Season 8 Episode 11

Episode 335


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 2nd January 2005


Directed By

Graham Moore


GS: Shay Maguire (Mark Frost)  D.I. Macy (James Allen)  Shanice Erobobo (Celena Cherry)  Byron Erobobo (Reice Weathers) 

Bo (Winston Ellis)  Angie Duxbury (Pippa Nixon)


Tommy is rushed to hospital and into surgery following the stabbing. Once stable, he tells the police it was Shay and they promptly track him down and arrest him. D.I. Macy interviews Shay about his whereabouts but gets nothing out of him as Shay gives alibis for the time of the attack. Tommy is admitted to hospital in Harchester where the boys arrive, and Tommy asks at least one of them to say they saw Shay stab him otherwise he is going to get away with it. When D.I. Macy tells them they have to look at other avenues such as a disgruntled Barca fan being responsible, Tommy is disgusted and tells Sofia that he isn't safe and will need her to organise 24-hour security to protect him from Shay.



After Fletch tells him he isn’t interested in returning to the club, Dean flies home and as Andy presents him with academy trials to sign off, they come across a boy who is claiming to be Fletch’s son. Fletch doesn't believe it but Gina insists they go to England to find out. They arrive at the address, and when a boy answers the door and then slams it shut as soon as they ask for Byron Fletcher, Fletch and Gina realise it must be him. Inside, Byron tells his mother Shanice how he told the club Fletch was his dad as it was the only way he could get into the academy. Fletch yells at Shanice, telling her he's had thousands like her come along down the years and it's a disgrace that she used Byron to get money. Shanice is insulted and tells Fletch to get out, in her fury adding that they did in fact get together, twelve years ago when she was 16 years old. Outside Gina reminds him of the son he knows that is his - Louis, and they arrange to see him at the Grange. Fletch tells Gina he will go in alone and is met by Angie, Lynda’s sister. Louis doesn't remember Fletch, and goes running to Angie's partner calling him daddy. Fletch takes it in his pride, leaving Louis' present with Angie, who can see how much it's hurting him.


Tommy is brought back to the Grange where he is introduced to his security guard, Bo. That night after a nightmare involving Shay, Tommy discusses with Bo what he can do so he won't have to rely on security guards from now on. Bo makes a hint that Shay could be taken care of, in a way that he won't be around to complain about it. The next day is Christmas day, and after learning that Dean has banned Shay from the club for life, Tommy hears that Juventus have pulled out of the deal due to Tommy's injury. Tommy is gutted and gets on the phone to Bo telling him he wants Shay dead. Fletch and Gina are invited to Christmas dinner at Curtis and Ryan's, where they are taken aback by Fletch's casual drinking and how he still considers himself to be a player in top form. Fletch gets offended and announces that he and Gina are leaving. Dean phones Shanice telling her that they misjudged the academy's finances and won't be able to take Byron. Shanice tells him she knows what this is really about and tells Byron they have to come clean about Fletch. Byron says he can't as he has already told the kids at school and they will bully him.


That night Byron turns up at Fletch and Gina's room, telling them he was kicked out of the academy. Fletch is unsympathetic and berates Byron telling him he is a liar and so is his mom. Byron runs out upset and Gina walks out on Fletch, disgusted. Before the Boxing Day game, Shanice goes to Fletch and yells at him for how he was with her Ronnie, repeating that she doesn't want his money and will sign anything as long as it gets Byron back in the academy. Fletch agrees and asks whether Byron really is his, to which Shanice replies they'll never really know. When Don is unwelcoming to him, Fletch storms out and tells Dean he isn't signing, before phoning Gina to say they are going home. When Tommy sees Shay on the news he thinks the worst and tells Sofia what he's done. Sofia says she will handle it and they go to the control room to ask to zoom in on Shay's row. She and Tommy worry when they don't see Shay but seconds later he appears to their relief, alive at least. As they are about to leave, Byron bumps into Fletch and Gina, telling them he is back in the academy and everyone is talking about Fletch's return, and calls him dad. Fletch goes outside to Dean and signs his new contract for 6 grand a week.




·          Tommy V leaves to recuperate following this episode. He is back for his final episode in 340: Gamblers Ruin.


Best Known For: Celena Cherry was previously the lead vocalist of British R&B/pop girl group The Honeyz, achieving the bulk of their success from 1998-2000. Winston Ellis starred in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (2006) and it's 2007 follow up, "At World's End."


·          The Best: Fletch walking into reception and complaining how the colour of the walls is now beige, whilst the receptionist angrily tells him he can't smoke in here. Fletch and Louis’s reunion – really sad. Seeing Angie again and the link to Lynda whilst she’s off screen. Gina’s nickname of “Loser” for Fletch.


Quotes: Tommy (during his nightmare): "Jesus"  Shay: "Definitely not!".  Fletch (to Curtis and Ryan): "172 Premiership goals mate. Bosh!! I've been Karl Fletcher. You? You've all been a waste of time. Thank you and goodnight!".


·          Continuity: A lot. Gina telling Fletch it feels like she never left is a nice reference to her time as a teenager in Harchester (#167-168). Fletch and Shanice got together in August 1992 at a club called Destinys. He later tells Gina he was 21 that season (1992-93) and had just made the first team. Fletch says after Abi he just couldn't handle seeing Louis, and how Lynda had to dump him on her sister. We last saw Angie in #158 back in Season 3 (again). Although then it was put across that Angie was the older sister, here and on her returns in 357: Phoenix From The Flames and 363: What’s Bugging Her? it is logical that Angie is in between Lynda and Maxine, and this is supported by Alison King being born in 1973 and Pippa Nixon in 1980.


Additional Info: Jane Hewland did confirm on’s forum that Fletch was not Byron’s dad. Bo goes through his list of previous celebrity clients with Tommy, which include Lennox Lewis and both Kylie and Dannii Minogue. Harchester play their next Champions League match in February.


·          What Was The Score?: Lee scores against Derby, so we are left to believe Harchester win the game.


Soundtrack: Craig Armstrong: "Rise",  Deadly Avenger: "Blade" and "Lopez",  Embrace: "Someday",  Unkle: "Safe In Mind."


Screencaps from 8.11’s original broadcast on Sky One on 02/01/05.

Fletch and Gina meet his

supposed son

 Shanice won't be insulted in

 her own home



Louis doesn't remember Fletch

 Face to face with Shay again



Family resemblence?

 Fletch comes to accept Byron



The legend is on his way back!


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