Phil Wallis (Neil Jackson) 2002-2003

First Regular Appearance: 6.1 (#261) It Could Be You  Sunday 6th October 2002

Last Regular Appearance: 6.32 (#292) Just The Ticket  Sunday 18th May 2003

Duration: EP: 261 - 292½ SE: 6.1 – 6.32

Position: Harchester United Chairman (2002-2003)

Last Seen: Walking out with the crowd having given the club away to (supposedly) one lucky fan in an on-pitch raffle.


Aged somewhere in his late 20's, Phil Wallis was settled in his career as a plumber, with his wife Jacqui an office worker. Phil had supported Harchester United his whole life, and could only dream of being involved professionally with the club. A night in July 2002 followed what had been another normal day for Phil and Jacqui, but changed their lives forever. With a lottery win of £21M pounds, most people would not know where to begin spending right away. But Phil knew immediately where to divulge, he didn't just want a piece of Harchester - he wanted the whole thing! Sam Irving blamed the club for his daughter, the current chairwoman's death, and wanted rid of it soon as. Phil made sure he didn’t come away without full ownership, without telling Jacqui of his intentions.


Turning up in the Players’ Lounge after the first game of the new season, Phil already makes an enemy in Patrick Doyle, who was planning to snatch the club himself with Jeff Stein. Filled with excitement at the prospect of building his ‘super team’, Phil attempts to resign Scott Lucas, but has to sell Monday Bandele in the process. Patrick is working against Phil, in a bet he’s placed to get the club relegated, and destroys the deal with Scott. Having put the last of their lottery winnings, £2M pounds aside for Jacqui’s dreamed holiday home in the sun, Phil tries to compensate for losing Scott by signing Roberto Mendoza. Patrick again sees to it that the deal is scuppered, knowing Mendoza will suffer a career-ending injury in training and be forced to retire.


Jacqui is furious to learn the put-aside money has gone, and walks out on Phil – straight into Patrick’s bet, and is soon sleeping with him! Phil considers selling off some of his shares in order to get the money, and Jacqui back. But upon learning how Patrick has desires to buy the club, Phil is suspicious and stays put. Phil is delighted when his seemingly perfect wife returns to him, but Patrick’s bet is having a deepening effect on the club’s place in the league. Jacqui falls ill under the stress of Doyle’s power over her, and in hospital, Phil learns she has suffered a miscarriage, but is unaware the baby was Patrick’s! With the guilt of Phil believing he was about to become a dad, and Patrick’s continuing damage to the club, Jacqui confesses all to her husband after the team lose away to Birmingham. Phil beats up Patrick and fires him, going on a downward spiral which culminates in him taking an overdose. Phil is rescued and knows he has to sort out the mess his club is in.


Sticking to his memory of HUFC’s glory days – Phil approaches Alan Rothman about taking over as manager. At this time, the Mendoza deal comes back to haunt Phil, as he discovers Jeff was involved in bungs with Roberto’s agent Pilar Hernandez, and the theft of Phil’s £2M pounds. A cover story the trio put forward is jeopardised when Roberto threatens to sell his story on the bungs. Phil and Jeff have to come clean, which results in Harchester being deducted six points, though later reduced to three, meaning there is still a chance to avoid relegation.


Trying to move on from Jacqui proves hard for Phil, as right after starting a relationship with Nikki Peggs, Jacqui admits she wants to give their marriage another go. Phil sleeps with Jacqui, but isn’t sure whether getting back with her is what he wants. After Jamie Parker’s siege reveals how Patrick was forcing him to throw games to ensure Harchester’s relegation, Phil appeals to the FA to have the abandoned match replayed. When Phil learns how Jacqui has betrayed him for Patrick again, this time during Jamie’s siege, he finishes with her for good.


Harchester are saved from relegation by beating Everton, and Phil knows now is the best time to leave his club. But not without one last drama: standing on the pitch Phil announces to the crowd that whoever’s seat number is pulled out of a raffle will own the club! After congratulating the winner he never meets, Phil exits the stadium and blends back into the crowd of Dragons’ fans, as he is just another one again.


Neil Jackson's Interview with Dream Team Diehard (November 2012)