Kim Sullivan (Natasha Symms) 2005-2007

Guest Appearance 1: 9.10 (#366) ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly  Sunday 18th December 2005

Guest Appearance 2: 9.13 (#369) Unleash Hell  Sunday 15th January 2006

First Regular Appearance: 10.6 (#393) Trust  Sunday 3rd December 2006

Last Regular Appearance: 10.26 (#413) Witch Hunt  Sunday 22nd April 2007

Duration: EP: 366, 369, 393 - 413 ½ SE: 9.10, 9.13, 10.6 – 10.26

Position: Wife/Ex-wife of Danny Sullivan / Mother of Jack and Erica Sullivan

Last Seen: Carted off by the police with the other girls during Katy’s Hen Party, after accidentally stealing a van.


Kim met Danny Sullivan when he came up from Watford to Harchester United’s youth team in the 1996-97 season. As he progressed through the YT and reserves the two became engaged, and married a short time before Danny made his debut for the first team on Boxing Day 2000. By 2004 Kim was taking a more active role in life around the club, and becoming more prominent amongst the Harchester 'WAG's, attending every party or event she could. It was during this time that she and Danny found out they were expecting twins. Kim gave birth to the babies, a boy and girl mid-way through the season, and she and Danny named them Jack and Erica.

Kim often brought the twins to Harchester's home games at The Lair, and during a match against Nottingham Forrest when they are three months old, she gets into difficulty when having to change Erica and leaves Jack just outside the toilet door. An emotional Jodie Stone, having just miscarried, comes across Jack on his own and, without thinking, walks away with him and takes him home with her. A full scale search is launched, with the team searching woods and parks, and Kim and Danny are frantic. Jack is found safe and well with Jodie, but Danny refuses to forgive the Stones' and forces them out of the neighbouring house at the Barrons. Kim later travels to the Millennium Stadium to see the team win promotion back to the Premier League, and is in the Player's Lounge with Danny and Tyson when they are rocked by an almighty explosion from beneath them. The Harchester team coach has exploded after Don Barker drove his car head on into it, and the whole team bar Ryan Naysmith were killed.

This trauma affects Danny more than anyone actually realises, and his behaviour and state of mind start to slowly deteriorate over the next couple of years. Danny is appointed captain, replacing his friend Curtis Alexander, and is soon telling Kim that the role requires him to be away from home more than he used to be. Kim feels the club is the reason she and Danny are apart so much, and the Christmas party is the first night out they've had together in months. Kim doesn't think it is suspicious when Chloe Tyler brings up the subject of Danny's workload when they meet for lunch at The Grange. A few days later Kim receives a massive bombshell when Paul Hankin challenges Amy Kerrigan on national television that she has been having an affair with Danny. A humiliated Kim pounces on her husband and ferociously lashes out, throwing him out of the house and refusing him access to the twins even on their first birthday. The relationship with Danny is virtually non-existent from then onwards, as he begins a new life with Amy while Kim stays at The Barrons with the twins.

Things aren't made any easier with Amy and Kim both close to the club, and with Danny stressed about the way his future is looking, Amy asks Kim if she could give Danny a break, which she doesn't take kindly coming from the woman he left her for. When Danny travels all the way to Plymouth where Kim's mom lives and refuses to leave until she lets him see the twins, Kim decides to give Danny this chance and they call a truce for the sake of the kids. It doesn't last long, for when Kim receives an eviction notice from the Barrons and an invitation to the Harchester United Christmas party on the same day, she is determined to attend and have the ultimate revenge. Kim gets her chance with the microphone and in front of everyone gives Danny and Amy a supreme grilling before being cut off and throws a drink in Amy's face! Danny spends most of Christmas Day with Kim in order to be with the kids, but soon he is reminded of old times with her and they sleep together. This continues to haunt Danny especially as Kim menacingly begins to hang around with Amy, and the guilt gets to him leading Danny to admit all to Amy.

Danny goes off on loan to Southend during this period, and Kim begins a new relationship herself, with Steve Kramer - Danny's former First Team Coach! Danny returns to this news at the same time he is told that an injury he picked up at Southend has ended his playing career. Danny's downward spiral doesn't let up from here, and Kim and Amy both find common ground when Danny wants to take a risky operation in the States. Before the end of the season, Kim regains her place as "Mother WAG" to Cindi and the other younger wives, having an almighty catfight with Mrs Moody at Katy's disastrous Hen Party. She doesn't however, learn the full extent of Danny's deceit as club enemy Dragonslayer before Harchester win the Title.

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