Season 7 Episode 25

Episode 317


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 21st March 2004


Directed By

Jim Doyle


GS: John Wilson (Dominic Carter)  Georgina (Rachael Buckley)  Agent [Charlie Stott] (Marc Bolton)  Tina Presley (Sharon Byatt) (uncredited) 

Baby Louis (Max & Harrison Wooley)


Lee is reunited with John Wilson and his right-hand-man Rodney Driscoll from his life back in Liverpool, and is bundled into the back of their van and taken to an alley. Lee is told that his mother owes them twenty grand and has signed him over to John as his new ‘management’. John threatens Lee to tell Jeff and Nikki that they aren't his agents anymore and to tell his club that he quits. The next day is Lee’s eighteenth birthday and when he refuses to discuss signing his pro contract due to John’s reappearance, Jeff, Nikki and Pilar decide to do the signing that night at his party. At the party, when Stuart presents it to him, Lee once again tries to back out of signing through fear.


Nikki assumes it's because of his reading, but Lee yells that he's not signing before running out of Studs leaving everyone stunned. Lee returns home and packs his things telling Jeff and Nikki he doesn’t want them representing him anymore. The next day John and Rodney tell Lee they have set up a meeting with a scout to find him a new club where he’ll be paid. When Pilar and Dean arrange a meeting with Jeff and Nikki to discuss Lee’s present behaviour, Jeff plays it cool with Pilar and says he's had offers from other major clubs for Lee, and proposes Lee get more money when they qualify. Outside Nikki asks Jeff why he did that when they don't represent Lee anymore. He says that Pilar doesn't know that and if he can get Lee a better deal maybe this whole thing will blow over. Abi meanwhile is determined to impress Marcel having been put out by him dating a new girl, Georgina.


When Marcel takes a knock during training, Abi asks if he can come round to hers that afternoon. Stuart comes in and Abi frostily tells him that there's no chance Marcel will be playing tomorrow. Marcel arrives at Abi's to find she is having a party for Louis, as they never had a proper birthday for him. Lee borrows £20,000 from Luke and attempts to put John straight by telling him he already has an agent and gives him the money owed, but to no avail. When Jeff tries to talk to Lee he’s told if he ever comes near him again Lee will call the police. Jeff is devastated, prompting Nikki to go to Lee where she yells at him for what he's done to Jeff. When Lee says he can't tell Nikki what's going on she loses her patience and leaves him, but not before handing him his birthday present that he didn't give them chance to at the party.


For the Chelsea game, Stuart pairs Lee up with Luke. Abi is surprised to find that Georgina has stayed up for the game, and is clearly bothered by her relationship with Marcel. John gets to Lee before the game, saying he has his mother on the phone. Lee's mom shrieks down the line telling him he has to do what the men say. John tells Lee to go back into the dressing room and say he can't play. Stuart is forced to let Lee go much to Luke's annoyance. Lee bumps into Jeff and Nikki as he's leaving the Lair and says he's got to get to Liverpool. Jeff says he'll drive him but first Lee must tell them what's going on. Jeff and Lee arrive at Tina Presley’s flat and Lee looks through the letterbox and sees her lying on the floor inside. He and Jeff kick the door down and find that she is stoned. At the game, Luke rises with John Terry during a cross and they clash heads. Blood pours from Luke's left eye and he is stretchered off the pitch with Abi in tow as the entire stadium watches on in horror.




·          Best Known For: Rachael Buckley is a familiar face in TV ads and has appeared in over twenty commercials. Dominic Carter was in “Coronation Street” as the vengeful D.C. Hooch (2008-2009) and recently appeared as Janos Slynt in "Game of Thrones" (2011). Marc Bolton had a long-running guest role as Dean Morris in “Emmerdale” (2004-2009). Sharon Byatt began starring in her native Liverpudlian dramas (Bread, Springhill, Mersey Beat) and recently appeared in Corrie as a recurring police officer.


The Best: Abi's fashion show - so glamorous! Lucy [Pinder] and Michelle [Marsh], on Viv's orders, bringing out Lee's birthday cake. Nikki yelling at Lee and then returning home to Jeff and joking that there's no point in divorcing him until he's got some money. Luke's attempt to get through to Lee, telling him he has great talent and not to mess it up.


·          Quotes: When asked where he got to the night before, Lee replies that something came up. Ryan asks was she blonde or brunette and Viv adds: “Don’t knock it mate. Some people pay good money for that!” implying Lee used a prostitute. "That is blackmail!" is Pilar’s answer to Jeff when he proposes that Harchester up Lee’s Champions League bonus and raise his wages by £5,000 a week, then maybe Jeff could persuade him to stay.


Foreshadowing: Abi says Lynda has allowed her to have Louis overnight, which appears to suggest that Louis is still in her care at the prison [see 335: A Contract Killing].


·          Continuity: Nikki says she's known Jeff for four years, which sounds about right from what we learned in 255: Torn that she had worked at the club for over two years, and like many of the youth teamers just didn't feature on-screen until her character came to prominence [229: Passports Out]. Nikki gives Lee a rundown of Jeff’s last year; losing his business (285: Show Me The Money) and his family (Jamie: 290: End Game & Tash and Hope: 294: Long Live The King).


Additional Info: The “contract” Tina Presley has signed with John and Rodney allows them 40% of everything Lee earns until the end of his career. Georgina works in the marketing department at Tottenham. At Lee's party Stuart mentions that it's his birthday the following week. Charlie Stott is used by the top three Premiership clubs. He knows that Arsene Wenger is fan of Lee and abroad Lazio may also be interested. The players are having their team dinner at the Players' Lounge during which Stuart says it's not the Grange because of the difficult times the club is having.


·          Please Drink Responsibly: Nikki already assumes that Lee has a hangover when he arrives home on the morning of his birthday, yet she is gleefully holding up a bottle of champagne hoping they can open it, even though it is still morning and Lee has to drive to training.


What Was The Score?: Harchester win 4–0 against Middlesborough at the Riverside Stadium, with goals from Ryan, Lee, Curtis and Luke. At the Chelsea game, it stands at 1–1 as Luke is stretchered off the pitch.


·          Soundtrack: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: “Heart + Soul”,  Marvin Gaye: “Got To Give It Up”,  New Order: “Slow Jam” and “60 Miles An Hour”,  Nina Simone: “My Baby Just Cares For Me”,  Tim Burgess: “Say Yes.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

An unwelcome visit

 Georgina? Not Jacobs clearly



Lee isn't signing!

 Reunited with Louis



A broken Jeff

 Wise old Luke



Not even Viv could look!

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