Season 8 Episode 14

Episode 338


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 23rd January 2005


Directed By

Riita Leena-Lynn


GS: Shanice Erobobo (Celena Cherry)  Byron Erobobo (Reice Weathers)  Policeman (Dominic Coleman)



Jodie arrives home to find the living room a mess and all of Frank's clothes gone from their bedroom. Don arrives and Jodie has contacted the police, believing they have been burgled. Don tells Jodie that Frank is out of their lives and that he has been cheating on her. Don then tells Gina that Frank has left Jodie and asks her to go round and be with her. He then turns to Curtis and lets him know that he's still his captain on one condition: Jodie stays under the impression that Frank cheated on her with a woman and Curtis is to always back that up. Jodie asks Gina if she could help her find Frank as she's team co-ordinator. Gina reminds her that her dad wouldn’t like that but Jodie begs her to.


Lee moves his things into Studs and over dinner Viv gets onto the subject of Lee settling down as it would make his focus on football better. He asks if there's anyone he likes and Lee sheepishly tells him of the woeful Shanice. The next morning at training Don tells the team that Fletch is off to a fitness centre for the next few weeks by his own request, and adds that Frank is on his way to Portsmouth so they won't be seeing him again at the club. When the team learn that Lee has moved in with Viv they decide to check his home out. Gina tracks down Frank and tells Jodie he is in Portsmouth. She travels down there where Frank is in a meeting with Sofia and the Portsmouth reps. Jodie barges into the conference room and attacks Frank until he makes up an excuse as he goes along – that he is in love with a model called Laura and wants a divorce from Jodie. At Studs, Ammo finds a strange room and calls the boys in. The boys enter to find a highly dedicated and detailed wall of all the games Harchester are due to play, have played and how they will play them, with Viv predicting the final result. The boys are stunned, if not a little spooked. Viv meanwhile is at the hospital, inviting Shanice to a party at Studs and says he will be baby-sit Byron for her.


The lads are still studying Viv’s wall when he arrives back and catches them. He goes over to the whiteboard and changes the score to 1-2 for the Reading game for the next day, as Stone has now gone and the score won’t change unless Lee ups his game. When Gina informs Jodie of how they came across Frank's car in the lay-by, Jodie goes to Curtis and asks trick questions to learn what went on. Ryan the master of deception saves Curtis' arse by suggesting there is more than one woman and the lay-by thing makes it sound like Frank is going with prostitutes, to Jodie's horror. Shanice arrives for her unknown date with Lee, and whilst at first shocked, decides to give him a chance. Byron helps Viv with his wall and they get onto the subject of Viv being married and how Chelsea went away. Lee drives Shanice and Byron home never to be seen again, and Viv changes the number of tomorrow's game back to 2-2. At the Barrons (some real drama at last) Jodie is burning possessions of hers and Frank's. When Don comes in and says the neighbours are threatening to phone the fire brigade, Jodie explodes at Don calling him a bastard and saying he knew about Frank and did nothing. Don calms Jodie down and says he will stay at the house that night and she can join him at the game tomorrow.


Sofia puts a stop to Frank's transfer as she knows this isn't what he wants, and it would destroy her relationship with the Portsmouth manager as an agent. After the game Jodie heads home alone, and Frank comes in behind her to tell her it's over with "Laura", and how he should never have let Don make him leave because he loves her. To prove he really can predict these things, Viv takes the team back to the wall to show he had the right score in the end. Danny receives a call from Kim saying she has gone into labour and Viv says he'll drive him to the hospital. A furious Don arrives at Jodie's to find Frank's car. He bursts into the bedroom and kicks the bed waking Frank and Jodie up! Don fetches Curtis and when he admits he did see Frank with a man, the truth hits Jodie. Kim has given birth to a boy and a girl, as Viv predicted. Viv goes home and decides he has to call Chelsea. At the Stones', Jodie is packing and tells Frank she is going away for a while as Curtis doesn't lie. Frank is still insistent that he isn't gay, but lets slip to Jodie that there have been other times and getting caught by Curtis wasn't the first. Jodie tells Frank not to call or follow her, and he sobs as her taxi pulls away.




·          Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty takes time away from DT at this point to star in Panto. She returns to the series in 344: The Attack.


The Best: Millsey referring to Chopin as "Choppin'”. Sofia appears pleased to learn that Jodie will not be accompanying Frank to Portsmouth. Frank wandering around the town before breaking down and crying by the ferry port. The metal dustbin outside Jodie's still smouldering from the previous night’s burning. Jodie siding with Frank in the face of Curtis’ allegation, in order to save face in front of her father.


·          Logic: Lee telling Shanice it wasn't long ago he lived in a council house - when it was only a day ago in fact.


Quotes: Sofia (to Jodie): "Can't this wait?"  Jodie: "Was it you?"  Sofia: "Don't be ridiculous" Jodie: "Then back out of my marriage bitch!". Jodie (when Don tells her Frank has been having sex with men): "Dad! Don’t be ridiculous, what do you think has just happened here!".


·          Continuity: Viv thinks of Chelsea and we flashback to 308: Swimming With Sharks and 319: In His Hands.


Additional Info: Gina has inherited Nikki and Grace's old tanned PVC coat, which could be a part of the team co-ordinator's uniform. Jodie has been up all night looking for Frank and has phoned his mates in Wigan and his parents. Shanice works in the radiology department at the Birmingham and Harchester hospital. This is the first mention we get that Sully has a wife and is pregnant with twins.


·          What Was The Score?: Two goals from Lee draw the game 2-2, again as Viv predicted.


Soundtrack: Snow Patrol: "How To Be Dead" and "Same."


Screencaps from 8.14’s original broadcast on Sky One on 23/01/05.

Frank is forced to lie to Jodie

 Gina shares her suspicions



Has Sofia the hots for Frank?

 Sully at the birth of his twins



Viv makes contact with Chelsea

 Jodie departs (for now)


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