Season 8 Episode 16

Episode 340


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 6th February 2005


Directed By

Sean Glynn


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Naomi Wyatt (Rebecca Loos)  Nicolai Kulikov (Robert Cambrinus)


During a post-match press conference, Viv gives a scathing view on how the game was just played and how he can predict future results, which do not make for good reading. Eli sees this and goes down to the dressing room where he lets Viv know he thinks his predictions are “bollocks.” Viv takes Eli back to the wall where he shows him how they will lose 2-0 in their next game against Leeds. Eli refuses to believe and asks Viv for one night to prove him wrong - with a game of Blackjack. Eli introduces Viv to Nicolai Kulikov, the owner of Spartak Moscow, and he and Nicolai make a bet to split the deck with the highest card winning either Alexandro Romerez for Harchester whilst Spartak would get Tommy, and the other ending up with nothing. Nicolai gets the Ace of Diamonds - thus winning Tommy to Viv's horror.



Viv is sent into overdrive and begins obsessing over the Leeds game. He hears someone come in, and assuming it’s Lee goes out to tell him not to be disturbed, but instead finds Chelsea back. Viv yells at her for sleeping with one of his team mates and then orders her out as he doesn't want to see her right now. Lee arrives home and carefully questions Viv as to whether Chelsea confirmed she was seeing Clyde, and Viv says she did. The next morning Lee calls the boys to a meeting in the Players' Lounge where he informs them that Chelsea is back. When Ryan shows interest the boys rightfully warn him to stay away or else. Sofia realises that Chelsea (the team) are not aware of Eli’s bet and phones Peter Kenyan, who ups Chelsea's price for Tommy from £7M to £20M. Dean pleads with Eli to let the bet go and Eli reminds him that his word has always been his fortune. Nicolai speaks with Kenyan and says £20M is a ridiculous price for a player he's been trying to offload since the summer, and offers him £13M which Kenyan accepts. After a meeting with Eli and Nicolai, Tommy tells Sofia he has signed the contract and they are rich beyond their wildest dreams. Sofia is shocked as she didn't think it was about the money and Tommy wanted to stay.


Viv meets Chelsea at the canal where he asks her why Clyde and (to trick the audience) Chelsea looks shocked before going along with it saying she didn't love Clyde. Viv reminds her that she left him for someone she didn't even love and because of it he killed himself. Chelsea says Viv needs to talk to someone, as he isn't seeing Dr. Newton anymore. Viv says she's onto something there but he will go alone. Viv meets with Naomi Wyatt, his old team psychologist from Middlesbrough. She tells him as a friend that he needs to stop trying to control everything as life isn't predictable, but can see he is really troubled. Tommy and Sofia toast to his new contract, but Sofia is miserable knowing that she is losing him. The two return to the Grange pissed and when he walks her to her door, Sofia kisses him and they spend the night together. The next morning Tommy lets Sofia know he feels weird about what has happened between them, and she starts to realise she is now where all of Tommy’s other lovers have been. Naomi visits Dean at the club and Dean has no idea Chelsea is supposedly back - so much for the team being his mates. When Viv arrives Naomi tells him she came as a friend. At that time, Tommy, Sofia, Eli and Nicolai exit the boardroom having completed Tommy's registration.


Sofia realises how much her relationship with Tommy has changed when he makes it clear he only wants her out in Russia for a bit. When Ryan overhears Viv telling Curtis how he got rid of Chelsea last night, he leaves her a message asking her to get in touch. At the Grange Sofia tells Tommy that she always thought she was too special for him to sleep with, and now knows that's gone as she can see he's already trying to get rid of her like the others. Sofia says goodbye to Tommy and he walks away out of Harchester. After the game Eli goes into the dressing room and takes the moment to gloat at how Viv got it wrong. Viv gets back to Studs where Chelsea comes down the stairs and tells him he was wrong about the result and is wrong about turning his back on their marriage. Viv watches as Chelsea tears a note off his wall, and then together they pull the whole thing down as Lee arrives back and hears Viv laughing hysterically. Ryan meanwhile is getting an earful from Chelsea when she informs him she isn't even in the country and left town to get away from this sort of thing (obviously well aware of her "relationship" with Clyde now). Lee walks into the wall room and finds Viv alone, saying he and Chelsea have decided to give it another go. Lee is horrified as he realises Chelsea never returned and Viv is imagining her.




·          Last appearance of Tommy Valentine (Chris Brazier). From early 2008, he spends two years as regular character Ewan Murdoch in Scottish BBC1 soap "River City."


The Best: The Viv/Chelsea story throughout. The Tommy/Sofia story and the end of Tommy. Viv refusing to see Tommy as a member of the team (although he could ‘see’ Chelsea). Naomi putting Eli in his place, as “gambling is entirely predictable, and if you play long enough you lose everything” i.e Gambler's ruin. Then asking Eli whether he got rich making the bets or taking them which leaves all but Eli smug all round. Shame Viv didn’t give him a bloody nose when Eli taunted him in the dressing room too.


·          Continuity: Tommy is excited for this fresh start after everything at Chelsea, then Clyde and the stabbing. Naomi reminds Viv that she was his team psychologist until he bit someone's nose off and hasn't worked in football since. This happened three months before 307: Baptism Of Fire when we were told Viv had been out of the game following this incident. Dean mentions to Naomi the trouble they had with Viv last year [319: In His Hands and 320: Chelsea Away].


Additional Info: Without Tommy Don gives 16-year-old David Morrissey (seen playing in the reserves with Fletch in 337: The Man Who Knew Too Much) his debut. As he searches for Chelsea, Ryan asks the Grange to check for a Chelsea James, which was her maiden name.


·          Surprise!: Although I didn’t see it until the end, it all fitted how it wasn’t really Chelsea we were seeing. Telling Viv “I’m nothing without you” is something she would never say. A cracking twist.


What’s The Deal?: Eli, counting on Tommy's greed as a footballer to make him sign the contract with Spartak Moscow, tells Tommy that both he and Nicolai will pay him £50,000 a week. Nicolai adds that Tommy will receive a million pounds' signing on fee and will receive a million pounds' bonus if they win the Champions League next year. And on only a two-year deal he will make £10M over the next two years, £11M if they win the Champions League. Would somebody with Tommy’s morals turn that down?! Tommy tells Sofia that her commission (would be) £1.25M.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester play Cambridge in the 4th Round FA Cup tie. Lee's second goal (a header) wins the match 2-1 to Harchester. Harchester draw 1-1 with Leeds after a goal from Curtis.


Soundtrack: Femi Kuti: "Sorry Sorry (Old Skool Afro Dub/Francois K Mix)", Groove Armada: "Edge Hil",  Husky Rescue: "New Light Of Tomorrow", Organic Audio: "Always The Sun."


Screencaps from 8.16’s original broadcast on Sky One on 06/02/05.

Chelsea's back... or is she?

 Viv is cracking up



Tommy and Sof drink to his future

 Naomi gets one on Eli



Tommy moves on... alone

 Viv has well and truly cracked




Lee is worried for his best mate


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