Season 8 Episode 4

Episode 328


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 7th November 2004


Directed By

Colm McCarthy


GS: Sergeant Pete Fisher (Barry McCormick)



The team are heading to a training camp, but with his injury Ryan is annoyed to be left behind. When the team arrive, Don introduces them to Mr. Fisher and says he has his total authority for the next 48 hours. Following a night where the team are allowed to get blindingly drunk, Fisher gives the team their first assignment - to lug sandbags up a steep hill in two teams led by Curtis and Frank. During the exercise, Tommy pulls out when his shoulder becomes too much, and on the other side Clyde ends up vomiting so Curtis attends to him taking two out of their team. Frank's side wins and are rewarded with cooked breakfast back at the mess hall, whilst Curtis’ side are made to eat watery gruel.



As a depressed Ryan and a lonely Jodie toast to him getting back on the pitch in a fortnight, Dean attempts to talk to Ryan but he shuts him out and hobbles away. Dean goes to see Chelsea at the bar and asks her to watch out for Ryan, mentioning that he has an X-Ray tomorrow. Chelsea takes Ryan to the hospital where inside he is told his leg is not progressing as well as they'd hoped. Ryan says he was told he'd be back on the pitch by September and the doctor tells him he will have to rethink that schedule. Chelsea accompanies Ryan to the gym and they sit outside in the stands afterwards. Chelsea questions whether Ryan is seeing anyone right now and he smiles that he has never really met the right one. As they walk inside the tunnel they encounter Jodie who says she's been asked to organise a girls’ night whilst her dad and the boys are away, and thought a dinner at Studs would be nice. Chelsea agrees and Jodie adds that Ryan is invited too, to which Chelsea jokes with Ryan that if he leaves her alone with Jodie she'll break his other leg. This, even though Jodie is really now Chelsea’s only mate in Harchester.


Don holds training at the camp and tells the team to create a wall, before placing Tommy in the centre and telling Curtis to shoot straight at him. When Curtis backs down Frank steps in and takes the shot, hitting Tommy hard in the face and making his nose bleed. Fisher gives the team their next challenge – to run ten miles with heavy rucksacks on their backs. During the run Clyde outruns his team and collapses in exhaustion. Tommy, on the other side stops and tries to help but Curtis, following Don's leadership warning tells him to leave him. Frank's team arrives back at the base first, but as Clyde was left behind the team end up losing when Curtis' team arrive back in full. Holly goes to help Clyde and when they arrive back Don berates them both following which Clyde has a go at Curtis for letting Don and Fisher treat him in this way. During the dinner Jodie starts playing inappropriate games and starts flirting outrageously with Ryan until he falls from his chair, further damaging his broken leg. Ryan ends up in hospital and Chelsea waits by his bedside.


Fisher shows the team to an army assault course where Don says he will be using the results to determine who deserves a place in his first team squad and in what role. Clyde is the last in Curtis' team to take to the course, and when he gets vertigo at the top of the climbing net Don tells Curtis to leave Clyde otherwise he will be taking the captain's armband off him. Curtis yells at Clyde to finish the course to which he eventually manages. At the hospital Dean blames Chelsea for Ryan's accident, but Ryan takes responsibility saying he tried to take some stairs too fast. On the coach back from the training camp, Don tells the team that the purpose of the trip was to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and to build a team that will get them back into the Premiership next season, with a team leader which will be Curtis. Frank is unhappy to hear this. Don finishes by saying they all got through training camp well, well most of them as he looks on at a miserable Clyde.




·          The Best: The growing friendship between Ryan and Chelsea. Frank’s eagerness to impress those in authority, like an excited puppy.


Best Known For: Among his credits, Barry McCormick has appeared in “London’s Burning” (1996), “Family Affairs” as Nick Trip from 1997-1999, and the film “Miss Potter” (2006). 


·          Continuity: Ryan watches a game from last season when he was playing with Davenport and his dad was managing. He freezes on a shot of Stuart and Abi also features in the scene. Chelsea spots Ryan's scar at the gym.


Additional Info: Present at the girls’ night are Jodie, Chelsea, Sofia, Kim Sullivan, another of the WAG’s and Ryan. After Ryan's fall at Studs Dean says they'll now lose a further month of his playing career.


·          Soundtrack: DJ Tiesto: "Magik Journey" and "Anxious Hours",  James, Smith, Hodges, & Crawford: "Nobody",  Jimi Hendrix: "Purple Haze #1",  Morcheeba & Kurt Wagner: "What New York Couples Fight About",  Shapeshifters: "Lolas Theme",  The System Feat Kerri B: "If You Leave Me Now",  The Thrills: "Big Sur",  Underworld: "Dark & Long Dark Train" and "Pearls Girl."


Screencaps from 8.4’s original broadcast on Sky One on 07/11/04.

Frank's impressed

 Sit down Jones!



Chelsea gets to know Ryan

 The dinner from hell!



Stuck at the top

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