Season 7 Episode 8

Episode 300


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 16th November 2003


Directed by

Marcus D F White


GS: Christopher Hill (Jacob Lloyd)  Joyce Richards (Brett O’Brien)



Whilst coaching an under-elevens Sunday team, Jeff looks over to another game and spots a teenage lad with incredible potential. He and Matt follow the mini bus the teenager, Lee, is travelling in and discover that he is in a detention centre. Jeff manages to visit the centre, where Lee tells him that he will only listen to what he has to say if Jeff gets him out of there. Jeff then goes to see Lee’s social worker and lies about having a fiancée to help his chances. When Nikki arrives with a letter from Pilar informing Jeff he must leave the Barrons, he approaches Matt about moving in with him. Meanwhile, Stuart asks Curtis to give Ryan one of his bedrooms as he moves into Jeff’s house.



Curtis agrees but is more interested in whether he will be playing in the upcoming Bolton match. When he thinks he hears Stuart denouncing him to Pilar, Curtis takes his frustration out on Ryan, who has been having recurring nightmares following Steve’s death. Jeff meanwhile, manages to convince Nikki that she has what it takes to be a football agent, and that the two of them could run an agenting business together. Nikki immediately hands in her notice to Pilar, but gets a shock the next day when they meet with Joyce and Jeff tells her Nikki is his fiancée.


After the meeting Nikki slaps Jeff and storms off whilst a furious Matt throws him out of the house, leaving Jeff sure he’s blown his Lee chances. Grace gets Nikki’s job as team co-ordinator, but as a term she has to agree not to get involved with any of the players, to Curtis’ annoyance. Following the fiasco with Jeff, Nikki sheepishly asks Pilar for her job back. Pilar instead humiliates Nikki by demoting her to Grace’s old job as receptionist. Joyce tells Jeff that they will allow him a trial week with Lee, so he attempts to get Nikki back on his side. They take Lee back to Matt’s but it’s not until Matt sees Lee’s talent with a football that he agrees to let him stay.


Ryan manipulates Grace, and without knowing about his medical history she gets him sleeping pills. Curtis takes the blame when Stuart walks in on the doctor bringing Ryan round and is dropped from the next day’s game. When the team perform poorly against Bolton, a furious Pilar orders Stuart to put Curtis on. Grace gives Curtis her cross and chain to help him believe in himself during the game. Harchester suffer a humiliating defeat. After Lee fails to return at the end of the game, Jeff discovers that his wallet is missing. He, Matt and Chris then return to the house to find that Lee has robbed them and taken off, to Jeff’s anguish.




·          First appearance of new regular character Lee Presley (James Watts). Ryan Lee also makes his first appearance sitting in on Jeff’s speech at the detention centre. Before long, he will be playing for the first team in the recurring role of Charlie Taylor.


Best Known For: Brett O’Brien’s biggest role was in “Hollyoaks” as Louise Taylor from 1995-1996. James Watts is nowadays credited as James-William Watts.


·          The Best: Jeff’s story to the young offenders about a deal he once did with Alex Ferguson, and the accompanying Scottish accent he puts on. Pilar making Nikki drop her papers and then yelling “Watch where you’re going!”. Nikki snapping at Sandra: “You can finally get your hands on my job now!”. The spilt-screen shots of Pilar interviewing Sandra and Grace for the new team co-ordinator position, and Sandra’s gushing over Marcel to Pilar’s obvious disgust. The first meeting between Luke and Lee. The look Marcel shoots Stuart from behind when Stuart remarks on how they are not a ‘one-man team.’ Pilar bursting into the changing room at half time and screaming “What the hell was that supposed to be huh?! One-nil down to Bolton!!”


Logic: When Curtis announces that he and Grace aren’t seeing each other anymore, Danny Sullivan says it’s “the best news I’ve had in a long while”. Although she officially does not exist on-screen until next season, he is supposed to be married to wife Kim at this point in the show. However, considering what happens in 369: Unleash Hell, it is not surprising that Sully was already showing interest in other women whilst his wife wasn’t around.


·          Quotes: Jeff describing Lee to Nikki: “And, I’ve got our first client. Lad named Lee. Makes Wayne Rooney look like a Cabbage Patch Kid!”. Pilar, upon Nikki telling her that she’s going to be a football agent: “You are hardly what I would call agent material…”  Nikki: “Well I can’t make more of a hash of it than you did!” to which Pilar retorts: “Well at least you’d be leaving your job in the same manner in which you did it.”  Nikki: “How’s that?”  Pilar: “Totally unprofessionally” before binning Nikki’s resignation letter. Nikki, upon Jeff using her as his “fiancée”: “Pilar might be a bitch but she was right about you!”. More Nikki (on the phone to Jeff about Lee putting his hands on her): “No I will not play along!”.


Foreshadowing: Lee already has a thing for Nikki [326: Out].


·          Continuity: Jeff telling Nikki about how hard it will be re-building the business without Tash, who is still in America. Nikki mentions taking Lee to her house, which assumingly is the same house she’s been in since Season 5, although we don’t see it anymore. Curtis tells the doctor of Ryan’s spleen-ectomy last season.


Additional Info: Writer Martin Stone also wrote for “Doctors” between 2001-2007. Chris plays on the under-elevens team that Jeff is coaching. Lee’s character was supposedly moulded upon Wayne Rooney. Clyde and Donna are on honeymoon in Las Vegas. Pilar is re-housing some of the players at the Barrons, while resting Luke; a decision she lives to regret. Lee’s criminal history includes two convictions for shoplifting, demanding money with menaces and twelve counts of burglary and aggravated T.D.A. Jeff is 48 years old and his date of birth is shown as 2/5/55. Lee is a smoker when we first meet him. He has never been to a football match in his life.


·          What Was The Score?: A highly embarrassing Harchester 0 – 2 Bolton defeat.


Soundtrack: Bill McCai: “The Coral”, Misteeq: “Scandalous”, Ronan Keating: “The Long Goodbye”, roykksop: “eple”, The Strokes: “Hard to Explain.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.

Jeff sees something in Lee

 Curtis forced to babysit Ryan



In line for Nikki's job

 Engaged to be married!



Stuart is worried about Ryan

 Can Curtis keep it together?



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