Season 7 Episode 30

Episode 322


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 2nd May 2004


Directed By



GS: Mustafa Karim (Daniel Lundh)  Policeman (Ryan McCluskey)



Viv puts Tash's allegations to Stuart, who realises he is backed into a corner. A full scale fight nearly erupts between Stuart and Viv at which Marcel steps in, giving Stuart the option of telling the team himself before he does. The team are outraged with Stuart, whose explanations do little to convince them he did what he did to save the club. They also turn on Marcel, upon his admission that he knew but wasn't involved. With the second half impatiently waiting for Harchester to take to the pitch, Ryan takes control over his father and leads the team outside. On the way out, Viv tells Stuart he is finished with the lads.


After learning that Stuart has jeopardised her position at the club, Pilar realises she must save herself and has Stuart escorted from the Lair. Stuart and Pilar both rush like mad to be the first to get to Dean, with Pilar managing to stop Dean answering his phone to Stuart. After the match the boys are about to tear Marcel apart, until Pilar walks in and concocts a story saving both her and Marcel, and putting all of the blame onto Stuart. At the post-match press conference, Pilar announces that Stuart has resigned as manager. Waiting outside for Ryan, who exits with Curtis and several of the team, Stuart admits what he did wrong, but points out that it was Pilar who put him up to it all. Ryan is ashamed - and says if he had been playing when all this was going on, Stuart would have done the same to his own son.


After the press conference, a smug Pilar returns to her darkened-office where out of nowhere, Stuart jumps out and punches her in the face! He is arrested, and Pilar gets on the phone to Marcel, asking him to take Stuart back to Abi's tonight and make sure he doesn't say anything. Once Stuart is at Abi's, Pilar phones Mustafa Karim to tell him the match fixing is going to come out. Mr. Karim says this cannot happen and he must protect the Sheik at all costs. He finds out from Pilar where Stuart is staying tonight, but she is totally unaware of what he is going to do. Marcel and Abi finally get things in order when he tells her he's finished with Georgina and isn't in love with Pilar anymore - because he's in love with Abi. While the two kiss their way into Abi's room, she at last admits that she loves him, as Stuart quietly leaves the house.


Mr Karim calls Pilar back telling her the situation is sorted. When she is confused he reveals to her that they offered Stuart no deal but have silenced him with his life! At that very moment, a masked intruder stands over Abi and Marcel as they sleep, and having found no other male in the house, sticks Marcel with a lethal injection! Abi wakes up in the morning and is devastated to find Marcel lying dead next to her. As the team, and the footballing world grieves for Marcel, Curtis, Ryan and Stuart set about looking after Abi. Stuart is told by the investigating policeman that an injectible steroid was found in the house, and Stuart realises it is the same drug as the one he uses to ease his knee problems. Stuart works out what has happened and gets to Pilar just as she is about to flee the country.



·          The Best: Dean's sense of cheating to a shocked Abi, only to then learn he means supporting Harchester over Everton. Everyone’s reactions to Marcel’s death; Abi’s scream and then stunned silence, Pilar collapsing when told by Dean, and Sandra's devastation while Nikki holds her.


Quotes: Stuart (to Ryan on why he decked Pilar): "If anyone ever deserved it she did!". Marcel is also less than sympathetic;  Pilar: "Have you seen what he did to me?"  Marcel: "You deserve it"  Pilar: "Excuse me?!".


·          Continuity: Ryan refers again to his time away in the clinic.


Additional Info: Les Mains Sales – French for The Dirty Hands.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester win 2-0 against Everton following a goal from Marcel, though the team give more credit the goal-provider Ryan for the score.


Soundtrack: Blur: "Ambulance", Neutrino & Oxide: "Execute", Rob Dougan: "Clubbed to Death", Uriah Heep: "Home Again To You.”


Screencaps from Season 7 repeat broadcast on Sky One in summer 2005.

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Viv lets Stuart know it's over

 Even Ryan has turned against




Pilar keeps getting hit on!

 Together at last!


But it's all too late!

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