Season 8 Episode 20

Episode 344


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 6th March 2005


Directed By

Kate Robinson


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Nathan Woods (Ike Hamilton)  Dr. Garrett (Heather Bleasdale)  Dr. Raynor (Jonathan Tafler) 

Commentator (Gerry Armstrong)


Don wakes up in hospital to find Jodie at his bedside. He learns it is the day after he collapsed and Harchester are currently playing Millwall. The doctor tells Don he suffered an angina attack and Don remembers what Dean was about to do. Don is determined to get to him and discharges himself against Jodie and the doctor's advice. At the club Gina tells them nobody has seen Dean so she called the police, adding that there are three people from UEFA waiting and Don could deal with them in Dean's absence. The UEFA men have no idea why Dean called the meeting, and Don sees the police arrive. He and Gina are told that Dean has been beaten up and is in a coma.



As they come in from beating Millwall, Gina stops Frank and tells him of Jodie's return. Jodie and Frank go into the gym to discuss where they are heading. Jodie asks if they got back together would he still want to sleep with men and Frank is unable to answer, leaving Jodie heartbroken. Jodie tells Frank there are consequences for his actions, and after she had a full check-up learnt she is pregnant. Frank tells Jodie he can't let her abort their baby and has never wanted anything more than to be a father. Don visits Dean and asks the doctor if he will have any chance of remembering events before the attack. Dr. Raynor tells him that it's difficult to say although they are confident Dean will make a full recovery. The next day Don shows up to training to everyone's surprise. He tells them they are playing the same formation for Lazio as before, which Fletch is not happy about as he considers the way they played Millwall (without Barker) is the way forward. In the dressing room Frank defends Don's decisions to Fletch and Fletch susses that Frank is about to become a father. Frank tells Fletch not to say anything as Don doesn't know yet. That night Frank visits Jodie at her room and brings flowers. She agrees to have an orange juice with him but is distracted when Don turns up on a Sky Sports News phone-in.


Don takes questions from Harchester fans until a familiar sounding caller phones in. The caller reminds Don that Harchester won the Millwall game comfortably despite Don not managing that game, and Don realises it's Fletch and outs him on television. Fletch and Don get into a heated argument over Don's managerial decisions and ends with Fletch informing Don of Jodie’s pregnancy! Jodie is horrified Frank told Fletch and storms out as Don comes down the hall. A full-scale argument breaks out between the three, with Don accusing Frank of only wanting a kid “so people won't think he's queer.” Suddenly, Don collapses in pain and Frank and Jodie take him to the hospital. Gina witnesses this and goes upstairs telling Fletch what he has caused before slapping him. At the hospital Don tells Jodie if he'd just had his pills on him he would have been fine. Jodie apologises for everything saying this isn't how she imagined announcing her pregnancy and cries that she's so confused. Don asks her to let him sort it for her i.e. an abortion. The next morning Don tells Gina the appointment is booked as she will be taking Jodie to the clinic and back. The club gears up for the match against Lazio, and Don tells the team to put everything from the last few days out of their minds and focus on one thing: beating Lazio. At the Harchester Health Clinic, the receptionist is distracted by the game which makes it all the more uncomfortable when Jodie has to give her name. Following an unfortunate mistake by Lee, the referee gives a penalty to Lazio. Don is furious and is sent from the technical area as Lazio score.


As Don is preoccupied with questioning the ref's abilities, Fletch takes advantage and gives his own team talk on how they will play the second half. Before long Fletch scores equalising with Lazio. Don phones Andy from the stands and tells him to get the boys to switch back, as he said they would play as before, and Curtis is brought down resulting in a penalty kick to Harchester. As Jodie is about to begin signing the forms, she asks the receptionist to have a look at the game she is watching and sees Frank on screen. Jodie watches as Frank steps up to take it and scores. As he celebrates, Frank lifts his shirt to reveal a message written underneath for Jodie, telling her he is sorry and loves her. Jodie breaks down crying and realises she is making a mistake, telling Gina they should just get out of there. The full time whistle blows and Harchester have won. As Don is about to enter the dressing room Eli phones him and tells him he honours his bets, thus Don is still the manager. In the dressing room Don takes credit for the winning turn-around in the second half. Fletch tries to tell the lads it was all down to him but Andy doesn’t back him up in the face of Barker, and the lads laugh at Fletch's insistence. Curtis then receives a call from the hospital that Dean is awake and the lads head over to see him. Dean says it was a couple of thugs that attacked him for his wallet and phone. He asks for a moment with Nathan and Don stays behind. Dean tells Nathan that he is ashamed and says he and Don are going to resign. Nathan tells Dean he doesn't want him to, as they did end up beating Lazio the honest way and wants them to remember their win. Don steps in and says that they will all stay together.




·          Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty returns to the series after her time away in Panto. This episode also sees the debut of recurring team coach Scott De Mercado, all set to replace the Ans from the next episode.


The Best: The return of Jodie! All of the Don, Jodie and Frank scenes. Eli losing his hair in a bet. Don berating the ref and the match official during half time at the Lazio game. Fletch taking control of the game and ultimately securing their win, although receiving no credit. Frank’s goal celebration and his message to Jodie.


·          Additional Info: Gina phoned Jodie to tell her of Don’s illness. We later learn in 353: Ten Green Bottles that Jodie went away to Spain during her time away. Frank says he thinks there’s been six men he’s slept with, but the look on his face tells Jodie there could be more. For the Lazio replay, only a limited number of fans have been allowed inside the stadium to watch, whilst others are forced to flock to pubs.


What Was The Score?: Harchester beat Millwall 2-0. Goals from Fletch, Frank and Curtis make it 3-1 with no way back for Lazio.


·          Soundtrack: Damien Rice: "Older Chests",  George Michael: "Patience”,  Husky Rescue: "New Light Of Tomorrow",  Radiohead: "Sail To The Moon (Brush The Cobwebs Out Of The Sky.)”,  The Libertines: "Arbeit Macht Frei.”


Screencaps from 8.20’s original broadcast on Sky One on 06/03/05.

Jodie is worried for her dad

 Frank hears Jodie's news 



Stone still has loyalty for Don

 Is it what Jodie wants?



Frank's message to his wife

 Fletch takes control of the boys



Everyone wins... except Deano of course!

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