Season 8 Episode 3

Episode 327


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 31st October 2004


Directed By

Kate Robinson


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Emma Casey (Nichola Jane Theobald)



With the team playing Sporting Lisbon at home next week, they are guaranteed £16M in group stage revenue if they win, scoring enough to pay the players' wages for the rest of the season. Eli tells Dean to stall any transfer deals as by the time they play the game the transfer window will be closed and he can honour the contracts. Dean is uncomfortable betraying his friends, and Eli tells him he can have either them or his job, not both. As Eli is leaving, a young blonde girl arrives and introduces herself as Emma Casey, telling Dean Eli has asked her to help with the transfer deals. Before long however, Emma is on the phone to Eli saying she can keep Dean on the straight and narrow until after the match.



Jeff tells Lee that Barcelona have come in for him at £12.5M. Following Portugal, Nikki tells Lee that things between them have to return to the way they were but Lee doesn't believe she means it. The next day when Nikki admits this isn't what she wants and how she dreads the thought of telling Jeff, Lee says he will tell Jeff himself as he won't let anything get in the way of them being together. When Lee attempts to tell Jeff at Studs, Jeff tells him that he thinks Nikki is falling for him and that the feeling is mutual, to Lee's shock. Nikki goes into Lee's room in the night and asks him if Jeff has said anything about her as he is acting weird and it's freaking her out. Lee tells her that Jeff thinks he has a chance with her when they get to Spain and Nikki is horrified, stating that she could never feel that way about Jeff. On the day of the home game, Lee winds Viv up during training saying he doesn't know why Bolton are interested to which Viv announces to the team that Lee is seeing Nikki. When Dean tries to talk Chelsea into making Viv stay, she tells him she will be sad to go but times change and people move on.


When Curtis tells Dean of how his dream to play for Charlton is coming true, the news gets to him and he heads to his office where he pens his resignation to Eli. Emma immediately phones Eli who says he was expecting this and has a plan. Emma arrives with keys for Dean's new car and a cheque for £250,000 sent from Eli, who is giving Dean the same Champions League bonus as the players. When Emma suggests that Curtis could be the one deal he lets slip through and together they could make an excuse for Eli, Dean is relived and shreds his resignation letter. Chelsea arrives and tells Dean that Bolton need Viv's medical records which they haven't yet received. Emma suggests they send the psychological report by "accident", which reads that Viv is not mentally fit to be playing professional sports. With the other deals stalled, Dean thinks he has saved Curtis' transfer to Charlton, until Nikki arrives with the Barca contract forcing Dean to sign it straight away. He tells Emma they cannot lose two strikers and she tells him to get down to Curtis' deal whilst she will stall sending Lee's to Barca.


As he waits for Curtis' deal to complete, Emma texts Dean saying she had to fax Lee's contract because of Nikki, and Dean goes into the room and stops Curtis' dream deal. When the team joke about Lee giving Nikki a kiss, Jeff is humiliated to learn the truth and walks away feeling betrayed by the two people he was closest to. At the house, Jeff tells Nikki he has just spoken to Barcelona who haven't received any paperwork. Jeff storms into Dean's office demanding to know why the contract did not go to Spain, upon which Dean realises what Emma has been doing and has made him screw over Curtis. Jeff goes down to the tunnel where he tells Lee what Eli will do if they win and asks him to lose the game. Nikki shows Jeff cheques Lee has sent to her for £600,000 - the money they would have received if the Barcelona deal had gone through. Jeff says it's a golden handshake and Lee is saying goodbye to them. The team win the game and Dean hands out their cheques. He must then break the news that all outgoing transfers have been cancelled. A furious Curtis goes for Dean and has to be held back whilst Chelsea says Dean knew about this all along and slaps him.




·          Last appearances of Jeff Stein (Ray MacAllan) and Nikki Peggs (Nina Muschallik)


Best Known For: Nichola Theobald made a notable appearance in the Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum sponsor ads for “Hollyoaks”.


·          The Best: Emma, Nichola Jane Theobald does a good job. Curtis taking Dean out to celebrate with the boys at Studs, as it would be the last time. Dean and Emma's test drive around the car park of the Lair. Jeff and Nikki’s final scene, with her asking what he is going to do and Jeff replying he honestly doesn't know, before spotting a kid kicking a ball and saying he knows he'll be all right though. They then walk off in different directions – just lovely. It would have been a travesty if Jeff and Nikki had not had onscreen departures. We are also treated to several of Nikki’s “What? Oh my God!” catchphrases for her final episode.


Quotes: Don, upon Jeff and Nikki bursting into the team dinner to tell Lee that the deal is done and they are going to Barcelona: "Hey what do you think this is, a tea party?!".  Viv, when Curtis makes his speech about how proud he has been to play with them: "Give it a rest Words-Worth!".


·          Continuity: Curtis tells Dean of how his father used to take him and Linton down to Charlton as a kid and how he saw the club get promoted in 1986.


Additional Info: Curtis, Lee, Viv, Sully and Danny Mills all have transfer requests coming in: Bolton in for Viv, Palace for Millsey, Newcastle for Sully and Man U for Presley but they've already withdrawn their offer as he is cup-tied for the Champions League. The car Eli bribes Dean with is the Aston Martin DV7.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester end up losing 2-1 to Sporting Lisbon at the Jorge Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon. At the home game at the Lair, Harchester win 1-0 taking them (all!) to the group stage of the Champions League.


Soundtrack: Blur: "Out of time",  Chicane: "No ordinary morning",  Chris Isaak: "Wicked Game",  Franz Ferdinand: "Come on Home",  Futureheads: "The city is here for you to use",  Radiohead: "Karma Police",  Red Hot Chilli Peppers: "Give it Away"  and Stone Roses: "I am the Ressurection.”


Screencaps from 8.3’s original broadcast on Sky One on 31/10/04.

Your friends or your job?

 Don't trust her Dean!



Lee is the one Nikki wants

 Curtis' dream move crushed



Lee learns of the deal

 Stein & Peggs cease trading



Now Chels has to stay in Harchester!

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