Season 8 Episode 19

Episode 343


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 27th February 2005


Directed By

Riita-Leena Lynn


GS: Nathan Woods (Ike Hamilton)  Keith Edwards (Robert Harrison)  William Marquess (Carl McCrystal)  UEFA Spokesperson (Tom Magdich) 

Lawyer (Ernesto Tomasini)  Italian Policeman (Federico Zanni)  UEFA Official (David Sant)  Rosemary Swift (Lucia Brodie)


After being told the match will not continue with the crowd trouble the way it is, Don goes into the dressing room and tells Andy to go out

to the pitch and collect as many of the items thrown as he can. When the cameras surround Don and Nathan, Don shows off the sharpened coin Nathan used and loudly states that if UEFA do not award Harchester the game they are basically condoning racism. Keith drags Marquess and the other rioters to a bar where he starts a brawl with a group of (real) Lazio fans, resulting in he and Marquess being arrested. The team fly back home and arrive at the Lair.



Fletch and Gina hug to also celebrate his homecoming but Don gets involved asking Gina to make sure Nathan gets a room next to his at the Grange. Once there, they see on the TV that players all over the country are showing their disgust at Nathan's treatment. Marquess calls Dean from the jail in Rome to tell him they've been arrested and need his help, so Dean gets on to finding them legal representation. Don has organised a press photo op - with the team wearing t-shirts emblazoned with 'Let's Kick Racism Out Of Football'. The press yell questions at Nathan until Don speaks up and once again voices that awarding the win to Harchester is the only honourable decision UEFA can make. Marquess and Keith are told by a lawyer hired by the club that the police are planning to charge them with affray. The interrogating policeman adds there's something else, and asks the two why they were carrying Harchester tickets but wearing Lazio colours. Marquess explains that the tickets were for the home crowd so they had to buy the Lazio kits to hide their true identities. The policeman then states that their seats were situated where all the trouble with the Lazio fans started and produces CCTV footage to back this up. At the club, Nathan is introduced to Rosemary Swift who is a researcher about to interview him about the events in Rome.


As the questions begin, Nathan struggles to give any answer, but is saved when UEFA's statement comes in. They say they have not reached a decision yet due to new information from Lazio that Harchester fans were involved in the abuse, and they intend to hold a full investigation into the matter. Nathan panics whilst the team are furious that their fans could be blamed for this. Dean calls Don to the toilets where Nathan is sobbing loudly. Don is forced to deal with it and offers Nathan his professional contract which soon lures him out. In Rome, the lawyer he appointed for Marquess and Keith contacts Dean, saying it would be best if he cut ties with trying to save the two, as a lot of damage could be done to the club if Dean is seen to be helping them. Don tells Dean they will call a press conference and cut Marquess and Keith loose. Sofia arrives to negotiate Nathan’s contract, and Nathan asks him whether he's getting this deal because of his football or the "other thing". Don tells him of course he would and that he's an exceptional talent. That night the press conference is held where Dean states if any Harchester fans are found to be involved in last night's events they will be taking the strongest possible action. Marquess and Keith see Dean on the TV and ask the policeman to tell them what he's saying. To goad them, the policeman says that Dean is saying the fans involved will receive a lifetime ban and be stopped from travelling abroad to any England games. Keith flips and tells the policeman he wants to make a statement.


At Studs, the team toasts to Nathan's professional contract. Curtis makes a speech on how he hopes the replays happen, because otherwise they will be seen as taking the easy route out over the racism, and Nathan starts to agree. In Rome, Marquess talks Keith out of telling all as it could get them both banned and the club thrown out of the Champions League. After Keith's statement of "We didn't do it", the policeman tells them they are on the next flight out of Italy. Nathan learns he will fly out to Geneva to meet with the UEFA board and tells the team he will say they do not want them to award them the game, but to play it fair and square otherwise the racists have won. Don is furious and yells at Nathan that he wrote his contract and he can rip it up. Don's frustration leads him to suffering pains in his side. Dean sits him down and tells him they can still win this on the pitch, and fate is the one magic ingredient Don has been missing. On his way to Geneva, Nathan crosses paths with Marquess and Keith who are just returning home. The players gather on the training pitch to hear UEFA's decision over the radio. It’s decided that the Lazio result will not stand and the game will now be played over one leg with the result of this game deciding who will proceed to the next stage. Don smashes the remote against the wall as Dean tells him that was the right result. Dean then says he's been quiet for too long - and that he's going to Eli and giving him both his and Don's resignations! Don tries to stop him but his pain flares up, and misses Dean as his taxi pulls away - with Marquess and Keith inside! Outside, Don collapses to the ground a la Tony Boyle as Gina comes to his side and yells for an ambulance.




·          Last appearance of Sofia Moxham (Lisa McAllister). It is not stated where she disappears to, but I think we are to believe she went back to Chelsea having come to Harchester with Tommy who is now gone.


The Best: The bundle of newspapers Curtis and Ryan bring to Nathan’s room (The Sun, Daily Mirror and The World) all covering the story of his abuse on their front pages. Trevor McDonald wanting to interview Nathan. Fletch and Ryan giggling when Don reminds them they are playing Millwall on Saturday - a nice in-joke to the Lair being The Den.


·          Quotes: Don (to Dean): "Christ don't pull a Nathan Woods on me son. One spineless whinger is quite enough!".  Fletch (to Gina): "I don't see too many life-size marking displays of ‘Gina Moliano team co-ordinator’ in the club shop, do you?!".


Foreshadowing: Fletch tells Gina that Nathan has done them a favour with his ordeal, as there was no other way the team would have gotten a

result – how unknowingly right he is.


·          Continuity: Curtis tells Nathan he knows what it feels like being the centre of media attention, and says when the club went bust last year it took him 48 hours to crash out. Marquess also refers to the club’s relegation last year (324: A Matter of Life and Death).


Additional Info: Although he can’t sign a professional contract until he turns 18, the club is willing to start paying Nathan the full amount straight away. The list of players wishing to contact Nathan, and given his mobile number to by Don includes Ashley Cole (whom Nathan speaks to directly) Thierry Henry, van Nistelrooy and Ledley King.


Screencaps from 8.19’s original broadcast on Sky One on 27/02/05.

Getting the story straight

 The pressure grows for Nathan



So long Soph!

 Hired Goons behind bars



Fletch's new mate

 Deano's in trouble!



...and so is Barker

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