Season 8 Episode 28

Episode 352


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 1st May 2005


Directed By

Joss Agnew


GS: Naomi Wyatt (Rebecca Loos)


Following defeat to Brighton, a furious Viv reminds the team there are five games left and they have just conceded three points. With Sully and Frank still at war, Viv holds them responsible and drops them both. Caskey meanwhile is downing booze in the toilets, and when he comes out Viv tells him and Ryan that together they are the key to the club’s promotion. Viv notices Caskey is acting weird and smells the booze on him. He goes to the manager's office where Naomi is waiting with Ryan's files, and Viv tells her to go ahead and speak with him. Lee comes in and Viv tells him he will be pairing Ryan up with Carl, if Caskey’s off-field problems don't worsen. A comment from Lee solves it for Viv, as how could Carl be expected to do well on the pitch when he hasn't sorted things with Nicole.



The Caskey's have moved into the Stone’s house, and Carl arrives home, telling Savannah the manager knows he's drinking and there's no way the club will keep him now. The phones rings and Viv asks Caskey to come round to Studs that evening. Savannah is worried and tells her dad he must make a good impression. Naomi meanwhile, arrives at Ryan's and explains how Viv wants him back on the pitch for Tuesday so they need to get to work. Ryan suggests they use his room in an attempt to pull Naomi but she sees right through it. Not even if you were David Beckham Ryan! Well... maybe. Naomi shows Ryan a video tape on tackling and Ryan flashes back to the moment when he broke his leg in the England warm-up. Carl arrives at Studs to find Viv has closed the bar for the night. He gets a shock when Nicole comes walking down behind him and Viv says he'll leave them to it, locking them both in. As Caskey tries to find a way out Nicole asks him to talk, saying she misses him and Savannah. Caskey refuses to listen and goes into the men’s room, before climbing out of the window and stomping off into the night. Outside the door Nicole pours her heart out about how she hated every second of what Barker made her do. Viv arrives back and finds Nicole outside the gents’ door. Viv kicks open the door and he and Nicole see that Carl has fled through the small window. At home, Ryan tries to watch the tapes but keeps flashing back to his leg break. Curtis comes in and Ryan tells him that Jaws wants to use him for the Wigan game Tuesday. He confides in Curtis that all he can do is think about his injury whenever the thought of going back on the pitch comes to him.


At training the next day, Viv tells Frank that the tackling ban on Ryan is off and not to go easy on him. After a near brawl with Frank, Ryan storms off to the gym. Viv and Naomi enter and Ryan takes Viv up on an offer to not play him tomorrow, and adds he couldn’t care less. Savannah arrives home to find her dad passed out drunk on the sofa, and decides to go and speak with Viv. Savannah waltzes into the offices and starts berating Viv in front of Scott for sending her dad into the state he's in. After pulling a few facial expressions that cannot mistake who she is related to (and is never seen on screen with at the same time... hmmm) Savannah storms out and bumps into Ryan. He is equally desperate to get away from the club and insists on taking Savannah for a drink. They go to the Grange where Ryan, who has no idea who Savannah is, confides that he is scared. She understands where he is coming from, having experienced her dad's own problems and the two make a connection. Viv goes round to the Caskey's where he says it was a mistake to make him meet with Nicole, but he is the one letting Barker destroy his life. He reminds Carl that Barker was the one who ended his relationship with Nicole and now might as well be handing him the bottle. This gets through to Carl and he asks Viv what he should do. At the Grange Ryan says he should be dropping Savannah at her home (unaware that it's next door to his). Savannah suggests he drop her at his and the two go back to Ryan's and up to his room. As Caskey sobers up Nicole phones saying she and Savannah were supposed to meet two hours ago and she never showed. Viv tells Caskey that Savannah came to the club and left in a bad mood. When Nicole comes in Viv leaves them to it (again), while next door Savannah is lying in bed with Ryan.


Nicole tells Carl she has the numbers of three national papers, so if Savannah isn't back by morning she's a footballer's missing daughter and it will be big news. She then shows Carl a picture of the three of them which she carries in her purse. Carl looks out of the window and sees Savannah canoodling with Ryan in the street. He storms outside and yells at Savannah before kicking Ryan in his leg! Savannah shrieks (like she did when Justin was run-over in front of her on Hollyoaks) and Ryan lies on the driveway clutching his leg. Whilst Curtis frets over Ryan being injured once more, Ryan himself is fine and has overcome his fear, now unable to believe he was thinking about quitting playing. Carl is in a fury over Savannah and Nicole tells him she's sixteen and they were both doing the same thing at her age. She tells Carl she doesn't see an alcoholic gambler when she looks at him and he needs to learn to forgive people - most of all her. Savannah is packing to go back to her mom's and Nicole says she will take her. As they leave she says she will bring Savannah to the match tomorrow and wishes Carl luck. The next day Ryan tells Viv he is ready to play but won't be giving up on Savannah as she really means something to him. Viv tells Ryan to go and talk with Caskey, as he wants no problems between them by the time they kick off. Ryan goes out to Carl who is sitting in the stands. There, he tells him how impressive he thinks Savannah is, and how she acts more twenty-one than most girls that age he knows. Caskey is still uncomfortable with Ryan being five years older, and Ryan makes it all the more better by telling Carl he doesn't think he was Savannah's first. Ryan tells Caskey he really wants to give this a go and Carl comes round and says Savannah feels the same. Harchester take to the pitch against Wigan Athletic and within the first twenty seconds Lee scores after a pass from Ryan, and a proud Savannah sits in the stands as Carl and Ryan celebrate on the pitch.




·          The Best: The pairing up of Ryan and Savannah, although it will be all too brief.


Logic: The fact that Ryan wouldn’t have noticed Savannah heading next door to Carl's house, instead of out of the gate as she left his house.


·          Quotes: Carl (on Nicole’s stance on their marriage): "You were the one who threw it away... when you screwed Don Barker!".


Continuity: Lee on Caskey, saying to Viv he has seen blokes react worse when they found out their wives were cheating on them, then stops short of continuing when he remembers Chelsea.


·          Additional Info: Ryan describes his injury to Savannah; how he was in and out of hospital for four months and underwent six operations and nine months of physio before he could walk again. He then tells her of the complications and how a fat embolism formed and he nearly died – something Ricky Whittle experienced himself, added to Ryan’s story as his leg brake had been.


What Was The Score?: Harchester suffer an embarrassing 3-0 defeat to Brighton. It looks up for them when they face Wigan and Lee scores.


·          Soundtrack: Bloc Party: "So Here We Are",  Boards Of Canada: "1969",  Depeche Mode: "In Your Room",  Maxim: "Hell's Kitchen",  Moby: "Swear",  The Caesars: "Jerk It Out" (2005 re-issue).


Screencaps from 8.28’s original broadcast on Sky One on 01/05/05.

Carl and Nicole are far from back together

 Ryan flashes back to his break



Naomi wants to help Ryan

 Savannah takes on Viv!



Ryan and Savannah bond

 Carl sorts out his daughter's




Ryan and Caskey come to an


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