Season 7 Episode 21

Episode 313


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 22nd February 2004


Directed By

Riitta Leena-Lynn


GS: Mustafa Karim (Daniel Lundh)  Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston)



Marcel is collecting the last of his things from Abi’s house when Stuart arrives, and tries to apologise for what’s gone on. Marcel tells him that Abi is gone and that he will never play for Stuart again. Pilar tells Stuart that the Sheik has agreed to invest but before this can happen, the club must go bankrupt – meaning they must deliberately lose their next game and drop below sixth. Stuart is appalled and refuses, so Pilar arranges a business dinner where Mustafa Karim reveals how they are planning to spend £200 million on playing staff for next season, which persuades Stuart otherwise.



With the team trying desperately to keep the club above sixth place, Stuart realises he must use self-concocted reasons to stop his best players succeeding. He begins by testing Viv’s temper until he explodes, giving Stuart a reason to drop him. He then uses Lee’s already low self-esteem to criticise his playing, causing Lee to doubt himself to an extent where Jeff and Nikki are concerned. And when Curtis is appointed team spokesman and approaches Stuart requesting he clear the air, he too is dropped with Stuart hurtfully adding how Curtis wouldn’t have made much difference anyway! That night after going off at Lee again, Stuart goes to Pilar’s room and admits his conscience has got the better of him. She reassures him that through his actions he is saving the team, and to put his mind at ease, she seduces him and they sleep together.


As Marcel sits in the Blue Room Mr. Karim arrives, and Marcel overhears him speaking in his native tongue to the Sheik about how Stuart is now participating in the plan. Marcel contacts Paul Hankin to let him know what’s going on, but Hankin tells him he needs actual proof before he could run with the story. Marcel uses Sandra’s devotion for him to ask her to check Pilar’s correspondence, but when she finds nothing he goes back to having no interest in her. After learning from Curtis that Stuart has dropped the team’s best players, Marcel goes back to Hankin who suggests he speak to Mr. Karim directly and hands him a tape recorder. Once at his room, Marcel tells Mr. Karim that Pilar has brought him in on the deal, hoping he will provide details on tape, but to no avail. Marcel returns to Hankin and tells him he will stop Stuart the only way he can – by playing.


Marcel finds Sandra and despite her anger at his recent treatment of her, manages to convince her to change Stuart’s team sheet and list him as playing. Stuart is furious when he finds out, but cannot stop him as the team all back Marcel to play. Mustafa Karim watches as Marcel fights to keep Harchester’s side up and goes to Pilar in her office, where he questions Marcel’s behaviour when he’s supposed to be on their side. Pilar says she hasn’t told Marcel of the deal, and Mr. Karim realises that the Sheik cannot be compromised and pulls out of the deal. Horrified, Pilar runs down to the game and tries to tell Stuart that they now must win just as he is bringing Marcel off. Outside, Mustafa Karim offers Marcel a five-year contract at Roma on €100,000 a week, with the deal closing in twenty-four hours. As he leaves the Lair to consider, Leicester City score to Pilar’s despair.




·          The Best: Pilar desperately trying to attract Stuart’s attention at the game, yelling “No Stoo-art! We have to win!” but he cannot hear her over the crowd noise. Marcel throwing his shirt at Stuart after being taken off, and the long stare he gives Pilar as he passes her in the tunnel as she slides down the wall knowing it’s over.


Additional Info: With Viv dropped, Stuart puts Justin Lee in goal against Leicester and makes Sully captain (until Marcel puts a stop to it!). Mustafa Karim is back for this season’s closing plot in 322: Les Mains Sales.


·          What Was The Score?: See 314: 11 Angry Men for the final score regarding the Leicester game.


Soundtrack: Aimee Mann: “Wise Up”,  Fat Boy Slim: “Gangster Trippin”,  Groove Armada: “Superstylin”,  Jakatta: “American Dream”,  Nathan Larson: “Mi-kE-‘Fin”,  Nitin Sawhney: “Waiting”,  Red Hot Chilli Peppers: “Suck My Kiss”,  The Music: “Take The Long Road And Walk It.”


Screencaps from 7.21's orginal broadcast on Sky One on 22/02/04.

Stuart is a brave man

 Curtis wouldn't have made

 much difference anyway!



The realisation sinks in for Pilar

 Mr. Karim has an offer for




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