Season 7 Episode 5

Episode 297


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 26th October 2003


Directed by

Joy Perino


GS: Hypnotherapist (Jason Griffiths)  Steve Johnson (Daniel Greene)  Jeremy Langdon (uncredited) (as himself)

Leilani Dowding (uncredited) (as herself)



Stuart tells an elated Ryan that Sven will be coming to watch him play at Harchester’s next game. However, his excitement is short-lived when he goes outside to find Clyde giving a press conference – offering a £25,000 reward for the tout to meet him and reveal how he got hold of his tickets. It backfires though, when dozens of people line up at the club claiming to be the tout. Clyde begins to interview each and every of the alleged claimants, with a worried Ryan by his side, but to his relief Steve doesn’t show.



After a good training session, Luke invites Ryan to join him at a new bar he has been asked to open that night (really just Studs moving to a new location). Ryan gets a shock however, when Steve turns up and demands he pay him what Clyde’s reward offers, otherwise he’ll own up to being the real tout. The next day, Ryan gives Steve the money. Clyde still will not let go, and hires a hypnotherapist to try and help him remember where he last had the tickets. Ryan once again accompanies, and does his best to disrupt the proceedings. Later, Stuart takes Ryan on a walk and gives him a photo album he has made of Ryan growing up, telling his son how proud he is. When Ryan returns to the flat he finds Steve sitting there with Clyde, hanging around like they are mates.


Realising that they are in trouble if Steve shows up for the reward, the Boyles agree to do a deal with Clyde over both of their claims. Tony and Dean go to Clyde’s flat in which Dean catches eyesight of Steve, but doesn’t remember that he was the tout until after Clyde has thrown them out. They wait outside for Steve and Tony offers to match Clyde’s reward for Steve’s silence, but Steve wants £50,000. Tony agrees to his face and they agree to meet again the next day. That night, Tony pretends to Karen that he has sold Boyles Builders to get the money for Steve. After learning that Ryan is set to become an England player, Steve now demands Ryan pay him what the Boyles are now offering.


On the morning of the big match with Sven coming to watch him play, Ryan heads to the bookies and places a £5,000 bet, which wins him the money. He goes to the canal to give Steve his third amount, whilst Tony and Dean watch from a distance, as they plan to get rid of Steve for good by giving him a bashing. Ryan loses it when Steve warns that he will be back one day for more money, and attacks him in which Steve hits his head hard on the railing. Not realising Steve is seriously hurt, Ryan flees the scene, leaving the money behind. Tony then discovers the money lying beside Steve and persuades Dean to run with him and leave. After a heated run-in with Stuart over his behaviour in recent days, Ryan takes to the pitch to play what is his biggest match, as Steve lies in the same spot fatally injured.




·          The Best: Dean running away after being spotted by Clyde whilst looking for the tout. And then he and Karen sitting outside the club in the dark agreeing that they’d be happy as millionaires. Ryan being kept awake by Clyde and Leilani Dowding getting it on in the next room. Clyde’s hypnotherapy sequence with the clouds. The sweet scene of Stuart showing Ryan the photo album. Steve dropping so many hints to the ever-so-clueless Clyde. Ryan knocking on every player’s door at the Grange until he winds up at Pilar’s. Ryan’s nightmare featuring the distorted background shots.


Logic: If Luke is such a world-class player, why isn’t he in the England squad already? He is already supposed to be 25 years old this season. Luke tells Ryan that when he first arrived at the club, he told Stuart how much he rated Ryan as a player. This contradicts what Pilar told Marcel in 294: Long Live The King that he was the only player at the club that Luke rated.


·          Quotes: Clyde (to one of the ticket claimants): “Where did you get my tickets?”  Claimant: “I didn’t, I was just wondering if you’d, like to sell some more?!” (and later as they enter Studs) Man: “Hey Clyde, how many touts does it take to change a light bulb?”  Woman: “Only one but you never find him!”. Clyde on Tony and Dean turning up at the flat: “Aye up, it’s Torville and Dean!”


Foreshadowing: Tony being breathless as he and Dean search Clyde’s apartment building for his flat (305: O Come All Ye Faithful).


·          Continuity: We see a flashback to scenes in 292: Just The Ticket when Clyde is put under hypnosis. A shot of Ryan’s scar from his operation last season is visible after his nightmare, something the make-up department always remembered throughout the rest of Ryan’s time on the show.


Additional Info: Writer Mariam Vossough previously worked as a story associate and story editor on "Coronation Street" for four years, and completed more than 20 scripts of her own during this time. A reporter mentions to Clyde that it’s been three months since the tout sold his tickets to the Boyles. Donna has blown all of the money she made selling her story on the Boyles. Bruce is still faking his injury and Stuart has him training with the reserves. Studs remains as a bar for the next three years, before reverting back to it’s former status as a nightclub.


·          Soundtrack: Amerie: “I’m Coming Out”,  Basement Jaxx: “Where’s Your Head At (Extended Remix)”,  Busted: “Crashed and Burned”,  GTR: “Mistral OUTDOOR”,  Ms. Dynamite: “Dy-Na-Mi-Tee”,  Room 5: “Make Luv”,  Stereophonics: “Rainbows And Pots Of Gold.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.


Happy as millionaires

 Steve back for more



Stuart always knew Ryan had it

 Just where is Ryan?



Steve left for dead


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