Season 7 Episode 6

Episode 298


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 2nd November 2003

Directed by
David Penn


GS: Anita Johnson (Suzanne Church)  Mr Lee (Richard Woo)  Mr Lau (Stuart Ong) 

DS Bailey (Gregory Donaldson) Steve Johnson (Daniel Greene)  C.I.D Cop (Simon Macera) (uncredited)


Ryan learns that he has made the England squad, but his good mood soon changes when he hears on the news that Steve has been found dead. After a press publicity shot with Luke, Ryan has to speak to the police and he finds out that they know little so far. Since they are aware of Steve’s history as a ticket-tout, the detectives then go and visit the Boyles, and take Tony and Dean in for questioning. Karen begins to suspect Tony’s involvement in Steve’s death, and that night Tony tells her that they did pay Steve off but didn’t kill him, leaving Karen still unsure.



Pilar is rattled when Dream Inc get in touch wanting proof of Bruce’s injury. She tries to get Abi to provide X-Ray’s of broken thumbs that could be passed off as Bruce’s own hand, but she refuses. Bruce takes Abi to a Chinese restaurant where he is good friends with the owner Mr Lee, who helps him translate to Abi how he doesn’t want to make her job anymore difficult for her. Mr Lee then explains to Abi of the real amount of pressure Bruce is under to do well in the English Premiership, not just for himself but his country. This convinces her to do as Pilar requested, and she visits the hospital to collect a fake X-Ray under a favour from an old work colleague. Stuart tells Ryan that Steve’s mother has personally invited him to the funeral. For obvious reasons, Ryan is reluctant to go but Stuart insists it would do him a lot of good, especially in the public eye as he is now an England player.


Stuart accompanies Ryan to the funeral where they meet Steve’s parents, and Ryan is shocked to learn that Stuart has told Steve’s mother he will be saying a few words at the service. During his speech, Ryan is consumed with guilt and comes close to confessing. Tony and Dean meanwhile are forced to tell Karen the truth about Ryan being responsible for Steve’s death, when she catches them counting Ryan’s money taken from the scene. Tony then goes to the flat and tells Ryan what he knows, prompting Ryan to give the Boyles an alibi to the police. When the police then take Ryan in for questioning, he uses his bet from the morning of Steve’s death to claim that he’s been gambling and this is how he’s lost so much money lately.


Mr Lau discovers that Harchester have faked Bruce’s injury, and in an attempt to save herself and the club, Pilar persuades Mr Lau that they did it so Bruce would not show them up as a weak player and would have improved greatly by the upcoming Manchester City game, where millions in China will be watching. Mr Lau comes round to Pilar’s way of thinking and as they toast to a deal, a confused Bruce breaks his thumb for real with a dumbbell. At the Liverpool game the next day, Bruce is still determined to play, and as otherwise Dream Inc would withdraw their sponsorship money, Pilar and Stuart allow him to go ahead and play. When the police put pressure on Karen, Donna comes to her rescue by saying that at the time of Steve’s death Ryan was paying them the money he lost, and shows them Ryan’s cash to prove it. This weakens the police’s case against both Ryan and the Boyles, and they are forced to go away.




·          Best Known For: Gregory Donaldson would be best known for his regular role as DC Tom Proctor in “The Bill” from 1997-2000.


The Best: Curtis commenting on Steve’s “nice barnet” before Clyde tells him Steve was Ryan’s mate. Ryan, standing at the alter of the church and on the verge of admitting what he had done. Marcel, Luke and Bruce out on the training pitch whilst Abi referees. Mr Lau storming into Pilar’s office and confronting her with “Zhao Quiang’s X-Ray’s”, followed by her and Abi’s public brawl whilst Stuart tries to keep them apart. Luke giving Bruce the man-of-the-match champagne at the end of the game, for his persistence to play even with a (real) broken thumb. Abi reminding Pilar in front of Mr Lau that she had fired her, and Pilar’s obvious uncomfortableness at letting Abi know she still had a job.


·          Quotes: Some classic animosity dialogue from Abi and Pilar beginning with Pilar to Stuart: “This is all our jobs on the line. If that stupid physio…” Abi (from behind): “If that stupid physio what?”, and later, Abi: “Yes, well if the club goes to the wall then at least one good thing will come out of it, you won’t be around anymore.”  Pilar: “Nor will you. You’re fired!”  Abi: “Good. This place is a shambles. No wonder Marcel dumped you as his agent!”.  Tony (to Karen): “Hear me out, on my mothers’ grave  Karen: “Or on Steve Johnson’s grave.”  Clyde (whilst confronting Ryan on the training pitch about associating with the Boyles): “Mate? I’m not your mate. You are nothing but a lying bitch Naysmith! A lying bitch!”.


Foreshadowing: Stuart helping Pilar to get her inspiration back, and the lustful look he gives her. Ryan’s nightmare of Steve and the canal at the episode’s end – hinting towards his upcoming personal haunting from the crime.


·          Continuity: Pilar asking Abi whether she used to work in a hospital, which she did until becoming the club physio in 263: Easy Come, Easy Go.


Additional Info: Jeremy Thompson describes Steve as being 25 and from Manchester. Bruce broke his hand when he was fourteen years old.


·          What Was The Score?: A goal from Luke makes the final score Harchester 1 – 1 Liverpool.


Soundtrack: Audio Bullies: “Real Life”,  Blur: “Crazy Life”,  Embrace: “Hooligan”,  Pin: “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.


Naysmith & Davenport


C.I.D Cop & DS Bailey




Mr Woo, Abi






Clyde, Ryan & the team





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