Season 7 Episode 32

Episode 324


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 16th May 2004


Directed By

David Penn


GS:  Detective Taylor (Ellen Taylor)  Robert Sabatier (Arturo Venegas)  Anissa Sabatier (Valerie Sarruf)  FA Man 1 (Chris Barritt) 

FA Man 2 (Paul Kemp)  Mr. Bridges (Andrew Blair)  Detective Stevenson (James Weber Brown)  UEFA Receptionist (Nina Thilas-Mohs) 

UEFA Man (Robert Jezek)


The press go wild following Pilar’s confession and as the police arrive to arrest her a furious Dean grabs hold of her, yelling he asked her back for her to con him before adding that Marcel's death is all her fault. Stuart is also taken in for questioning by the police and sees Pilar at the station as she is being brought through to be charged. She apologises to him for what she's done and still madly in love with her, Stuart makes it clear he's willing to take his share of the blame.



As they head to the FA Dean tells Stuart he isn’t angry with him and Pilar has played them both. The players fret about what will happen as Stuart arrives for his grilling. He goes through what he did in order to lose the Leicester game, pushing the right buttons for Viv to explode and destroying Lee's confidence, telling them how he will have it on his conscience for the rest of his life. Stuart asks them not to destroy the team when he is the one to blame. He arrives home where Abi joins him to watch the FA announce their decision. They place a lifetime ban on both Stuart and Pilar for any involvement within English football and say they are convinced the players of Harchester United were not involved so will not be holding any sanctions against them. The players cheer and celebrate at the club whilst Abi attempts to console Stuart. Abi brings Marcel's parents into the dressing room to say goodbye before they take his body back to Tunisia. Marcel's mother says at least his name has been cleared and the world will know he wasn't a drug taker which Ryan feels a twinge of guilt from.


Stuart agrees to testify against the people who killed Marcel which puts his life in danger. In order to be kept safe he is offered a place in the witness protection program. Stuart is told that if he didn't testify it would be unlikely they would secure a conviction and there's every chance his life would be in danger anyway. As Pilar is taken to the prison she receives a phone call from someone she knows working at UEFA, telling her they are unhappy about the FA's decision not to punish the club and are holding a meeting in Geneva to discuss further sanctioning. Curtis finds a letter left by Ryan explaining how he cannot play in the Man U game, and how he believes all the people in the press who have called them cheats will be right if he plays, as he was taking drugs. The team decide they should force Ryan to play, but after a rant from Abi (see below) Dean says the decision lies with Curtis, who agrees with Ryan and says they have to have faith that they can win this clean.


On the morning of the final match of the season, Pilar phones Jeff and tells him about the meeting in Geneva and how someone needs to go there to plead Harchester's case. Jeff goes to see Dean and tells him the logical thing UEFA would do is refuse Harchester entry to the Champions League which would kill the club as they need the money to survive. The team are rightfully nervous as they prepare to face Man U. Curtis tells them if they go out there like this they will get  turned over, and it's time to finish what they set out to do for the memory of their captain. Stuart arrives at the game to say goodbye to Ryan, who has sat in the stands. He tells him about going into witness protection and how they probably won't see each other again. Dean makes his appeal to UEFA, and following the team’s win he begs the officials not to take the Champions League from them now they have it. He is told they cannot allow this match fixing to pass, and must make an example of the club to prevent others from doing the same in the future. Dean is told the decision is that Harchester will be relegated from the Premiership to the First Division, as the team celebrate their win unknowingly back at the club.




·          Last appearances of Stuart Naysmith (Terence Maynard) and Pilar Hernandez (Marem Hernandez). Also last appearances of characters who leave off-screen during the summer: Sandra Greene (Lisa Burstow), Abi Fletcher (Rachel Brady) and Tash Parker (Angela Saunders). Also last appearances for recurring team players Peter Mack and Bobby Thompson.


The Best: The team running from the memorial service to escape the baying mob of journalists. Marcel's mother waving goodbye to Abi as the taxi pulls away, knowing that she was the one he loved. Pilar, despite losing her place within the club and football altogether, going to Jeff after everything that happened between them, and begging him to plead Harchester’s case to UEFA. This (to me) proved how much she really did care about the club in the end. The awkward UEFA receptionist Jeff and Dean encounter. Stuart telling a broken Ryan that he has to stay and play for England, because when he does he'll be watching. Stuart taking one final look at the club before he is driven away. Sandra yelling for the ref to call the game.


·          Quotes: Tash is asked what she thinks of today's revelations: "You see that there, that's Harchester United finally getting exactly what they deserve!" and saying the FA have got to throw the book at them and justice has got to be done. Abi telling Stuart that between them they've lost more in a season than most people do in a lifetime. When the team discuss forcing Ryan to play, Abi steps in and says it's not the point Ryan is trying to make. Clyde tells her to shut up as it has nothing to do with her. Abi slaps him and shouts "Don't you ever speak to me like that again!" before continuing that whilst they have been worrying about their club, she has been trying to help Marcel's parents deal with the fact that their son is dead, and the only thing that gave them any hope was that Marcel's name had been cleared and the team should see past their own wallets to realise Ryan is doing the right thing. Also from the same scene; Viv (to Dean on Curtis): "What'd you put him in charge for? Bloody God-Squad!"


Foreshadowing: As Harchester win the game, Chelsea is seen to kiss Ryan [327: Last Exit To Harchester and onwards].


·          Continuity: The FA says that Stuart bought Viv against the wishes of the board and released Tommy Moore. Jeff reminds Dean that he was banned as an agent for life by UEFA (285: Show me the Money).


Additional Info: Detective Taylor tells Pilar she's arresting her for conspiracy to defraud, accessory to murder and perverting the course of justice. After being charged she is held in custody at Harchester HM Prison for Woman for her own safety. Detective Taylor also refers to Pilar’s belongings being returned to her on her release, indicating it being likely she would not be serving a lengthy spell after the trial. Harchester’s relegation means they are now back in the First Division for the first time since the 1996-97 season.


·          Surprise!: Harchester being relegated from the Premiership – in true DT style the season finale did not fail to deliver.


What’s The Deal: Stuart would initially be placed in a police protected safe-house somewhere in the British Isles where he'll be until the court case, then they would look for somewhere more permanent, a greater lengthier destination. Pilar has agreed to stand up in court and say what she knows although “as she is being charged in the same case her reliability as a witness is questionable.”


·          Mirroring Real Life: Series Producer and writer Ellen Taylor takes on the role of feisty Detective Taylor who busts Pilar. This role was most likely offered to her as a parting gift, as she leaves the show shortly into Season 8 and later becomes the producer of “Casualty”. One of the officials of the Football Association (played by Paul Kemp) is credited as Sean Glynn, who is the shows’ producer at this period.


What Was The Score?: Louis Saha scores for Man U whilst two goals from the unlikely Sully and Danny Mills made Harchester 2-1 up. Van Nistolroy equalised in stoppage time to the horror of all Dragons fans but club saviour Lee Presley scored in the final seconds winning the game, and Champions League for Harchester.


·          Soundtrack: Franz Ferdinand: “Cheating on You.”


Screencaps from Season 7 repeat broadcast on Sky One in summer 2005.

Harchester United will pay!

 Mrs Sabatier knows Abi was

 the one



On the inside... Pilar still trying to save the Dragons

 Employee of the year



When will I see you again?

 Au revoir Stoo-art!












 Dean gets the news

Sandra's last glory


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