Season 7 Episode 26

Episode 318


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 28th March 2004


Directed By

Riita Leena-Lynn


GS: Dr. Solley (Nicholas Gecks)  Tina Presley (Sharon Byatt)  John Wilson (Dominic Carter)  Charlie Stott (Marc Bolton) 

Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston)  Gary Newbon (as himself)


Luke is rushed into surgery where Dr. Solley tells the other surgeons that they will have to remove his left eye. In Liverpool, Jeff and Lee see the news about Luke's injury on TV and Lee says it should have been him. Luke wakes up in hospital and Dr. Solley comes in with Dean, Pilar and Stuart, and before Dr. Solley breaks the news Luke already realises his eye has gone. The news breaks that Luke's career is over. With Luke gone and Lee doing a disappearing act without signing, the team begin to doubt that they can still make the Champions League. Jeff and Lee arrive home with Tina, and consumed with guilt over Luke’s injury, Lee tells Jeff he's going to Chelsea as the players must hate him now.


Tina tells Lee that they made her sign him over and he tells her not to worry as he's going to do what they say. Tina thanks Lee and tells him she's really proud of him. The next day Nikki goes into Tina and finds her passed out with drugs on the bed. Nikki goes mad at Jeff saying she won't have it in the house, prompting Jeff to ask Tina for John and Rodney's number. Jeff meets them at a deserted warehouse and attempts to put them straight by telling them to cut their losses and get out now before he gets serious and calls the police. John and Rodney do not take kindly to this and put Jeff in hospital with three broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. Having seen the state of Jeff, Lee tells Nikki that he's going to finish this now. During training the players struggle to keep morale up and Stuart says if they’re going to do this without Luke they have to accept that he's gone.


The team visit Luke in hospital, where Stuart tells him the lads have suggested they retire his number 11 shirt as a tribute for what he has sacrificed for the club. Luke is offended, pointing out that's what they do for dead players and not to bother. After the boys have left Stuart tells Luke that although he never had his talent and though his career is over too, he still has the determination inside of him to play and the pain will get easier, which seems to help Luke a little. Meanwhile John takes Lee to the Grange where Charlie Stott presents him with the Chelsea deal and runs through how much he will be receiving. Under pressure from John and Rodney, Lee signs the contract and Charlie welcomes him to Chelsea. Tina witnesses Hankin being thrown out of Studs by Chelsea and assumes he is a dealer. After learning that she is Lee’s mother, he offers her £20,000 for her to tell him “a few things” about Lee.


The next day the story is published and the players are up in arms about Lee moving to Chelsea. Luke arrives and puts Lee’s guilt to rest by saying he knew the risks he was taking and if it wouldn't have happened on the pitch it could have anywhere else. He manages to get out of him what’s going on and joins up with Jeff and Nikki to save Lee. Jeff says that for as long as Lee's mom is around the thugs are going to be on Lee's case, giving Nikki an idea. She goes to Liverpool and tells Tina she has to be as far away as possible in order to get the men away from Lee. At the Lair Luke is interviewed on television and appeals to Chelsea to let Lee stay. Jeff persuades Charlie Stott to grudgingly cancel the contract after suggesting this could lead to a court case, and Lee finally signs his Harchester contract.




·          Last appearance of Luke Davenport (Neil Newbon)


The Best: Tina's wall, plastered with newspaper cuttings and pictures of Lee and the glory he's received as a player. Jeff's talk to Nikki about how they were Lee's agents, not his parents. Pilar being forced to thank Jeff for sorting out the Chelsea business. Luke quietly slipping away with only Lee watching, and outside as he sits in his car and smiles at the Harchester sign before being driven off.


·          Logic: Nikki arrives home to find Tina about to steal the DVD player, and tells her there is no TV in Lee’s room. Now, I know he’s not being paid right now but come on! How many eighteen year old footballers (or eighteen year olds at all) don’t have a TV in their rooms?!


Quotes: Nikki reads Lee the summary of “Tina Presley: My Story!”: “Yesterday as Lee Presley secured a multi-million pound move to Chelsea, his penniless mother was turfed out of his house and sent back to the crime-ridden Liverpool council estate where she raised him. Tina says that her greedy son had never cared about her especially now that's he's hit the big time."


·          Additional Info: Sky News says that Luke is twenty-five.


Surprise!: The confirmation that it is indeed Tash returning in the next episode.


·          What Was The Score?: Luke’s first question out of surgery is “What was the score?” to which Dean replies “It was one-all.”


Soundtrack: Bliss: "Song For Olabi",  Dope Smugglaz: "The Word PMT MIX;THE AFTER HOURS",  Groove Armada: "Madder",  Oxide & Neutrino: "War", Thomas Newman: "Grave Drive" and "Murder (in four parts).”


·          Behind The Scenes: As Neil Newbon’s time on DT comes to an end, we’re treated to a special scene in which his real-life father, Sky Sports and ITV reporter and pundit Gary Newbon interviews Luke in character.


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One + Two in autumn 2006.

Luke is told it's over

 Lee feels guilty



John's not to be messed with!

 Mrs Presley how could you?!



Will Lee finally sign?

 Luke off to pastures new


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