Season 8 Episode 17

Episode 341


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 13th February 2005


Directed By

Graham Moore


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Naomi Wyatt (Rebecca Loos)  Shay Maguire (Mark Frost)  Darren Dyson (Andrew Brooke

Nathan Woods (Ike Hamilton)  Colin Driver (Gary Lammin)


A group of rebel fans led by Shay Maguire sit in the back of a van and await their signal from Barker. When it comes they drive into the ground and chain the doors to the club shut sealing the players inside. Calling themselves the Harchester Cultural Reformation Committee (HCRC), second in command Darren explains that this is a protest at Eli Knox's handling of club affairs, and how they expect him to find a suitable replacement for Tommy. The team watch from the Players' Lounge and when Viv goes to phone Chelsea, Lee tells them that Viv is seeing her when she isn't back. Ryan backs him up adding he's spoken to her and she's still in the Maldives where she's been for the last three months.



Eli tells Dean he is not bringing anyone new in, and says there's no more money and no more players. Dean goes outside to try and reason with Shay and Darren. Don phones Shay and tells him to accept Dean's offer to negotiate with the fans. Viv tells the boys he can't get through to Chelsea, and says he's going to go and hurt whoever is responsible for keeping them locked up (like he’s forgotten what Shay did to Tommy). In an attempt to stop him, Lee says he has Chelsea on his phone and hands it to Viv. When Viv sees that Chelsea is not on the other end, he angrily questions Lee before beginning to smash up the Players' Lounge. Alex O'Brien goes to get Dean and when told to just find Chelsea, O.B adds that there is no Chelsea and Viv has been imagining her. Naomi arrives and manages to calm Viv down before telling Dean that Viv is going to need some time out. Sofia arrives and says she got in by telling the fans she was there to get them a new player (but not before showing a bit of leg). Gina says she's spoken to the FA and they've agreed to postpone the game until Wednesday. Dean believes he's found the way to get them out - by duping the fans into believing they are about to sign a player, say the West Ham striker Reo-Coker even though they cannot really buy him, just as long as the fans do not know that. Once out, Naomi assures Lee that Viv needs him around in order to recover from his breakdown.


Dean and Sofia arrive at West Ham United, and when Colin Driver asks how much they are willing to offer for Reo-Coker, Dean replies £100,000 to which Colin finds hysterical. Dean and Sofia leave to the waiting press where they put it across that they offered an attractive package to Reo-Coker but with the current fans protest he has been put off from coming. Don tells Shay and Darren that they can call off the siege now and let the players out. Don later receives a call from an irate Colin and learns how much Dean really offered for Reo-Coker. Realising that Dean has pretended to buy a player, Don ups the bid to £2M. The next morning Gina tells Dean that West Ham have accepted their offer to his shock. Don comes in and says he upped the bid as he assumed the £100,000 offer was a mistake. When Viv turns up for training, Naomi takes him into the physio room where she calls Chelsea. The real Chelsea tells Viv that she's sorry to hear what he's going through, but has started divorce proceedings against him. Chelsea adds that she hopes he gets better and forgets about her but she has to look out for herself now. Viv breaks down crying in front of Naomi who comforts him. The fans take their protest to outside Eli's headquarters, where they throw purple paint over two of his random pink-ladies (unfortunate that they happen to miss Eli in one of his Batman villain-style suits).


Eli goes on television and says that if the team win their next game they will travel to Manchester United and have a gate-receipt of £500,000 which Don can spend on a new player. On the day of the game, Don goes to Gina and asks her to phone Karl to ask him to return for the match. Fletch takes the opportunity to gloat at Don's request and refuses after the way he has treated him. Don then tries with Ryan but Bobby Armit tells him that Ryan is not ready. Andy then comes in and gives Don more bad news - Alex Lawler has injured his knee so he has sent for Nathan Woods, the under-19's goalkeeper. After Nathan's nerves get the better of him and he vomits loudly in the toilets, a desperate Don goes to fetch Viv to play in the game. Naomi berates Dean after learning that Viv is playing, and at half time in the dressing room Viv begins to hallucinate seeing Clyde winking at him and freaks out before kicking Lee in the leg. Viv goes in for more and the team have to hold him down whilst Bobby and Don see to an injured Presley. Nathan is put on for the second half and it isn't long before Southampton score. Viv is sedated in the physio room with a disgusted Naomi by his side. Trouble breaks out after a second goal leaves Harchester 2-0 down to Southampton and rioting breaks out both inside and out of the Lair.




·          Last appearance of Chelsea Wright (Karen Ferrari).


Best Known For: Rebecca Loos shot to fame in April 2004 after an alleged affair with England footballer David Beckham whilst she was employed as his P.A. It was later revealed that British based American supermodel Caprice and actress/TV presenter Donna Air had also auditioned for the role of Naomi. It was a shame other roles weren’t allocated to them to be honest, it would have been good to see both in DT. Ike Hamilton appeared in “Family Affairs” as Darren Scott from 2001-2003 and was in the film "The Boat That Rocked" (2009).


·          The Best: The HCRC erecting a dummy of Eli and hanging it from the fence. Viv asking Ammo to go tell Chelsea that he loves her before laughing at the look on his face. Viv’s half time freak out with Clyde, the scene featuring Tim Smith having been filmed before his departure.


Quotes: Viv (to Don): "It ain't easy finding out the bird you've been shacked up with for a week ain't real!".


·          Continuity: Shay takes the name of Rothman after Alan Rothman whilst Darren is Doyle after Patrick Doyle. How odd that a lifelong Dragon’s fan chose to take the name of the manager who did all he could to bring down the club. Naomi reminds Dean that they wouldn’t want another Clyde Connelly on their hands in regard to Viv’s mental state. Viv and Lee play Fifa Football, with Lee as himself whilst Viv plays as Davenport.


Additional Info: Three of Eli's four gambling sites were jammed after a spamming campaign said to be costing him up to a million pounds a day. Although we’ve seen off the unpopular Shanice and Byron, Lee is continuing a relationship with Shanice off screen (that’s the Danny Rawsthorne kiss-of-death of a teenaged player getting involved with a mother and son then!)


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester face Southampton in the 5th Round of the FA Cup. They are losing 2-0 at the episodes close.


Soundtrack: Air: "Alone In Kyoto" & "Sex Born Poison",  Fat Boy Slim: "Right Here, Right Now",  Foo Fighters: "All My Life",  Kaiser Chiefs: "I Predict A Riot",  Rhythm of the Loose: "Break of Dawn",  Stone Roses: "Love Spreads",  The Dandy Warhols: "Heavenly.”


·          Behind The Scenes: The (hastily cut and pasted) scenes of the fans rioting at the episodes’ end was footage from the troubles outside The Den after a match in May 2002.


Screencaps from 8.17’s original broadcast on Sky One on 13/02/05.

"How much?!!"

 The real Chelsea comes, the

 real Chelsea goes!



Viv's world comes crashing down

 Knoxette's get the Noel's

 House Party treatment!



Barker can kiss Fletch's a*se!

 Nathan's nerves get the better

 of him



Viv takes Lee out of the game


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