Season 8 Episode 15

Episode 339


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 30th January 2005


Directed By

Colm McCarthy


GS: Lilia Saminyov (Sally Tatum)  Keeley West (Ruth Higham)


Don is annoyed to learn that Curtis is off to Charlton, and after being told how the trust between a manager and his captain has been lost following Stonegate II, Don pretends to wish Curtis well but is secretly gutted to have lost him. Outside, a fax comes through from Charlton saying they need Curtis to take a second blood test for them after a discrepancy on their behalf, and Don sees his chance to stop Curtis leaving. Don goes to Harchester's Club Rosey and meets with Clyde’s Keeley, but when she learns he wants a spiking of Curtis' drink to be caught on camera (so Don can come to the rescue after the transfer window has closed), she refuses as she has just been made manager of the place. He asks if she knows anyone that needs five grand and she points out a waitress, Lilia, whom she was going to let go anyway.


The team arrive and Keeley sets Lilia in place ordering drinks. When Curtis is finally persuaded into having a beer, Lilia knows her signal and at the bar slips cocaine into his drink. As she brings it over, Don makes his exit, and Viv picks up the glass she has marked as being the one meant for Curtis. She snatches it back and it spills down Viv. She says she will get him a t-shirt but not before making sure Curtis takes the right drink. In the back room Keeley asks whether it’s done and Lilia replies it is, before Viv comes behind her. Lilia finds Viv the manliest t-shirt she can find, which leads to Ryan and Lee making Little Britain Only-Gay character jeers at him. The drugs begin to take effect on Curtis and he picks a fight with Frank over his secret bisexuality. Frank flips and pounces on Curtis (again, not like that!) until the team have to pull them apart. Viv spots Lilia leaving and she tells him she was fired thanks to his friends. Outside Frank finds Curtis lying at the bottom of the steps and is about to leave him after the trouble he caused, but knows he cannot do that and helps him up. The taxi takes Viv back to Studs but to his surprise Lilia gets out, wanting to stay with him. Lilia wanders into Viv's wall room and he awkwardly explains its meaning to her. When Lilia moves in to kiss him, Viv hesitates but gets it right the second time and she spends the night.


The next morning Sofia tells Curtis that Charlton need him to do the second medical after a test tube was dropped on the floor. Curtis feels a wreck after the night before but Sofia reminds him there's only five days of the transfer window left and another player will get this deal. Curtis is later stunned to learn that the new medical showed he had class A drugs in his system. When Dean sounds like he is doubting whether Curtis would've taken drugs, he flips and pins Deano against the wall accusing him of setting him up like before. Don calms Curtis down and gives his “opinion” on what must have happened - that someone saw a bunch of rich footballers and decided to spike one of them in order to steal their wallet. Lilia is flicking through the channels when she comes across Curtis and Don on Sky Sports News, discussing how the club is fully backing Curtis and how Don is offering a reward for anyone who was at the nightclub to come forward if they saw anything. Lilia realises what went on with Don and Keeley and how she is now implicated in it. Lilia goes to the club where she is lucky enough to get into the back room alone, and swipes all of the security tapes. When Keeley and Don go to collect the tape showing Lilia spiking Curtis, they discover it and all the others gone. Don panics and realises that the Football League will ban Curtis unless he can clear him with the tape.


When Lilia is alone at Studs she sneaks into Lee's room and uses his camera to view the tape. Dean tells the team that Eli has asked the board to consider sacking Curtis for breach of contract. Don tells him he doesn't accept that and adds that Eli can sack him as well then. Lee arrives back and catches Lilia with his camera and accuses her of thieving. Viv manages to calm the situation but Lee takes the camera back with the incriminating tape inside. When Lilia goes searching for the camera she discovers that Lee has taken it with him, as the team will be making a video to show their support for Curtis. When Don overhears an argument between Viv and Lee over Lilia he realises that she must have the tapes and goes to Studs. When Ryan remembers that Lee was recording at the club that night, they check the tape that is already in the camera and find the CCTV footage of Lilia spiking Curtis. Viv and Lee dash back to Studs and find Don lying on the floor, having been knocked unconscious by Lilia who has done a runner. Viv goes into overdrive about how Don's injury will affect the team and his own game, putting his mental health in jeopardy yet again. Curtis visits Don in hospital and now thinking he has supposedly saved his career, Curtis agrees to stay in Harchester and agrees he can learn to trust Don again.




·          The Best: Lilia's story of how her father played football for a small village team south of Lithuania and how when she was ten her mother left him after an affair he had. A desperate Viv doing everything to keep Lilia in his life. Ryan reminding Curtis how he has been injured for nearly nine months, so what is “his God” punishing him for, and the look Curtis gives Ryan to remind him of everything he's done.


Logic: If Lilia is really only turned by Don and Keeley's plot then why does she tell Viv that she cannot pay for a taxi - after she has just been handed a large sum by Keeley to leave quietly? Maybe Lee was right about her.


·          Quotes: Lee (whilst filming Curtis and Frank's brawl): "Ah brilliant! Fight Club the sequel!”. Don (after giving the heavily hung-over team an ear-bashing over the fight last night): "This dressing room smells worse than a bloody brewery!", and to Lilia: "Open the door Leela!".


Continuity: Frank pulling out the photo of Curtis with Grace is a nice touch. Sofia tells Curtis she had a tip-off from someone at Player Power.


·          Additional Info: From this episode onwards, DT was sponsored by the new Nissan Murano. Curtis tells Ryan that he's 30 now and if he is banned for a couple of years he can't come back at 32.


The Homophobia Card: Curtis' homophobic behaviour continues and he (quite shockingly) calls Frank a fagot. Frank rightly takes Curtis up on the fact that he calls himself a Christian and still behaves like that, after Curtis has vomited over his carpet.


·          Soundtrack: Copyright: "Bonus Track",  Fatboy Slim: "Jin Go Lo Ba” and "Wonderful Night",  Goldfrapp: "Slippage",  Sigur Ros: "Track 3",  Submental: "The Journey.”


Screencaps from 8.15’s original broadcast on Sky One on 30/01/05.

Don schemes with Keeley again

 These two at it again!



Curtis takes it out on Dean

 Don comes looking for Lilia



Lilia condemned on tape

 Don comes out squeaky clean



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