Season 7 Episode 28

Episode 320


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 18th April 2004


Directed By



GS:  Dr. Newton (Christopher Ravenscroft)  Neville Southall (as himself)



With Viv having done a runner, Marcel takes Stuart's request for him to go in goal. Harchester manage to hold their own for most of the game with Presley scoring ahead, but the game ends in a draw leaving the players placing all the blame on Viv. After learning Chelsea is at her father's, Viv goes straight round, only to find the police waiting for him. Mr James, who has always loathed his son-in-law, is trying to keep him and Chelsea apart, but she comes out and agrees to talk. Chelsea tells Viv her whole life has been planned around his moods and she can't take it anymore, so she isn't coming back to him.


Furious over Jeff bringing Tash into the business over her head, Nikki receives some shock advice from Pilar about how, as Jeff's partner, he cannot do anything official without her agreement. Determined to get a new keeper, Stuart appoints Tash the job of phoning round her contacts to see who is in the market. She comes back to them with Neville Southall, and Stuart couldn't be happier. Pilar finds a problem though - the FA are prepared to allow them a new keeper only provided they can prove through medical reports that Viv is unfit to play. Stuart now knows he will have to persuade Viv, whom he has just suspended, to visit a councillor. It works, and knowing it would please Chelsea, Viv phones but gets her dad. He says he will pass on the news to his daughter, but doesn't.


Tash brings Neville Southall to a meeting with Stuart, Pilar and Dean, during which Stuart takes a call from Dr. Newton who has seen Viv. Whilst Dr. Newton confirms Viv does have a personality disorder, he says it shouldn't stop him playing professionally. Stuart only needs to hear the disorder part to know the Southall deal can proceed. Neville is introduced to the lads, and Stuart gets a shock when Viv also walks into the dressing room to see his replacement! Neville gets uncomfortable when Viv freaks out, and declines coming to the club. With Viv now in a worse state than before, Stuart and Ryan take Abi and find him at Studs, smashing glass bottle after bottle as if in a trance.


They have to get Chelsea to him now, so Tash is sent to convince her to come. Tash tells Chelsea how she regrets every single day not taking control with Jamie when he was in his mess, and reveals how Viv is now seeing a psychiatrist. Chelsea realises her father kept this news from her, and angrily packs her things to see Viv. As soon as Viv comes face to face with Chelsea again, and realises she will give him another chance, he finds his feet again and that night boards the coach to play at Southampton.



  • Where Have I Seen Them Before?: Amongst Christopher Ravenscroft’s credits was a thirteen-year stint as Det. Insp. Mike Burden on “Ruth Rendall Mysteries.”

Awesome!: How Neville Southall manages to do so much in his appearance, whilst having such little dialogue at the same time.

  • Quotes: Tash doesn't take kindly to Nikki's offer of being the company's employee: "A CEO? Who works for Nikki Peggs?!"  Mr James goes all Earl’s Park on Tash: "So you a Footballer's Wife as well?".

Continuity: Ryan tells of how he saw other people go into a ‘regression’ and space out whilst he was in the clinic, like what is happening to Viv now.

  • Additional Info: Between 319: In His Hands and now, Dream Team took it’s last week-long break at Easter.

What Was The Score?: Marcel's inexperience leads to a goal from Henry, and the teams draw 1-1.


Screencaps from Season 7 repeat broadcast on Sky One in summer 2005.

*If anyone knows who the director was for this episode, please let me know -

Marcel a goalie?

 Will Dr. Newton be the one to

 get through to Viv?



Don't replace me with Neville


 Chels goes back to Jaws



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