Season 8 Episode 2

Episode 326


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 24th October 2004


Directed By

Mike Hurst


GS: Nelina Santos (Juliana Kiehl)



Whilst Tommy is lifting weights in the gym he dislocates his shoulder. He pops it back in himself but tells Sofia this is the third time it has happened. Although she is adamant he can't play in the Sporting Lisbon game Tommy is determined. Whilst rifling through the physio cupboard looking for painkillers Tommy is hit in the face with the door, and the person coming in introduces herself as Holly Jones, the trainee assistant physio starting today. After learning they won't have Lee for the game, Tommy tells Sofia if he doesn't play he'll lose his shop window. She tells him his injury could put him out until Christmas and begs him not to go, but Tommy boards the coach leaving Sofia behind.



Lee is shocked to learn that Jeff and Nikki have set up a meeting with a scout from Man United about him signing for them. When he gets annoyed and walks out, Nikki goes after him and tries to make him realise what a great opportunity this will be, telling Lee she thinks it's time to say goodbye to Harchester United. Lee is pressurised into telling Don he doesn't want to play and Jeff implies Man U are about to make a formal bid. Don asks to speak to Lee alone and tells him he could be Harchester United, before handing Lee a plane ticket for him to come out and watch them play. After the team fly out to Portugal, Holly suspects something is wrong when Tommy checks into a room by himself. She knows he cannot use his right arm and asks to examine him saying she won't tell anyone. She tells Tommy if he dislocates his shoulder again in the next two days he'll need a stabilising operation and says he needs to rest it completely and cannot train tomorrow.


The next day Tommy tries to tell Don that he doesn't think he can join them for training, to which Don suggests they go for a drive. Don takes Tommy fifteen miles from the hotel where he leaves him to make his own way back, as a punishment for not showing team sprit. Holly overhears Don gloating to Frank on how he left Tommy doing a fifteen mile run on the coast road, and when he isn't looking snatches his car keys. She brings Tommy back to the hotel where they are caught by Don and Jodie, and Don tells Holly she is fired. Meanwhile Jeff and Nikki learn that Lee has snuck off to Portugal and Nikki flies out to make sure he doesn't play. When she gets there she learns that Lee is training with the team, so Jeff phones Marcus the scout with a plan. Dean arrives at the training ground and tells Don that Man U have now made a formal bid for Lee, at 12 million, which Eli says they cannot turn down. Lee returns to the hotel where Nikki arrives at his room, and the sexual tension rises between them both. Knowing he cannot train with the team she offers to join him going sight-seeing but Lee tells her he just wants to be alone.


Lee wanders down to the beach where he is spotted by two Portuguese women who recognise him as a player. After playing volleyball with them Lee takes the main girl Nelina back to his room for a drink, and shortly afterwards her Alex Fletcher look-a-like mate arrives. They talk in their native Portuguese, Nelina telling the newcomer how Lee is already drunk and all they have to do is keep him up all night and tomorrow he’ll be useless. Tommy goes to Jodie and asks her to speak to her dad, but when Jodie is rude about Holly Tommy calls her a stupid cow, and is overheard by Frank, which ends in all of the team bar Viv being arrested. The Portuguese women discover Lee isn't playing tomorrow and angrily walk out on him, as Nikki arrives and ends up accidentally slapping, kissing, and then sleeping with Lee! The next day Holly, now with her job back thanks to Jodie, withholds Tommy’s passport as Don goes to bail the lads out of jail. Before the game Holly visits him and says this will give his shoulder the time it needs to recover. Don persuades Lee to play and he scores as Tommy sits on in his cell.




·          First episode for Holly Jones (Lamorna Watts).


The Best: The chemistry between Tommy and Holly is very nice. As are all of Nikki and Lee’s scenes, and their long-awaited getting off together. Jeff giving Nikki his agent signing pen, the one he bought with his first pay cheque and signed all of his best players with, including Lee. Lee being taken in by Nelina and her pal, and their disgust when they realise it was all for nothing. The team brawl with Tommy punching Alex O'Brien out, and ironically Viv not being at the centre of it. Jodie showing she does have a nice side although she doesn’t like to show it, with Holly at the end.


·          Quotes: Jodie stirring things for Holly: "She was giving him a lift. She probably tried to get into his knickers, if she hasn't already!"  then when Tommy attempts to get Holly’s job back for her: “Why bother? Trainee physio's are two-a-penny. All those slutty med-students desperate to get their hands on half naked footballers. I'm sure they'll be another one along in a minute. And she'll probably be better looking than that watched-out little blonde”.  Viv, as the players fight in the hotel lobby: "Nutters"  Holly: "Thought you loved this sort of thing?"  Viv: "Nah. Kids stuff!"  and when he walks in on Nikki wearing Lee’s bed sheet: “Nikki? But that's like doing it with your mom!".


Continuity: Lee says he was in prison this time last season.


·          Additional Info: Jeff walks past Sofia with Tommy at the beginning of the episode. This is probably how close he ever comes to meeting the fellow agent. Nikki tells Lee the team is being sold and shipped out after these two games. Don has left Clyde out for the Sporting Lisbon game. Another shout-out to fellow Hewland and Sky One produced drama “Mile High” is seen when the team fly out to Portugal with Fresh! Airlines. “Mile High” was airing episodes from its second 26-episode season during this time. The team stay at Hotel VIP Zurique in Lisbon. Jeff tells Nikki that van Nistelrooy is waiting to see if Lee joins before committing his future to Man U. Don says he has managed in the Ryman's League, the Vauxhall Conference, Third, Second and First Divisions.


What Was The Score?: Lee scores with the help of Curtis. See 327: Last Exit To Harchester for final result.


·          Soundtrack: Futureheads: "Carnival Kids",  Gisli: "TV=The Devil",  Quivver: "She Does",  Republica: "Ready To Go",  Rez: (Bonus Mix CD),  The Black Eyed Peas: "Latin Girls.”


Screencaps from 8.2’s original broadcast on Sky One on 24/10/04.

The new physio

 Sofia is worried for Tommy...



...but Barker isn't!

 What'd you call my wife?!



Lee and Nikki get it on

 Tommy behind bars



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