Season 7 Episode 27

Episode 319


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 4th April 2004


Directed By

Joss Agnew


GS: Seth (Martin Cole)



When Viv misses a save against Man U at Old Trafford it affects him badly, so much so Chelsea closes Studs early and sets about cooking a meal to cheer him up. Jeff and Lee have a surprise waiting for Nikki at the house - their new website for the company. Nikki is thrilled but then a limo pulls up outside the house and in walks Tash! Viv arrives back at Studs where Chelsea tells him the goal wasn't his fault, and without warning he throws the table contents onto the floor and screams at her. She throws Viv out yelling that she doesn't want to be with him tonight. At the Blue Room, Tash gives Jeff a present - a drawing from Hope of her granddad.



Viv arrives and she and Jeff make a bee-line leaving him alone. Jeff asks Nikki if it's alright if Tash stays and Nikki ends up having a rough night on the sofa when she insists that Tash have her room. Viv cannot sleep either and goes to Curtis and Ryan's who are about to go to bed, saying he's in the mood for a card game and sits down to their anguish. Tash is awake into the night and looks through Nikki's documents and tapes ready for a boot deal signing tomorrow. The next morning Curtis awakes to find the living room spotless and Viv has prepared breakfast for him and Ryan. Tash suggests joining Nikki and going in the limo to London, telling her that they can't let them think they are amateurs. In training, Viv deliberately goes for Clyde, hitting him in the face and making his lip bleed. He later publicly apologises to him but adds a hint of narcissism by adding that Clyde should remember safe-side next time, as Clyde was responsible for preventing the ball from reaching Viv at the game.


At the Cerberus boot deal, Nikki meets Seth who is overwhelmed when Tash walks in and forgets Nikki is the person to see him. Nikki opens the folder and sees Tash has been at it. Tash then butts-into the deal and mentions that there has been no mention of repeat fees and tells Seth that he'll need to come up with a new deal or they'll be going to Rapta. On the journey home Nikki has a go at Tash for taking over the deal and saying nothing about repeat fees so she could make her look like a fool. Stuart goes to see Chelsea at Studs but when Viv arrives back she panics and hides Stuart behind the bar. Viv begins to go too far with Chelsea when trying to make love to her on the pool table, and she tells him to stop but it continues until Stuart is forced to get up from behind the bar. Viv becomes convinced that she and Stuart are having an affair. During formation for the following days’ game against Arsenal, Viv becomes paranoid and imagines Chelsea making love to Stuart.


In his room Viv tries calling Chelsea several times but there is no answer. He gets worse and storms into Stuart's room looking for her, and then into every other player’s room convinced Chelsea is with one of them. Stuart tells Abi to get a doctor... and Chelsea. Chelsea arrives and Stuart tells her to be prepared. Viv goes mad when he sees her and has to be held down whilst the doctor sedates him. Viv wakes up the next morning and doesn't remember what happened. He asks Chelsea if she'll be at the game and she says yes. When Stuart tells Viv he is resting him for the game, Viv steps on Alex Lawlor's hand, thus regaining his place in the team. When Tash breaks down over Jamie and confesses she has lied about her life in America, Jeff asks her to come back and live with him and offers her a place in the company. And when Viv learns Chelsea hasn't shown up for the game he knows his marriage is in trouble and hands his keepers gloves to Marcel before running out of the tunnel moments before Harchester are due to take to the pitch.




·          The Best: All about Tash! Her return entrance. Nikki putting on lipstick and drinking red wine in a clear attempt to appear sophisticated in front of Tash. Abi and Tash’s heart-to-heart. Sandra supporting Nikki over Tash. Pilar’s subtle reaction when meeting Tash again. And Tash’s flashback to Jamie coming out of the siege and calling for her before being shot.


The Worst: Also Tash, and her attitude throughout this episode towards Nikki. Nikki's ring: telling her that it's plain and simple and will never go out of fashion. Asking Jeff if they can go out together and get a drink, making it clear that Nikki and Lee are not welcome. Constantly repeating that Nikki will never make an agent and then hijacking her deal. However, she redeems herself by the episode’s end when she breaks down and reveals she has in fact nothing in her life anymore.


·          Quotes: Tash: "Oh dad why didn't you tell me how bad things had got?"  Jeff (misunderstands that she is referring to him being beaten up): "I'm Okay" Tash: "What? Living in a council house with Nikki Peggs! And one client who isn't even earning any wages!".  And upon arriving home from the boot deal; Jeff: “Ah, my two girls. Cerberus knocked off their fee?"  Nikki [shouts]: "Yeah they thought your daughter was wonderful!".  Stuart [during Viv's paranoia]: "Marcel, Millsey. When Chelsea comes on the pitch get her kit off as soon as possible".  Viv (to Stuart): "We're playing Arsenal. Do you really want Lawlor between that lot and our goal?”


Continuity: Stuart tells Andy about how he saw Viv make a mistake like this when they were at Forrest together and it totally screwed him up. Jeff asks how Hope is and Tash replies she's getting big and she's sorry she didn't bring her this time only she'd promised her mom. Viv already knew Tash before he came to Harchester, as did Chelsea [320: Chelsea Away]. Viv asks Ryan if he has a girlfriend to which he shakes his head. Tash and Abi discuss her and Fletch’s break up. Tash flashes back to Jamie's death in 290: End Game as she enters the tunnel.


·          Additional Info: Jeff and Nikki's website is called Stein & Peggs: International Sports Management. Tash describes her life in America as wonderful: saying how she and “Greg” have a ranch just south of Dallas which has a swimming pool, tennis court and soccer pitch, adding that the Olympics could be held in its backyard. But by the end of the episode is forced to admit to Jeff that she and Greg broke up ages ago, she and Hope have been renting a place in Dallas, and that she hired the limo from London last week. Chelsea mentions that they have a new screen at Studs.


What’s The Deal?: Tash tells Seth that if Lee is picked for Euro 2004 he [Cerberus] will be showing the advert fifteen times a day. Without repeat fees, their client [Lee] would be naive to agree to a buyout under those circumstances and would miss out on thousands. Rapta have offered them the whole campaign not just one advert with repeat fees also.


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Can Viv keep it together?

 "Hello Dad!"



Not doing a very good job of it, Jaws!

 That was your fault!



Tash don't impress me much!

 The real Tash returns



Viv knows he's in trouble

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