Season 8 Episode 9

Episode 333


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 12th December 2004


Directed By

Kate Robinson


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Joel Brooks (Craig Charles)  Shay Maguire (Mark Frost)  Michelle Maguire (Jordanne O’Brien) 

Rob McCaffrey (as himself)


Dean visits Clyde's grave where he is joined by a man who introduces himself as Shay Maguire from the Supporters Association. They discuss the dark cloud that has hung over the club this season and Dean blames himself for letting things change. Shay tells him not to and to do something about it instead. The next day Dean persuades Eli into giving him £7M for the upcoming January transfer window, which Dean tells the team he will be spending on a player worthy enough to fill Clyde’s boots. Don is annoyed, as he could buy at least five good Championship players with that money and together with sleazy agent Joel Brooks plots to make Dean look a fool by setting up a hopeless transfer deal.



At training, Don tells the team that the upcoming Wigan game means more to the club (and himself) than the PSG match, and he will not be taking Lee and Tommy with the team to Paris. Tommy goes to Dean about Barker prioritising the Wigan game which is only two days apart from PSG. Dean sends Tommy accompanied by Shay onto You're On Sky Sports, in order to drum up public support to get the Wigan game rescheduled by the Football League. Shay shows his appreciation for Clyde by saying he will get a tattoo of Clyde's name and number printed onto his arse. Don and Jodie are watching at home and Don gets more worked up over Tommy going behind his back, telling Jodie he has got to go. Joel reports back to Don that Dean is buying the Valdez story and together they now plot a way of adding Tommy to the deal, Don getting rid of him in revenge. Tommy invites Shay back to Studs where he is introduced to Shay's wife Michelle, and both are instantly intrigued by the other.


After seeing on the news that Valdez's move to Harchester appears one step further, an excited Dean kisses Sofia to both their surprise. Dean then receives word that the Football League will not be moving the Wigan game. That night Shay arrives to wish Tommy luck but is told that Barker has left him out. Shay is annoyed and sneaks onto the coach in the guise of the driver. Whilst that drama is unfolding, Dean sees Joel on the news revealing how Valdez will be going to Chelsea in return for Tommy moving to Juventus. Sofia arrives and tells Dean she had no idea to which she receives the "I trusted you" lecture Dean is constantly giving to the scheming women in his life. Sofia tells Tommy that Juventus are signing him, and Tommy uses it to bring Shay round and tells him that Harchester are signing Valdez in return. They head to the Blue Room to celebrate and when Shay passes out on the Cristal, Michelle makes her move on Tommy and the two spend the night together.


Dean receives a call telling him the Football League have postponed Saturday's game after half the Wigan team came down with conjunctivitis, meaning that Lee and Tommy can both play in the PSG game. Harchester perform poorly during the first half and Don takes Tommy off but not before fining him for his previous night’s antics. As he sulks in the away dressing room Sofia walks in and tells Tommy the deal is off as Valdez's agent has told her he isn't going to Chelsea meaning Tommy isn't moving either. After the team have lost, Sofia goes out to Dean who is still under the impression Valdez is coming. Sofia tells Dean he isn't coming and that Joel Brooks just used him to get the price down to something Chelsea would be willing to pay. Even though Juventus have accepted Harchester's bid Valdez will never agree to the personal terms. She tells Dean he did something bold and the French have a saying for it: Coup De Foudre meaning lightening strike or a moment of madness. Dean tells Sofia he wants to be left alone as he thinks about the mistake he has made.




·          Hannah Rochell makes her first on-screen appearance as club secretary (probably also called Hannah), occupying the role Zoe used to do. She, along with Mark Rochell (a possible relative) worked behind the scenes of the show as Production Accountant.


The Best: Don fining Tommy a weeks' wages twice for being drunk before a game and for getting Lee drunk before a game as well.


·          Logic: Both Clyde’s temporarily placed cross at his grave and his memorial plaque in the Players’ Lounge read his date of birth and death as 1983-2004 meaning he was 21 when he died. However, when he arrived in December 2002 (273: Cold Turkey) Clyde was supposed to be 17 years old. This age progression was continued a year later in 299: A Little Less Conversation when Kirsty Gallacher stated that Clyde was now 18 years old. This can be put down to SORAS (which was unusual for DT) or it was more or less a mix up of Tim Smith’s real age being confused with Clyde’s. Shay has 'CONOLLY FOREVER 30' tattooed onto his cheeks, with Connelly being mis-spelt 'Conolly.' Hopefully the tattooist will be far away when Shay realises his mistake, judging by his actions in the next episode!


Quotes: Joel (to Don) on Dean: "...but your lad. Tell you what, he gives Forrest Gump a run for his money doesn't he?!".  Tommy (on him not playing for Clyde's memorial match): "What about Clyde?"  Don: "Well I certainly won't be fielding him!".


·          Continuity: It is mentioned that PSG sold Curtis to Harchester in 2002 (261: It Could Be You).


What’s The (First) Deal?: Joel is looking after a planned move for Carlos Valdez due to him being unsettled at Juventus. The plan is that Joel and Don will trick Dean into believing Valdez wants to come to Harchester for the Champions League, when really Valdez is only interested in a Premier League side, Chelsea in fact, whom Joel is acting on behalf of. Already knowing that Dean will bid Harchester’s maximum of £7M for Valdez, Chelsea will come in at the last minute and outbid them leaving Dean, who has already told everyone Valdez is coming, looking a fool.


·          What’s The (Second) Deal?: In order to get rid of Tommy, Don and Joel plot to throw him into the Juventus deal with Chelsea when they make their offer for Valdez. Tommy will get his dream of playing for a foreign team whilst Dean will have lost both Tommy and Valdez and Don will have gained the Championship player(s) he always wanted.


What’s The (Third) Deal?: Dean makes a bet with Eli that if Harchester get the first corner Eli will give him another £7M for Valdez and if not he will give Eli his £7M back and go into the transfer window with nothing. Luckily, Harchester get the first corner over PSG and Eli stays true to his word.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester lose 0-1 to PSG following a goal from Pauleta.


Soundtrack: Air: "Another Day",  Depeche Mode: "Everything Counts",  DJ Tiesto: "Magik Journey",  Embrace: "Ashes",  New Order: "Primitive Notion",  4 Hero: "Les Fleur (radio edit)."


Screencaps from 8.9’s original broadcast on Sky One on 12/12/04.

"OK Deano, here's seven 'mil!"

 Michelle is smitten with Tommy



That's not the driver!

 Brooks does it again (you'd

 think they'd learn)



Is Connelly still around?

 Tommy screws up


Dean feels the fool (what's new


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