Season 8 Episode 13

Episode 337


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 16th January 2005


Directed By

Marcus D F White


GS: Paramedic [Frank’s Lover] (Craig Russell)


As Fletch and the lads celebrate his winning goal, Frank says he wants to be fresh for training for the upcoming Plymouth game and leaves alone. Curtis is taking Gina and a tipsy Fletch home when they spot Frank's car in a lay-by and Curtis gets out to see if he is OK. He opens the side door and is shocked to see another man performing a sex act on Frank, who is equally horrified at seeing Curtis standing there. Curtis runs back to his car and drives off at speed, whilst Frank throws money at the man and yells at him that this did not happen. At the Barrons, Frank frantically tries to tell Curtis that the man was a hitchhiker who jumped him but Curtis is not prepared to listen and sends Frank home. At the Grange, Gina is determined to keep Fletch fit after his win and informs him of the run they are going on in the morning.



Fletch and Gina are out themselves when Frank comes along and gets teased by Fletch for having someone in the car last night. Frank is shocked but Fletch thinks it was a woman. At training, Don tells Fletch he will be on his team sheet - for the reserves. In the tunnel Frank again tries to tell Curtis it wasn't what he thought but Curtis knows what he saw, and it begins to get rough between these two (not in that way!). Don comes out and demands to know what's going on, but Frank denies anything. He then goes up to Dean and tells him he wants a transfer, insistent that he wants out. When Fletch tells Gina that Don hasn't selected him for the right game, she goes to the club to see him. Gina tells Don that she knows Fletch and he digs his heels in because he’s proud. Don tells her that he can't afford to take a wild card with this game, but tells Gina he thinks she’d be superb as the new team co-ordinator and to think about it. Afterwards Dean asks Don what is going on with Frank wanting a transfer, with Don going to Frank and making him promise not to go public with this until they've had time to talk. Fletch is shocked to learn Gina is possibly going to work for the club. The two argue and Gina tells Karl that she's going to accept Don's offer, and Fletch knows she’ll miss his birthday on Saturday.


Don asks Jodie if she knew about Frank putting in for a transfer, to which she replies yes but Don knows she's lying. After he goes, Jodie tells Frank that the transfer will be good as she can't live in her dad's shadow forever. On the day of the game(s) Don introduces Gina as new team co-ordinator as Fletch spends his birthday with a bunch of kids in the reserve team. Don takes Curtis aside and tells him of Frank's plans and how there is a rep from Portsmouth here to see him. He then tells Curtis he will have to make Frank an offer to stay that he isn't going to like – before announcing to the team that Frank will be captaining the game today to Curtis' shock. Fletch meanwhile is struggling even against the reserves and Andy takes him off early. He goes into the dressing room and pulls out a bottle of martini which he pours into a drinking flask. Back at the Lair, Sofia tells Dean that Portsmouth want Frank and are offering £2M. She asks him to speak to Don, but Dean is more interested in sharing a drink with her and is disappointed when she leaves. In the tunnel as the players are about to begin their second half, a paramedic comes by and Frank is stunned to see it is the man he had the encounter with in his car! Frank is determined to speak to the man but Don will not sub him, so Frank goes out and gets himself sent off with a red card to Don's fury.


Frank drags the man into the physio room where the man tells him he isn't a blackmailer and is just there to do his job. He promises he won't say anything and gives Frank his money back. When Fletch arrives back to find Gina hasn’t waited for him, he diverts a hapless taxi driver away from his vehicle and hops in the drivers' seat, speeding off with Lee. The police catch up with them and Fletch is arrested for drink driving. After pressuring Curtis into telling him the truth about Frank, Don tells Dean to proceed with Portsmouth's offer. Viv goes to collect Lee and Fletch from the prison. He takes them back to the flat above Studs where he hangs Fletch out of the window for dragging Lee down with him. Viv lets go and Fletch falls from a height onto a pile of binbags. Lee rushes down to see if Fletch is OK and Viv grabs hold of him, saying he is moving in with him in order for Viv to keep an eye on him. Don goes round to Frank's where he beats him to a bloody mess and tells him he is sold to Portsmouth, adding that he will keep his mouth shut because he has Jodie to protect, and tells Frank that if he ever goes near her again he will tell the world and Frank will be finished.



  • The Best: Morrissey the youth-teamer telling Fletch that his father is not much older than him, as they set off to play on the same team! The massive contrast between the turnout at the reserve team game and the home game against Plymouth.

Quotes: Fletch to Gina (on Don): "That bastard!"  Gina: "Oh which one now?".  And when they get onto the subject of past team co-ordinators’ at the club; Fletch: "I don't know why they bother. They always seem to employ some daft blonde who's shagging one of the players!".  Jodie to Frank: "You know you need an agent. That Sofia Moxham's a bitch but she is good".  Viv (upon learning of Gina's new position): "He can have as many of Fletch's girlfriends on board as he likes as long as that fat clown's not with them".

  • Continuity: Gina again makes several references to Eddie without actually mentioning his name; telling Don she has been around footballers her whole life. And when Fletch tells her she'll be working weekends, she reminds him her family were footballers and in her world everyone works weekends. Gina also reminds Fletch that his wife (Abi) worked for the club.

Additional Info: Fletch asks Gina if she's ten years younger than he is to which she replies that it's twelve and will be thirteen on Saturday when he turns thirty-three. Fletch was born in January 1972, making him nearly four years older than Terry Kiely, who is believed to have been born in September 1975. The team are set to go top of the league on Saturday if they beat Plymouth, which they do. Don tells Curtis he has known Frank for nine years.

  • What Was The Score?: The final score of the game is 3-2 to Harchester after two goals from Lee and one from Danny Mills.

Soundtrack: Deadly Avenger: "Blade", "Deep Red" & "Lopez",  Kings Of Leon: "Pistol Of Fire",  The Chemical Brothers: "Galaxy Bounce", Zero 7: "Destiny.”


Screencaps from 8.13’s original broadcast on Sky One on 16/01/05.

Alexander! Stop looking!

 Gina's perfect for the job...



...But Viv isn't so sure!

 Taken off for a kid?!



Just hanging around!

 You're Portsmouth's problem!



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