Season 8 Episode 21

Episode 345


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 13th March 2005


Directed By

Emma Bodger


GS: Nathan Woods (Ike Hamilton)  Naomi Wyatt (Rebecca Loos)  Mrs. Woods (Jacqueline Kington)  Male Escort (Nick Court)


Following his tactics at the Lazio game, Fletch goes to Don and says he wants a role in training - to be Assistant Manager infact. To his surprise, Don agrees, as the doctor has told him he needs time off work anyway. He gives Fletch the rest of the week, and his first task. He tells Fletch that Jodie isn't pregnant anymore, letting him believe she lost the baby and that he will have to be there for Frank. After Don leaves, Gina tells Fletch Viv and his psychologist were waiting to see him. Naomi explains to Fletch that being part of the team means a lot to Viv and would help with his recovery to be allowed back in training. She asks to just make Viv feel wanted thus give him anything to do, to which Fletch awkwardly agrees.



Jodie tells Don she isn't coming away with him, and to just follow the doctor's advice while he’s gone. Fletch is about to enter the dressing room with Viv when Andy comes out and hands Fletch his resignation. Fletch is told it's the last straw after Andy was looked over before with Curtis. Fletch next has to deal with the players being up in arms about Don's decision to appoint him over Curtis (even they weren't considering the Ans! No wonder he walked!). In an attempt to get the team off his back Fletch announces there's someone rejoining the team and pulls Viv in. The team have now seen it all and Frank steps forward stating this is a joke (as Naomi makes herself seen as if to emphasise the point). Fletch tells Frank he wants a word with him, and takes Frank into the physio-less room to explain he can understand if he wants to take some time off. Frank had no idea and tells Fletch Jodie didn't lose the baby but Barker made her get rid of it. As they stand on the sidelines Viv tells Naomi he thought this would help but he was wrong - this is worse. When Gina learns what Fletch told Frank about Jodie, she informs him it's not true and Jodie is keeping the baby. At the Barrons, Frank continues to drink before phoning for "someone to come round". Viv attempts to communicate with the lads by telling them he is reopening Studs. Nathan is impressed to properly meet Viv and get a tip from the man on improving his skill.


Jodie arrives home looking for Frank, just as he and his lover are finishing up. Frank panics and tells the escort to stay upstairs until he gets Jodie out. Frank yells at Jodie, under the impression she has aborted his kid. Jodie tells him she didn't and while Frank comes to terms with the situation he's in, she gets a head start up the stairs to collect her things. Frank chases her up but Jodie locks the bedroom door behind her as the escort hides in the En Suite. Frank manages to persuade Jodie to unlock the door and says they'll go to the Grange to bring the rest of her things back whilst he will move into her old room. Upstairs the escort finds the jewellery Jodie was in the process of packing and swipes it before making a break out the window. Fletch witnesses him climbing down and forces him to the ground. The escort tells Fletch he was invited and the other half came home. Fletch believes the man was there for Jodie and tells him to get lost. After a visit from Naomi, Nathan asks Viv to join him as he does some practice sessions on the training pitch. At the Grange Jodie finishes packing and tells Frank that if he wants it to work they can give it another try. Frank is thrilled and they go home together. In the dressing room Viv invites Nathan to Studs that night as he's reopening, but Nathan declines as he's already made plans to eat at home with his mom. He invites Viv to join him instead and he agrees. At the dinner Nathan's mom goes into a long motherly speech (that could be repeated by Shanice in 5 years time), on how the team wouldn't still be in the Champions League if it wasn't for her son. As if that really helps Viv, Mrs Woods drops that Naomi paid him a visit earlier. Viv's mind goes into overdrive again and he goes back to Studs where he bins the remainder of his pills.


The next day during training, Viv sees Fletch yelling at Nathan on whether he wants to be his number 1 to which Nathan answers yes. Fletch tells the team that Viv is working really hard to get himself back in the game, and although he's not ready yet they should still go to Studs tonight to have a drink with him. That evening Jodie goes for a scan at the hospital with Frank. They are both elated to see their baby on the screen and Frank guesses it's a boy with “those striker-like legs.” Naomi arrives at Studs and is followed by the lads shortly afterwards to Viv's surprise. Fletch goes over to Jodie and tells her off for flirting with Ryan, saying he doesn't want Frank's head messed with. Jodie is confused and Fletch tells her about the bloke he caught legging it out of her window yesterday. Jodie leaves to check her room, and Fletch explains to Frank what he said, adding if it was his wife he'd want to know. When Jodie finds her jewellery gone she is relieved, believing it really was a burglar. Frank rushes in and believing Jodie knows, rambles that he thought she'd had the abortion and he never would have done it if he’d known. Jodie is gutted and tells Frank his boyfriend nicked her jewellery, and she was just reporting it stolen. She tells him to save it for somebody who cares and walks away. At Studs, Nathan stays behind to help Viv tidy up and suddenly Viv smashes two glasses out of Nathan's hands before forcing his head down onto the bar. Viv warns Nathan he knows what he's doing and if he tries to take his place he will kill him. A petrified Nathan then runs out for his life.




·          Last appearance of Andy Ansah. In a touching dialogue which also reflects the Ans’ input off-screen, Fletch (Terry Kiely) says the Lair won’t be Harchester without him. Darren “Tyson” White replaces Andy as Football Consultant.


Best Known For: Jacqueline Kington was best known as Nurse Molly Hardcastle on "Coronation Street" from 2000-2002, followed by school secretary Bridget Morley in "Waterloo Road"'s third series (2007-2008).


·          Logic: Jodie Stone can drive despite never being seen to travel without a taxi before now.


Continuity: When he refuses to train whilst Viv is at the club, Fletch reminds Lee of where he would be if Jeff Stein hadn't taken a chance with him [300: Catch Me If You Can]. Curtis reminds Fletch he got the team to fourth place at the end of last season [324: A Matter Of Life And Death] and they hadn't lost a game under Ans. Fletch sees the photo of Jodie's baby and says he never saw one for Louis or Byron.


·          Additional Info: The team are at the quarter finals of the Champions League. Frank and Jodie married three years ago.


Soundtrack: Amon Tobin: "Deo" and "Get Your Snack On",  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: "Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (punk song)" and "White Palms",  Tilt: "12",  The Hives: "Antidote.”


Screencaps from 8.21’s original broadcast on Sky One on 13/03/05.

Barker leaves for his holiday

 It won't be the same without

 the Ans



Watching from the sidelines is hard for Viv

 Pinned down by two bald guys!



Jodie hears what Frank's been up to (again!)

 Frank begs Jodie for another




Nathan feels the Jaws side of Viv

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