Season 8 Episode 6

Episode 330


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 21st November 2004


Directed By

David Penn


GS: Dr. Stewart (Jo-Anne Nighy)  Keeley West [Lapdancer] (Ruth Higham)  Policeman (Mark Beardsmore)  Knoxette P.A (Cassie Sumner)



Ryan and Chelsea discover Clyde lying bleeding on the floor. Ryan phones Don and as he is making his way down there, a distressed Frank runs past him. Don accompanies Clyde in the ambulance as the press gather round yelling questions. At the hospital Dr. Stewart tells Don there is no long term damage and Clyde will be out for at least a week. Dean arrives and is shocked to see the state of Clyde. He demands to know who did it and Clyde tells him it was Frank. Don phones Andy and tells him to round up the lads and bring them to the club. Clyde learns about the meeting from Ryan, and convinced Barker is trying to turn the team against him, sneaks out of hospital and heads for the club.


As Don tells the team that he’s seen Clyde and he’s fine, Clyde bursts through the dressing room door and tells the lads how Don let Frank beat him half to death. He then vomits and is taken back to hospital. At Curtis’ the team are discussing what to do about Frank, when Chelsea phones Ryan asking when she will see him again. Ryan is forced to hang up as Viv is right there in the room. The team visit Clyde in hospital the next day and he tells them that it's Barker they need to get rid of, only the team aren't with him on this. Don and Frank arrive and Frank tells Clyde that whilst he is not proud of what he did, Clyde did say some pretty hurtful things to him, but he is sorry and holds out his hand to shake. Clyde refuses, and when the team are united in believing Clyde should accept Frank's apology and move on he yells at them all to get out. At the club Ryan guides Chelsea into the physio room where she is angry about how he hung up on her. He tells her it's getting too dangerous and they need to calm it. Chelsea is offended and says Ryan is a typical footballer and she thought she was falling in love with him.


Dissatisfied at how at the team want to forget what Frank did to him, Clyde goes to Eli's Harchester headquarters in the hope of speaking with him. After waiting a while Dean arrives and tells Clyde that Eli is in New York before taking him home. Clyde confides in Dean that he feels there is no one there for him anymore, and when Dean goes to use the bathroom his phone starts ringing. Clyde answers and hears Don ask whether Dean’s shut him up yet. When his phone rings again it's the Harchester Chronicle, but Clyde assumes its Don ringing back and explodes at Dean before storming out to the police station. Following this, Clyde gives a scathing interview to Sky Sports News. A furious Don watches and angrily frets that the FA and PFA will want to get involved. That night, a lonely Clyde heads to Harchester's Club Rosey and meets Keeley, a stripper/dancer who he asks to sit down and talk with him. Don happens to be at the same club and sees Clyde from across the room, and grins in delight. Don tells Dean they will play Clyde in tomorrow’s game against Gillingham but Sofia is unsure as Clyde has barely trained this week.


Clyde tells Sofia he has to play to save himself stick and she tells him he shouldn't have to care what the others think. He begs her to get him out of the club when the transfer window opens. Keeley arrives at the club where Don has left a match-day pass for her. She is interviewed by Tony Campbell where she says she was with Clyde until four in the morning and he was very generous. Ryan takes Chelsea down to the stairwell where he says he was wrong to try and cool it off with her and did if she meant it when she said she loved him, then he loves her too. Harchester lose to Gillingham, and Don takes Clyde aside and tells him he should join him at the press conference so they can knock this on the head together. Tony Campbell asks Clyde if his poor performance has anything to do with him spending time with lapdancers, and Clyde freaks out and runs from the press conference with Don close behind. Clyde yells that Don set him up and Don tells him that's what he gets for washing his dirty linen in public, and to learn his lesson and never take him on again. Clyde goes down to the dressing room showers where he breaks down sobbing in despair.




·          Best Known For: Cassie Sumner is also a glamour model and reality star.


The Best: The flowers Frank brings for Clyde being a master idea of Jodie's. The look on Frank's face when Don says he will be dropping him from the game on Saturday. Knoxette P.A Cassie Sumner not knowing who Clyde was. Sofia, who apart from Dean appears to be the only one genuinely worried for Clyde.


·          Quotes: Chelsea, to Ryan upon them finding Clyde: "He's really badly beaten!". No shit Sherlock.


Continuity: Clyde tells the boys that this is not the club they spent all of last year trying to save. Viv tells Chelsea that he's booked some meetings with Dr. Newton.


·          Additional Info: Chelsea mentions there's five more games left in Europe. Clyde is playing in his usual centre-midfield position against Gillingham.


What Was The Score?: A slip up from Clyde leads Harchester to lose 2-0 to Gillingham.


·          Soundtrack: Apollo Four Forty: " Altamont Super-Highway Revisited" and "Stealth Mass In F#m",  Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z: "Crazy In Love",  Fatboy Slim: "Right Here, Right Now",  Franz Ferdinand: "Take Me Out",  Gary Jules: "Mad World",  Goldfrapp: "Strict Machine",  Goldtrix & Andrea Brown: "It's Love (Trippin'); Flatline's Wacarla Vocal Mix",  Radiohead: "No Surprises",  Rasmus: "In The Shadows",  Republica: "Ready to Go",  Rob Dougan: "Clubbed to Death.”


Screencaps from 8.6’s original broadcast on Sky One on 21/11/04.

Ryan and Chelsea discover Clyde

 "Just a normal scrap folks!"



Clyde Connelly? Who's that?

 Sofia's concerned for Clyde (at

 least someone is!)



Barker's new ally

 Not to be messed with!


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