Season 8 Episode 8

Episode 332


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 5th December 2004


Directed By

Riita-Leena Lynn


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Mrs [Mandy] Connelly (Tracy Brabin)  DC Bradman (Rosie Thomson)  Journo 3 (Alex Bartram)



Harchester celebrate their win against PSG, but the team’s joy is shattered when Don has to break the awful news to them about Clyde. The lads find it hard to believe, and Tommy turns on Don, saying he told him about Clyde and he chose to do nothing. Ryan gets back from the airport, and it is unclear whether he is more upset over Chelsea leaving him than Clyde. When Detective Bradman arrives from Harchester MET, Don takes Dean aside and tells him that this could destroy them both and to say that there is no way Clyde would have killed himself. Detective Bradman plays them the footage of Clyde from the stairwell CCTV and asks whether he looks like a boy who was in high sprits.



Ryan accompanies the lads back to Studs, and when Viv finds the letter Chelsea has left him he orders everyone out by smashing a beer bottle onto the bar. Later that night Viv goes round to see Ryan and it soon becomes clear that he has no idea about him and Chelsea. Viv then breaks down and tells Ryan what's happened, and how he is going to kill the man responsible. After a few days coming to terms with Clyde’s death, the players return to the club, and Clyde's mother Mandy arrives. Viv announces that Chelsea is gone, and Lee breaks an uncomfortable silence by saying none of the lads knew anything, which makes Viv realise that they are covering for someone. Tommy finds Holly sobbing over Clyde's letter and persuades her to hand it to him to give to the police. He goes into the dressing room where Mandy is crying and knows he must show her the letter. Mandy goes out to the press where she reads the letter aloud and furiously announces that she is calling for the resignation of Don Barker. Viv comes to the conclusion that Tommy was having an affair with Chelsea and headbutts him twice before attempting to strangle him! The players rush to get him off and Viv elbows Detective Bradman in the face from behind, and is taken down the station.


Viv spends the night in the cells and when Don arrives he tells him that Chelsea was likely to be carrying on whilst the boys were away with him playing, making Viv realise that none of the regular team could be responsible. That night Ryan finds Viv in his room brandishing a shotgun. He pins him against the door, and Ryan squirmishly tells Viv that it was Clyde who was seeing Chelsea. Viv is forced to accept what Ryan is saying and Ryan asks him what he's going to do now, to which Viv says he can't kill a dead man. The next day Ryan tries to phone Chelsea to explain to her what he's done, and Mandy comes in and asks if she can watch the game in the Players' Lounge with him before breaking down crying again. Harchester face Wolves and the two teams hold their minute's silence for Clyde before kick off. After a poor first half, Don grudgingly hands the floor over to Tommy and when he tells Viv to show Clyde some respect, Viv declares that he knows Clyde was sleeping with Chelsea and that Ryan has told him everything. As the team head out, Don phones Jodie and tells her what he's just heard.


Jodie goes to the Players' Lounge where she speaks with a reporter from the Harchester Echo. Mandy overhears her and is shocked when Jodie announces that Clyde was having an affair with Chelsea and how he killed himself because she left him. Jodie tells Mandy that if she doesn't believe her she can ask Ryan, who uncomfortably has to lie to Clyde’s distraught mother. After winning the match Eli is prepared to tell Don he is fired, but when Don convinces the press that Chelsea leaving was the real reason Clyde killed himself, thus taking the heat off of both him and the club, Eli is impressed and tells Don to keep up the good work. At Clyde's funeral, Ryan makes his speech saying he hopes Clyde can forgive him for everything he has done(!), whilst back at Studs Viv is removing all trace of Chelsea from his life which includes every picture and his wedding ring.




·          Although he only appears at the beginning being placed in a body-bag, this is Tim Smith’s last appearance as Clyde Connelly.


Best Known For: Tracy Brabin is a successful television actress with roles across many TV shows. She would be best known for playing Tricia Armstrong on "Coronation Street" from 1994-1997, evil Roxy on “EastEnders” in 2001 and, since this appearance on DT has written for “Hollyoaks” and still appears as the face of Sainsbury’s in their advertising campaign.


·          The Best: Frank being racked with guilt over Clyde's death. Millsey's face when Viv announces that Chelsea has left him. Mandy Connelly’s press conference. The t-shirts with Clyde’s face printed on which the team wear under their kit in his memory. Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, with writer Andrew Hunt believed to be responsible for the track’s use in this episode.


The Worst: Both Ryan and Don are good contenders for Bastard of the Episode, though this must surely be the worst thing Ryan ever did. His despicable lie about Clyde and the way he leaves Mandy Connelly to live with an untruth regarding her dead son is possibly top of all the bastardly things Ryan has done. Not forgetting Jodie. We know the lengths she is prepared to go to in her loyalty to Don, but her front in the presence of Mrs Connelly in the Players’ Lounge really shows that she’s her father’s daughter all right and can be quite inhumane when getting what she wants.


·          Logic: Sofia not being present at Clyde’s funeral. We also don’t see Clyde’s father (despite him still appearing as an extra) or either of his two sisters.


Quotes: Frank: "Where is that little freak Connelly 'cause he's going to get the biggest kiss he's ever had!". Really Frank?! (337: The Man Who Knew Too Much).  Viv: "Valentine. The pretty boy with a taste for banging his team mates' wives"  and a big favourite with the fans; Ryan: "Jesus Christ"  Viv: "Nah. I ruled him out!".  Don (to the team after an unimpressive first-half against Wolves): "You want me to put a rocket up you? Will it help? I can if you like".


·          Continuity: Curtis mentions to Tommy how Clyde scored the goal that kept them up two seasons ago [292: Just The Ticket]. As the players reminisce about Clyde, Sully reminds them of how he was when Marcel died [323: Thrown To The Wolves] and Curtis remembers when Clyde bought the car with the B0S5 number plates which Deano smashed up with a piece of scaffolding [299: A Little Less Conversation]. Dean and Mrs Connelly meet on better terms this time, unlike the last in 293: Groundhog Day.


Additional Info: Writer Andrew Hunt leaves the show around this point, having written on 8 episodes from 297: The Call-Up and now. Don says he's been a manager for 22 years. Following this episode, Holly is keeping a lower profile at the club following Clyde’s death. She next appears in 342: The Race Card.


·          What Was The Score?: A goal from Tommy wins the Wolves match 1-0 and the team dedicate their win to Clyde.


Soundtrack: Damien Rice: "Moody Mooday",  Deadly Avenger: "We Took Pelham",  Johnny Cash: "Hurt",  Snow Patrol: "Run.”


Screencaps from 8.8’s original broadcast on Sky One on 05/12/04.

Dean and Barker face the media

 Stone feels guilty over Clyde



Viv is out for blood

 Mrs Connelly wants justice



Jodie will defend her father... whatever it takes

 Viv has the right man



Ryan says goodbye to the mate he let down

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