golden Path”,  Husan: “Bhangra Nights”,  Leftfield: “Release The Pressure”,  Madonna: “The Power Of Goodbye”,  Stereophonics: “Maybe Tomorrow.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Lynda hands Louis to Fletch and Abi

 Jeff won't let Pilar win



Fletch feels betrayed by Stuart...

 ...And so does Abi!



Luke is unveiled to the press

 One last time in number 11



Long Live The King!


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