Season 8 Episode 7

Episode 331


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 28th November 2004


Directed By

Murilo Pasta


GS: Dr. Newton (Christopher Ravenscroft)  Stunt Double [Clyde] (Gary Connery)



After a deeply depressed Clyde is late for training he is fined two weeks wages by Barker, who sends Holly to the house to bring Clyde to the club. When he arrives at the training pitch, Don punishes the rest of the team for Clyde’s lateness and they blame him for having to do extra training. Struggling to sleep at night, Clyde goes to Holly and asks her for something but she tells him she isn't authorized to give those kind of things out. During shooting practice Clyde misses the goal by miles, and the team taunt him whilst Tommy and Lee start to realise that Clyde may have a serious problem. When the coast is clear, Clyde sneaks into the physio room and slips away unseen with the sleeping pills.



Viv tells Chelsea that Don has let him out of training for his session with Dr. Newton and asks her to join him. She is hesitant as she had planned to spend the afternoon with Ryan but Viv talks her round. During the session, Chelsea tells Dr. Newton that she isn't the one with the problem here. When Curtis and Tommy discuss their concerns about Clyde, Ryan is unsympathetic and is annoyed that Clyde is missing training when he himself can't go. Clyde has another restless night and has the same recurring dream of the team crowded around him whilst Don yells. The day before the PSG game Tommy voices his concerns to the manager. Don is less concerned and suggests Tommy take Clyde out for drinks the night before a match. At Studs that night Clyde takes speed and follows Holly into the toilets where he forces himself upon her. Chelsea walks in and orders Clyde out, and back in the bar Clyde calls her a miserable old bitch to which Ryan punches him and the whole room realises what's going on. Chelsea runs out as Viv walks in unaware of what happened. At the Grange the team discuss what they should do about Ryan. They decide it best not to mention anything as they have an important game with PSG tomorrow night and need Viv. Lee, who is sharing a room with Viv is annoyed and tells them what great mates they are.


Tommy returns to his room to find Clyde openly crying. He sobs that he is scared all the time and how he cannot stop someone or Barker having a pop from tearing him up inside. Tommy tells him that maybe he should see a specialist if things really are this bad, or even talk to the lads as when they do have a pop at him they don't mean it. Ryan tells Chelsea that the boys won't say anything and she wonders how long that will last for, saying she is going to have to leave. Ryan tells her he cannot lose her and says if she has to go then he will give up everything and go with her. The next morning Clyde takes Tommy's advice and goes to see Ryan, who has spent the night with Chelsea. He apologises for what happened last night and assures Ryan that they are still friends. Ryan throws it back in his face however and says he is not Clyde's mate and that he is nothing, destroying Clyde's self-esteem once more. Clyde tells Tommy not to worry about last night as he was just down and Tommy says he had him worried. As the team prepare for their game against PSG, Tommy tries to tell Don that he thinks Clyde needs professional help but Don is only interested in the game.


Having packed her things, Chelsea goes down to the tunnel where she wishes Viv luck but is really saying goodbye to him in her own way. As the team head out to kick off, Holly finds a letter from Clyde in her bag in which he tells her he is ashamed of what he did yesterday and hopes she can forgive him. He tells her of the fear Barker has over him and thanks her for being a friend. At the airport Ryan and Chelsea are preparing to flee Harchester and head to the Maldives where Chelsea's parents have a house. A young girl spots Ryan and tells him she hopes the team are still in the Champions League by the time he gets back. Ryan awkwardly agrees and Chelsea sees how disappointed he is knowing he won't be there. Chelsea decides she can’t take Ryan with her, and slips away taking his boarding pass with her. After playing the game of his life, Clyde is substituted and watching from inside Holly sees Clyde coming in. She goes into the dressing room to speak to him but Clyde is not there. He has climbed the stairs to the roof and gone out onto the gantry. He stands at the edge and takes a deep breath before letting himself glide forward.



  • Karen Ferrari is out of the series until 340: Gamblers Ruin, the first of Chelsea’s final two episodes.


Best Known For: Gary Connery has more than 90 credits as a stunt-double, coordinator, and performer, having worked on blockbuster films such as "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (2001), "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002), "Batman Begins" (2005), "St. Trinian's" (2007) and "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" (2009).

  • The Best: The conclusion to the characters of Clyde and Chelsea, but their presence and the consequences left by both characters’ actions will be long lasting. Tim Smith, who has given a superb performance throughout this story. Clyde’s final scene and the choice of “Knockin' On Heaven's Door” by Bob Dylan.


Logic: When Clyde is preparing to jump he looks down onto an unusually spacious Dragons Lair carpark despite a Champions League game with thousands of spectators supposedly being played beneath him.

  • Quotes: Don (to Ryan who is on the phone to Chelsea): "Now means now. If you're phoning some tart on that, I'm fining you a week's wages!".


Continuity: Curtis reminds Ryan of when he arrived at the Valley for the Charlton game (314: 11 Angry Men).

  • Additional Info: Around a couple of months have passed on-screen since the events of 330: Stonegate, as we can see by Frank now having a hairline. Dr. Newton has his own clinic - The Harchester Newton Clinic. Viv mentions to Lee how he and Chelsea have been married for seven years. The game against PSG is the first Champions League game Harchester have played since the 4-0 Barcelona defeat.


What Was The Score?: Two goals from Curtis and Clyde leaves it Harchester United 2-0 PSG.

  • Soundtrack: Bent: "As You Fall",  Bob Dylan: "Knockin' On Heaven's Door",  Goldfrapp: "Hairy Trees",  Massive Attack: "Angel",  Radiohead: "Pyramid Song",  The Hives: "Walk Idiot Walk",  Zero 7: "End theme.”


Screencaps from 8.7’s original broadcast on Sky One on 28/11/04.

Clyde's bright nightmare

 Tommy wants to help Clyde



Ryan's done it now (again)

 Holly has Clyde's suicide note 

 (unbeknownst to her)  



Chelsea lets Ryan go

 Clyde ends it all




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