Season 7 Episode 31

Episode 323


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 9th May 2004


Directed By

David Bartlett


GS:  Mustafa Karim (Daniel Lundh)  Robert Sabatier (Arturo Venegas)  Anissa Sabatier (Valerie Sarruf)



Stuart lets Pilar know he's realised what happened and tells her she will stay and they will sort this together. They visit Mustafa Karim and Stuart tells him they have no interest in going to the press as it would end both his and Pilar's careers, and they've instead set in place an insurance package - detailing everything and sent to both his and Pilar's solicitors, to be opened in the event of any tragedy befalling them. Mr Karim agrees that the matter can now be considered closed, and wishes them luck with the Champions League. Pilar tells the team the club will be holding a memorial service for Marcel on Saturday.



Pilar and Dean then take Curtis into Stuart’s old office where Dean offers him the manager’s job for the final two games of the season. At training, Viv calls Marcel a drug taking cheat to which Abi explodes. She breaks down and tells the team Marcel would never touch steroids. Pilar then comes to see Abi in the physio room where Abi tells her she knows something's not right and will ask Marcel’s parents to have an autopsy. She later tries to speak with them when Pilar takes Marcel's parents back to the Grange, but Pilar whisks them away stating that Abi is “just the team physio”. Robert Sabatier says that perhaps Abi is right and an autopsy would clear Marcel's name. Anissa asks Pilar what she thinks, and she replies that if Marcel was taking steroids an autopsy would put a seal on his disgrace. Anissa now thinks they should leave Marcel in peace and not have an autopsy.


Curtis tells Ryan he wants to build the team around him, and for Ryan to play in centre-midfield taking over Marcel's place. Pilar tells Marcel's parents that the team are staying at the hotel and they agree to meet them. During their dinner, the boys remember Marcel for how he would make them laugh, but when Ryan does his best Marcel-voice, Pilar brings Marcel's parents into the room and there is an uncomfortable silence. The team travel to Molineux to face Wolves, and Abi watches Sky Sports News from her house where they discuss the shock and unlikeliness of Marcel and steroid abuse. Abi has flashbacks to Stuart's behaviour on the night he stayed at the house and accuses him of killing Marcel. Pilar is about to accompany Marcel's parents to the morgue when Stuart phones her, telling her she has to stop Abi. Half time arrives, and when Ryan overhears a random drugs test is imminent he tries to get Curtis to take him off. When he refuses Ryan is forced to admit he has been taking Nandrolone since his return from the clinic.


Curtis decides that Ryan must play, for if they win today they are home and dry, but if they lose they still have to play Man U next week with an already weakened side. Pilar arrives at the police station and takes Abi aside, explaining to her that Stuart isn't the killer and how he was supposed to be the victim. She persuades Abi not to tell the police, as if Harchester lose they will be finished and Marcel's death would have been for nothing - they have still lost the man they both loved. In the second half, Ryan’s game is affected and Harchester are suddenly 3-3 down. He is taken off and manages to avoid being tested, with Tyson and Mills being asked instead. Harchester lose and Curtis berates Ryan in the dressing room, telling him he sounds like his dad when Ryan claims he did it for the team. Pilar stands with Marcel's parents as they view his body and her conscience looks to have gotten the better of her. At Marcel’s memorial Pilar confesses the truth about what happened in front of the stunned crowd.




·          Although he only appears as a dead body, this is the final appearance of Marcel Sabatier (Dhaffer L’Abidine). This is also the last episode Series Producer Ellen Taylor writes for, having written on 27 episodes since 240: It’s My Party in Season 5. See also next episode.


The Best: Abi yelling at the team for thinking the worst of Marcel. A broken Sandra bringing the contents of Marcel's locker into Pilar. Dean's surprise for the boys - a European style dinner to which they are far from impressed. The disgusted look Pilar shoots Ryan and the team after their misunderstood Marcel impressions are witnessed by his parents. Pilar’s confession – the valediction of her character. After a season of ill-thought-out decisions and an almost to hell with the consequences attitude, not to mention downright deceitfulness at times, she finally made the right decision and did the right thing by telling the truth, despite the fact it meant the end for her (and Stuart). The expression of both horror and hatred on Sandra’s face during Pilar’s speech is priceless.


·          Quotes: Stuart (taunting Pilar): "I can just see you now, comforting my son, telling him how sorry you are!".  Abi explains to Stuart why she thinks he killed Marcel: "Means, motive and opportunity. Is that what they say? Marcel finally tells the lads about the Leicester game. You lose your job, possibly your son, possibly your career - Motive. Marcel's staying at my house, there's no sign of forced entry. You're already in my house - Opportunity. He's found injected full of steroids that I know he didn't take. You're the one who takes steroids. You've got more drugs and needles than I do - Means" but she still finds it hard to believe when he asks her if she really thinks he’s a murderer.


Continuity: The players reminisce about Marcel including the time when he burnt all their tabloids. Curtis says he knew Marcel for five years (from when Curtis first joined PSG in 1999). Pilar met Marcel when they were both 18 and were inseparable for eight years, until his move to Harchester in 2002.


·          Additional Info: Abi says she did a full health check on Marcel two weeks ago including a cardio exam and says he was fine, as strong as an Ox. Marcel was a Muslim. Curtis mentions that Ryan is 20 years old. The screen at the memorial reads Marcel Sabatier 1975-2004 over a picture of a younger bearded Dhaffer L’Abidine.


What Was The Score?: What started so well ended so disastrously with Wolves winning 4–3 following various slip ups from Ryan and a penalty given away by Sully.


·          Soundtrack: Faithless: "Not Enuff Love" and "Take The Long Way Home",  Franz Ferdinand: "Take Me Out",  Freestylers: "Breaker Beats",  Massive Attack: "Angel",  The Strokes: "Reptilia."


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Mr. Karim has no alternative

 Oh Deano!



Abi's worked it out (kind of)

 So Ryan too is a cheat!



Pilar there for Abi?!

 Now the whole world knows



But it was the right thing to do


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