Season 7 Episode 9

Episode 301


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 23rd November 2003


Directed by

Riita Leena-Lynn


GS: Mr. Connaught (Simon Coates)  Mr. Kirk (Paul Clarkson)



Clyde and Donna return from their honeymoon, in time for Clyde’s court case against the Boyles for handling stolen goods (his tickets). Clyde is stunned however when Stuart tells him he is selling him at the January transfer window. With Curtis now in his old house, Clyde eventually locates Jeff at a room at the Grange, only to find it is in fact Lee using Jeff’s credit card account. After Lee steals Clyde’s jacket, the two are involved in a chase and Lee bumps (literally) into Jeff. In order to get Lee to stay this time, Jeff promises him a trial at the club for the next day. Shattered that Donna has married Clyde, Dean takes off, leaving Tony and Karen to face the court case without him.



When they are informed that Donna will be saying that a tout did in fact sell the Boyles Clyde’s tickets, Tony says that Karen saw Clyde selling the tickets to Dean, to Karen’s shock. On the hearing’s first day, both Clyde and Donna’s stories are picked apart by the Boyle’s council, and Karen suffers under pressure making several damaging mistakes when cross-examined by Clyde’s barrister. After Tony takes his anger out on Karen, Donna urges her sister to go against him and tell the truth when she takes the stand the next day.


Stuart is impressed with Lee’s first training session in the reserves, and wants him in the first team right away. Jeff manages to convince him to keep Lee training in the reserves, as they cannot sign him professionally until he is eighteen and would both be likely to lose him to another club or agent otherwise. Stuart instead puts Lee in for the next day’s reserve team game against Southend, to Jeff and Nikki’s anguish at the possibility of still losing Lee.


Still in the reserves and after being shown up by Lee in training, Clyde begins to realise that it’s respect that matters and not how much money you have. The next day in court whilst Karen is being given another grilling, Clyde bursts in and announces he is dropping the case against the Boyles, to their and Matt’s delight and Donna’s shock. Clyde then heads to the club for training where he tells Stuart that he doesn’t want to own the club, he just wants to play for it.




·          Best Known For: Paul Clarkson has 25 credits as an actor and recently appeared as Graham Carpenter, father of Zoe in “Hollyoaks” (2008 & 2009). He is also currently the Director of the BA (Hons) Course in Acting at the Birmingham School of Acting.


The Best: Clyde and Lee’s first encounter; and their chase down the Grange’s back-stairwell to The Caesars “Jerk It Out”. Then their bust-up on the training pitch with Lee hitting Clyde with his own hand. Sandra’s superior-sarcasm towards Nikki continuing. Clyde, upon stopping his case telling Matt that he hopes he wins.


·          Quotes: Donna (on Matt): “That Brummie train-spotter? My husband’ll have him for breakfast!”. Clyde (to Lee): “You don’t look like a football agent to me.”  Lee: “And you don’t look like a footballer kid, doesn’t stop you thinking that you are one though does it?” and (after their chase): “Who’d wanna buy you? You call yourself a footballer?! I could crawl faster than you could run!”.  Karen (to Donna) on Dean: “You think he wants to see you necking that footballer everytime you step outside.”


Continuity: Clyde mentioning to Jeff that he doesn’t have an agent with Tash still abroad.


·          Additional Info: Following Ryan’s incident with the sleeping tablets, he has moved back in with Stuart. The players are under the impression that Ryan has been hit hard by the flu, and he is seen training by himself at the end of the episode. Lee went on a spending spree with Jeff’s cards, visiting clothes stores, jewellers and electronic stores. The trial to decide who owns Harchester United is four weeks away.


Soundtrack: Electric Six: “Synthesizer”, Junior Senior: “Move Your Body”, Mull Historical Society: “The Final Arrears”, OK Go: “Get Over It”, Placebo: “The Bitter End”, The Caesars: “Jerk It Out”, Radiohead: “Sail to the Moon”, “There There” and “Where I End And You Begin.”


Screencaps from Season 7’s last repeat broadcast on Sky One in autumn 2006.


It's true!

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