Season 8 Episode 27

Episode 351


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 24th April 2005


Directed By

Mark Walker


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Kim Sullivan (Juliette Caton)  Doctor (Ajay Chhabra)


As Jodie is examined by the paramedics, Gina finds Dean and tells him what's happening. He tells her he will find Frank whilst she goes and tells Don, who is commentating with Sky. Lee scores against Arsenal just as Dean and Frank arrive at the hospital. Don gets the message and Gina tells him Jodie knows he was behind the Frank story, and that Curtis was the only other one who knew. She adds that was the moment Jodie fell ill, before Gina walks away disgusted. At half time Viv sends Scott to fetch Frank so he can be put on to continue Harchester’s good form, and he returns to tell Viv that Frank has gone because Jodie has miscarried. At the hospital Frank is told that Jodie has lost the baby and is fine, at least physically, so Frank goes in to be with her.



Barker arrives and Dean tells him that Jodie's lost the baby, adding that it wouldn't be best for him to go in right now. Don tells him she's still his daughter and heads into her room. Jodie is crying out loud and when Frank notices Don he tells him to get out. Through a mixture of tears and fury, Jodie accuses Don of killing her baby, and then tells him she never wants to see him again. Don is broken and on the doctor's orders he leaves. Ljunberg scores and Harchester are in serious trouble. They fail to hang on and the final whistle goes taking them out of the Champions League. Fletch feels responsible and Gina reassures him it wasn't his fault. Everyone is gutted for the team while Frank and Jodie are reunited by the loss of their baby, and remain inseparable over the next week. Harchester are now chasing promotion and need a result against Nottingham Forrest if they have any chance of staying in the fight. The team are still arguing about Frank not playing the Arsenal game a week later, and Viv warns them they are to welcome Frank back to the team. At the Stones' Jodie is putting on a brave face and Frank tells her she doesn't have to go for her check-up on her own, but she insists as he has to play. Fletch enters the dressing room already changed for the game. When Viv questions him he responds that he isn't getting naked if "Frank the Ferret" is coming back. Lee snaps at Fletch over what Frank has been through as he walks through the door. Frank collects his things and tells Viv he is going to his dressing room (the physio room). Viv goes straight over to Fletch and asks him to imagine how he'd feel if Louis died and then some idiot starting dissing him. Viv adds it's a wonder Frank doesn't rip his throat out. Viv goes into Frank and asks how Jodie is only to be told by Frank that his wife is none of his concern, but if he wants to talk about football he is all ears.


In the Players' Lounge Gina speaks with Kim about her and Danny’s twins. Kim says she will stay and watch from inside as the double-stroller is a bit of a nightmare to get through. At the hospital Jodie listens to the game on her MP3 Player radio and hears Frank has scored. She decides she has to get to the game and leaves. At the club, Erica is sick so Kim takes her into the ladies to get her changed, leaving Jack in the stroller outside. Jodie comes along the corridor and notices Jack alone. She crouches down beside him, and clearly not thinking, picks him up and walks away with him. Kim comes out of the ladies with Erica and is horrified to discover Jack gone. Meanwhile the game finishes after a late equaliser from Nottingham Forrest, and Jodie travels down in a crowded lift and leaves the club unnoticed with Jack. Frank heads home without going back into the dressing room and as the lads get changed there is noise of a commotion in the tunnel. Danny realises it's his wife and goes out to find Kim hysterical over someone taking Jack. The police are called and Dean sits with Danny as they trawl through security tapes of the likeliest exit through reception. Dean suggests they go and join the search with the rest of the lads. At her house Jodie has Jack laid out on the bed and is talking to him like he is genuinely her child, and referring to Frank as his daddy. Danny storms into the Players' Lounge and begins berating Kim over how long she left Jack alone, before yelling at the police. Viv takes control and tells Danny that he needs to stay strong as Kim needs him now. Dean tells the boys the police have asked them to help with the search so they are checking the woodland close by the Lair's grounds.


Frank arrives home and is shocked to walk into the bedroom and find a baby lying there. Frank demands Jodie tell him where she got the baby from but she goes into complete denial, saying she is naming the baby Kobe (understandable considering she's not in the right mind). Gina comes to the door with the police and Frank learns Jodie has one of Sully's twins. He stops Gina from seeing Jodie and says he will help the lads searching the woodland. At the field Sully shows his appreciation to Frank for showing up and they begin the search. When Curtis and Lee spot a blanket that doesn't turn out to be Jack's, Danny gets upset when he thinks they are out searching for a body. Gina finally gets round to seeing Jodie, and as they talk on the doorstep, Jodie lets slip that she now knows how Kim must feel. Gina is confused, and as she walks away she looks inside Jodie's car and sees the teddy bear blanket. She phones Fletch, telling him what she's seen, but Fletch uses this to even the score on his opinion of Frank and reveals what Jodie has done in front of everyone. Danny goes for Frank as he tries to explain, and is held back by Ammo. Frank begs Curtis to take him with him as the lads rush to Jodie. When they arrive Danny and the others burst in to find Jodie with the baby. As Danny tries to talk Jodie into handing Jack over, Lee and Ammo creep behind her and forcibly remove Jack from her arms. Frank comes in and Jodie collapses onto him crying as Danny tells them both to never come near his family again. Danny turns to Viv and tells him he wants the Stones' out of the Barrons. Jack is reunited with Kim as Jodie continues to cry in Frank's arms. A tearful Gina says she will phone for a doctor. Outside Viv and Dean ponder Frank's future at the club, as Dean hopes the team will come to understand why Jodie did what she did in time. Viv tells him time is exactly what they don't have right now.



  • Best Known For: Ajay Chabra appeared in the film "Anita and Me" (2002) and had a regular role on "The Basil Brush Show" throughout it's 2002-2007 run.


The Best: Danny Husbands does a pretty good job in his first story as a major character. Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty and Colin Parry are excellent throughout, as always. Probably their best episode during their time on DT.

  • Quotes: Fletch referring to Jodie as Frank’s "Mental bird".


Continuity: Viv asking Fletch to imagine the look on Lynda's face if Louis were to die, and rightfully pointing out that he knows Fletch doesn't play an active part in his son's life.

  • Additional Info: This is the last episode Tom Rob Smith writes on, having put his name to 6 episodes between 336: This Town Ain’t Big Enough… and now. His debut novel “Child 44” is published in early 2008 and goes on to receive critical acclaim. Juliette Caton only appears as Kim Sullivan for this episode although it’s believed Kim was due to appear in 356: Play-Off in Cardiff, but the scenes were cut. The role is taken over permanently by Natasha Symms from 366: 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly onwards. Before the Nottingham Forrest game Viv reminds the team they are 7th in the League with seven games left, and the last game of the season is against West Ham and the one and only Don Barker.


What Was The Score?: Harchester draw 1-1 with Arsenal, crushing their Champions League dreams. They also draw 1-1 with Nottingham Forrest.

  • Soundtrack: A Sigur Ros-centric episode!: "Avalon", "Staralfur", "Track 1", "Track 3", "Track 8" and "Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa.”


Screencaps from 8.27’s original broadcast on Sky One on 24/04/05.

Don is disowned by Jodie

 Jodie takes Jack from the club



Danny and Kim just want their son back

 Fletch takes his chance to




Jodie is physically separated from Jack

 Sully wants the Stone's out



All Frank can do is hold his wife


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