Season 8 Episode 12

Episode 336


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 9th January 2005


Directed By

Clair Breton


GS: Byron Erobobo (Reice Weathers)  Shanice Erobobo (Celena Cherry)  Cindi Marshall (Jessica-Jane Clement) (uncredited)



As Fletch introduces Byron to the press as his son, Don makes it clear to Dean that he won't be selecting Fletch for his next team sheet. When Fletch announces he will be having a celebration at Studs that night for his return, Jodie tells Don that if Fletch really is as crap as he thinks then why not just play him to show everyone so, which gives Don an idea. At the party, Don announces that he will be building his entire team around Fletch for Saturday. Gina seems to be the only one impressed and loudly cheers whilst Viv and Curtis sit in anguish at the decision. Viv realises that Barker wants Fletch to screw up so they will lose the FA Cup 3rd round, as Don only cares about being promoted.



Lee goes out to his car to find Byron sitting in the drivers' seat, saying he thought it was Fletch's car. The two get talking and Byron manages to get Lee to drive him home where he invites him inside to play ‘Football Manager 2005’ which actually features Lee. Shanice arrives home from work and when introduced there is immediately a spark between her and Lee. Viv and Curtis attempt to get Fletch ready for the match, and go and collect Byron who pretends he has told Shanice where he is going. The three then go to the Grange to pick up Fletch, and after much persuasion he agrees to come running with them. When Shanice learns Viv has gone off with Ronnie, she and Lee drive around until they find Byron at the canal where Shanice gives Fletch a shrill lecture on how nobody told her where her son was. Shanice allows Lee to drive her and Byron home, but when they get there we are subjected to one of the most cringe-worthy scenes in DT history. Shanice sends Byron to his room before snapping at Lee for thinking he could manage her son better than her. He's doing a good enough job so far!


Fletch is fretting about the game, unsure whether he is going to be able to pull it off, and tells Gina he is going to get stuffed worse than he has ever been in his life. OK, there is a LOT worse that has happened to him. Shanice finds Byron sitting on the stairs and apologises for their argument earlier (quite rightly so viewerwise!). She tells him that Fletch isn't his father and it's worrying her Byron pretending he is. Shanice tells Byron that footballers will be gone in five minutes as soon as someone more interesting comes along. Other way around Shanice! Lee returns to the flat to ask Shanice if she'd like to go out with him sometime but Shanice plays the martyr and declines, making out that her miserable life with Ronnie is more important. Poor Shanice! More like poor Lee stuck in this woeful storyline with her! Sorry, being a male bitch with this episode. The night before the game, Fletch takes Lee down to London to take his mind off Shanice, but also to get himself dropped from the game tomorrow by getting Lee drunk. They go to a club where Fletch knows all the girls, including Cindi Marshall in an extra appearance. All of the woman are all over Fletch who seems to have forgotten all about Gina.


Fletch and Lee spend the night in a London hotel where the two main girls, Kitty and Amara sneak out with Lee's comps that he intended for Byron and Shanice. When they arrive back at the club, Don drops Lee only. Fletch takes him into the showers where Don tells him that he doesn't want to win today, and he wants everyone to see how he sees Fletch - finished. Fletch shaves off his beard and asks Dean to try and get him out of playing by talking to Barker. Dean tries to tell Don that he can't play Fletch but Don tells him the team sheet has already gone through so there is nothing Dean can do. Shanice brings Byron to watch the game and spots Lee coming out of the lift, having been dropped. Lee manages to talk Shanice round into going out with him by convincing her he isn't like the others. Shanice and Lee share their first snog but the illusion is shattered when Amara and pal Kitty show up. Shanice is disgusted and tells Lee to stay away from her and her son. Harchester get a free kick when Sully is taken down and as Curtis steps up to take it, Fletch ducks in front and shoots to score, winning the game.




·          The Best: Shanice's reaction when Lee refers to Fletch as Byron's dad, before she clicks. Fletch scoring at the episode’s end, showing that he’s still got it.


Logic: When Gina massages Fletch's back she asks don't they have physio's for this sort of thing. Not where Holly is concerned.


·          Quotes: Fletch (to Lee on Shanice): "What are you doing driving her around?"  Lee: "Mate she was worried"  Fletch: "So she calls you? What you doing? Sleeping with her?!".


Foreshadowing: Viv says he should have predicted Don’s plot against Fletch (338: Playing God and onwards).


·          Continuity: As Sky Sports News reports on Fletch's return, we see scenes from the FA Cup Win in #140 and from his testimonial in 294: Long Live The King. Also on Don's radio it is reported that the Harchester FA Cup win was in 1998 when really it was the 1998-99 season. Lee is still living alone at No.23 (which we stopped seeing after 327: Last Exit To Harchester) and tells Shanice that he was seeing someone but she left him, rather than he actually let Nikki get away. He tells Shanice she's done a lot more for Byron than his mother ever did for him. Kevin Keatings says Harchester were finalists in the FA Cup two years ago but were banned from the final.


Additional Info: The video Don purchases from the club shop is called Karl Fletcher: Super Dragon. Jessica-Jane Clement makes a fleeting appearance in the nightclub with Fletch and Lee. She becomes a regular as Cindi Marshall from 364: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire onwards. On the writing side of things, this is acclaimed writer Tom Rob Smith's first episode for DT, which he wrote for during Season 8. Jim Alexander’s “Coming soon, on Dream Team” is used for the preview of the next episode. Possibly a wink from the dubbing editors to the viewers, or just a silly mistake. Who knows?


·          What Was The Score?: Fletch saves Harchester's place in the 3rd Round FA Cup with a 1-0 win against Man City.


Soundtrack: Blur: "Parklife",  Dope Smugglaz: "The Word",  Embrace: "Spell It Out",  Faithless: "We Come 1", Goldfrapp: "Train",  Maroon 5: "Tangled", The Hives: "Walk Idiot Walk.”


Screencaps from 8.12’s original broadcast on Sky One on 09/01/05.

Settled back into 'Number 11'

 The crowd present at 'Fletch




Viv has plans for 'Fatboy Fletch'

 Miss Marshall in the corner



Fletch loses the beard (good!)

 Shanice or Kitty & Amara?




Still got it!

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