Season 7 Episode 24

Episode 316


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 14th March 2004


Directed By

Tim Murrell


GS: Mr. Lucas (Hypnotherapist) (Peter Broome)  Prayer Leader (Patrick Miller)



The players are hyped up about Luke’s return to the team, however during his first training session back he becomes nervous about getting up close when coming in for the ball, and the possibility of colliding with another player. Luke gets in contact with a hypnotherapist, explaining how he has this fear that another player will strike him causing new damage to his already sensitive sight. Mr. Lucas puts Luke under hypnosis, and says when he brings him round Luke will remember the confidence he had whilst playing as a schoolboy, which appears to get through to him. Meanwhile, Dean tells the team that the houses at the Barrons are safe to move back into until the club's fate is decided.



As they are leaving the Players’ Lounge, Clyde, Viv and Sully make jeers about Abi and Marcel now being a couple, and Abi tells Marcel that moving back in together straight away may cause them problems, knowing how he feels about her. Pilar meanwhile, returns to pick up the last of her things and to say goodbye. She tells Stuart she has some contacts out in the U.S and they are looking for someone to do some development work in Tampa Bay, Florida. Pilar then goes to see Abi and tries to apologise but Abi snaps back saying the only good to come out of this is that Pilar is now finished. That night Pilar has dinner with Marcel and convinces him that she did the things she did because she only wanted the best for the club. In return, she learns from Marcel that he and Abi are not together, which surprises her.


Due to Lee having knee problems, Stuart tells Luke that he is needed for tomorrow’s game. With them playing up front together, Curtis senses that Luke is troubled and unbeknownst to Luke, invites him to a sports-fellowship at his home. When Curtis offers an indirect prayer for Luke he is highly insulted and becomes embarrassed when Curtis tells him he saw him duck out of a challenge at training. That night at the Grange, Luke has a nightmare about his near-miss with Danny Mills and rushes into the bathroom. Curtis hears and goes to check on him during which a panicked Luke slips and hits his head on the sink, knocking himself out. When he comes round, he is relieved to find that his eyes are fine and this restores Luke's confidence. Dean is snowed under with work so he makes a desperate bid to get Pilar back. He tells her if she stays and helps them to glory she'll be seen by the fans as a hero. He offers her the position of assistant to the Chief Executive and manages to persuade her to stay.


Pilar tells an annoyed Abi that Dean has asked her to stay on and she’s accepted, before going to help Dean with the suppliers for the LD merchandise which haven’t turned up on time. Marcel makes it clear to Abi that he will be going easy on Pilar. Pilar arrives for work on match day and is told by Dean, in his Harchester shirt, that if the fans can't trust her they will get rid of her eventually, and hands her a Davenport shirt to put on under her suit. Dean takes Pilar down to the turnstiles where she processes the fans’ tickets as they come through. The fans are welcoming to Pilar and she tells one of them that it's nice to meet the real fans for a change. They then go into the dressing room and inform the team that Pilar will be treated like everyone else and be working for nothing. Pilar tells the team that she still believes in them and wishes them luck. Luke has a strong game and thanks to a cross from Ryan heads the ball into goal.



  • Last appearance of Grace Ikema (Louise Rose)


The Best: The team's goggle-eyes prank on Luke. Abi and Pilar’s showdown, with the ball in Abi’s court this time. Marcel warming to Pilar over their dinner. Viv's dodgy joke telling about Luke's eyes. Pilar holding her hand out for Abi and her grudgingly shaking it. Pilar’s horrified expression at having to eat the burger like a real fan.


·          Quotes: Abi telling Pilar that if there's any justice she will live a very sad and lonely life. Ouch.  Viv to Luke: "All right gorgeous!" - Viv has some great one liners in this episode. Luke: "Nice shirt"  Pilar: "Cost me forty million euros!".


Continuity: Abi lists how Pilar has ruined her life so far, forcing Fletch out of the team he gave his life to [294: Long Live The King] and then braking up her marriage [312: What A Tangled Web We Weave]. Dean tells Pilar they all have their “What ifs”, and how he wonders what his life would have been like if they'd never gone to that Everton game; he he'd “still have a family, maybe not a happy one but a family all the same” [293: Groundhog Day].


·          Foreshadowing: Pilar reminds Marcel about how they go back such a long way [see 323: Thrown To The Wolves].


Additional Info: Luke is paying Mr. Lucas £5,000 a session. He tells Mr. Lucas of how when he was 10 or 11 he used to play for a Saturday team and how he could always tell what was going to happen in the game before anyone else could, and that none of the other boys could get near him. Dean tells Pilar he worked in the ticket booth years ago at Goodison Park. Aside from Lee's absence, the team against Birmingham is the strongest Stuart can put out. Although she has now left the show, Louise Rose’s “Previously…” and “Coming Soon…” recap and preview announcements are used until the end of the season.


·          What Was The Score?: Luke scores at the local (Midlands) Derby against Birmingham so presumably Harchester win.


Soundtrack: Alien Ant Farm: “Smooth Criminal”,  Cast: “Promised Land”,  Fat Boy Slim: “Right Here, Right Now”,  The Charlatans: “The Only One I Know”,  Underworld: “Bigmouth.”


·          Behind The Scenes: Celebrity Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna was considered as a guest star for this episode in the role occupied by Mr. Lucas (Peter Broome), however Jane Hewland revealed that he pulled out as he did not agree with the storyline.


Screencaps from 7.24’s original broadcast on Sky One on 14/03/04.

Luke under pressure (again!)

 The tables have turned!



Luke under hypnosis

 Grace going, going, gone!



Luke admires the bathroom floor

 Tickets please!



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