Season 8 Episode 5

Episode 329


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 14th November 2004


Directed By

Clair Breton


GS: Sara (Sarah Reeves)  Danni (Anouska Bolton-Lee)  Sir Brian Mawhinney (as himself)  George Gavin (as himself)



Jodie approaches Dean in the Players' Lounge about welcoming the Barcelona officials with a shirt auction, where the players will donate their shirts from famous matches for charity. Don calls Clyde to his office to tell him he is impressed with his form and will be in for the Barca game. He then speaks to Frank who is already prepared not to make the team but is informed he's been included in the squad. At the Grange when Clyde mocks Frank for auctioning his Under 21's England shirt, Jodie snarls that they are drinking champagne because he has gotten onto the team sheet for Barca. Clyde is determined to not let Frank screw up his chances during the game, telling Tommy he is going to mess with him.



Chelsea meets Ryan at the hospital where he's just been told he will be on crutches for another four months. Chelsea ends up spending the rest of the day with Ryan and it’s after 9pm before she arrives home to Viv. He asks her about the Barcelona tapes that she was supposed to pick up, and having been occupied with Ryan, Chelsea tells Viv she waited at the club but there was no-one there and was distracted by her mom afterwards. Viv tells her she doesn't have to lie to him and its okay if she forgot. The next day Chelsea packs a picnic for herself and Ryan and they head to the canal but are soon forced to dash back to her car as a storm breaks. As she opens the door for him they end up kissing passionately and in the car afterwards regret what they have done. Chelsea returns home and finds that Viv has sorted her dress for the auction, and feels guilty about what has happened. Ryan later goes to Studs to see Chelsea and tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. She tells him she is attracted to him but they are just feelings.


In an attempt to unnerve Frank, Clyde leaves him tapes of Barcelona playing to show him what he'll be up against. After winding Frank up in training Don calls Clyde to his office and berates him for thinking of himself and not the team. After being told by Jodie not to bottle it because she won’t spend the rest of her life in the Championship, Frank goes to see Don and tells him he's strained a quad and won't be fit for the game tomorrow. Don realises what's going on and asks Curtis to keep Frank's confidence up as certain people are determined to undermine it. After Don speaks with her also, Jodie tells Frank that no matter what happens tomorrow she loves him. Ryan arrives with a date, Danni for the auctioning and Chelsea is immediately jealous. Curtis asks two women to bid for Frank's shirt with his own money, the first lady going up to £4,000 and the second, Sara winning with £4,500, although neither of them know who Frank Stone is. Frank's shirt is the most valuable item of the night and the team cheer him on, but it goes wrong when Sara hands Curtis the shirt in front of Clyde. Curtis threatens him not to say anything as the team is united and ready to face Barca.


At half time Harchester are down 1-0 to Barca. Clyde and Frank are at each others throats in the dressing room in front of Don. Ryan tells Danni to wait for him downstairs, and Chelsea overhears before going down to the level where she tells Danni she needs to leave. Ryan goes down to look for her only to be pulled aside by Chelsea who tells him she was jealous and they begin kissing. Frank scores an own goal by back heading the ball into Viv's net and Harchester lose an embarrassing 4-0 to Barca. The players argue loudly in the dressing room afterwards and Dean comes in and yells he wants them all in the Players Lounge. Whilst up there Frank and Clyde begin another brawl to which Curtis tries to break up. Clyde then tells Frank what Curtis did with the women, mocking him in front of everyone until Frank storms out. Curtis yells at Clyde that he is a disgrace. Downstairs, Clyde is leaving when he finds Frank alone and Frank attacks him for what he has done, punching and kicking Clyde to the ground.




·          Best Known For: Sarah Reeves has an impressive C.V which includes TV presenting, modelling, acting (a part in “Die Another Day”) and stage work. Anouska Bolton-Lee is also a model and has worked on MTV. Sir Brian Mawhinney is a former Conservative MP and became the head of the FA in 2003.


The Best: Frank, throughout. You have to feel sorry for the poor guy. Ronaldinho (almost!) acknowledging Lee in the tunnel.


·          Logic: Ryan revisiting the canal where he accidentally killed Steve almost exactly a year ago in Harchester time [297: The Call Up] and it not seeming to bother him being back there. The woefully bad match footage used for the Harchester v Barcelona game, which looked like it had all taken place at three different times of the day – really lets down what was a top episode.


Quotes: Don (to Tony Campbell): "Don't interrupt me!".  Clyde, on Frank's performance at the West Ham game: "Teddy Sherringham's old enough to be his dad and he made him look like he stood in a block of concrete!".  Holly (to Frank): "I hear some of these Champions League games have a-hundred million viewers"  Frank: "You talk too much!".  Viv: "Judy Finnegan could even beat Tyson!".  Clyde, upon learning of Curtis’ stunt whilst selling Frank’s shirt: "I thought four-and-a-half grand was about five grand too much for one of his shirts!".


·          Continuity: Jodie tells Clyde to bring the shirt he scored the goal against Everton in (292: Just The Ticket).


Additional Info: Don tells Tony Campbell that they haven't lost a game since he took them to the boot camp. Chelsea reminds Ryan that the last time he tried to change his socks he broke a £3,000 hospital monitor in his room. At the auction, Clyde's shirt that saved the club goes away for £3,000. Another one of Viv's also sells for £3,000 and one of Millsey's is bought by George Gavin for £50. Bidding for Ryan’s England shirt gets underway at £500.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester play West Ham, looking for their sixth straight Championship win. Two goals from Clyde leave the score Harchester 2-0 West Ham. Best to only mention the Barca result once.


Soundtrack: Air: "Ce Matin La",  Aphex Twin: "Hy A Scullyas Lyf Adhagrow",  Celia Cruz: "Tamborilero",  East 17: "Deep", Miles Davis: "Concierto De Aranjuez",  New Order: "Regret”,  POP: “Miranda Sawyer",  Nick Drake: "Northern Sky",  Private Taste: "First",  Snow Patrol: "Wow",  Terrorvision: "Tequila.”


Screencaps from 8.5’s original broadcast on Sky One on 14/11/04.

Stone is cracking up

 First kiss in the rain



Frank who?!

 Chelsea can't keep away from




Curtis warns Clyde to keep his mouth shut...

 ...But Clyde can't resist



Stone loses it

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