Season 8 Episode 10

Episode 334


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 19th December 2004


Directed By

Robert Gabriel


GS: Eli Knox (Shane Lynch)  Michelle Maguire (Jordanne O’Brien)  Shay Maguire (Mark Frost)  Lucca Daneilli (Sidney Kean) 

Angel Gonzalez (Alex Zorbas)


Dean flies out to Barcelona and when checking into his hotel, an overweight balding and bearded man loudly approaches him. He is shocked to realise that it's Fletch who has come to support the boys. When Fletch learns that Dean has £14M to spend he tells him he has connections and discusses Gabriel Batistuta. After the fiasco with Valdez, Dean tells Fletch he won’t go there. Fletch refuses to give up and gets in touch with Batistuta’s cousin with the proposition. Fletch introduces Angel and his associate Ricardo to Dean, who is eventually convinced they are genuine with a phone call to Gabriel himself. But when Fletch requests €80,000, Dean gets uncomfortable and backs out of negotiations.


The team aren’t flying out until the day of the game, and Tommy takes on Don when he once again says the Championship means more to him than the Champions League. Michelle arrives and she and Tommy go into the boardroom to make love on the table, and Michelle takes her phone out to take a picture of their rendezvous. Michelle is touched when Tommy tells her he will send Shay out to Spain whilst they spend time alone here. The next day Tommy has a meeting with Juventus reps as Chelsea have agreed to the terms of his transfer. To Sofia’s annoyance, Tommy brings Michelle to the meeting where to everyone’s surprise she introduces herself as Tommy’s fiancée. After Sofia turfs her out of the meeting, Michelle meets Jodie and the two go for coffee at Studs. Michelle gets her phone out to show Jodie the pictures of her and Tommy and they realise they both have the same phone. Jodie asks Michelle if she's travelling to Barcelona with the WAG's and says the Christmas party is afterwards before taking Michelle shopping for a dress.


Sofia tells Tommy that Don is not going to tolerate “that floozy” staying in his room the night before a match. Tommy tells her to give Michelle twice the amount this time if it will make her feel better. Michelle arrives back at Tommy's room to be met by Sofia who tells her it's over and Tommy has left her a cheque for £8,000. Michelle is hurt so she goes downstairs to where the team are having dinner. In her most shrill voice yet, she cries for Tommy to tell her what she did wrong. Don walks in and tells Michelle she will have to leave. He then tells Tommy that as he thinks he is better than everyone else he will not be required for his starting 11 tomorrow. Jodie tells Michelle she will go and get her cheque but not before telling Tommy and Sofia what she thinks of them. Jodie arrives at Tommy's room and he flirts with her, saying there’d always been something between them. Jodie tries to resist but Tommy moves closer to kiss her, and to her shock tells her he'd sooner snog that Mule she calls a husband! Tommy then kicks her out and outside Jodie realises she picked up Michelle's phone by mistake and decides to send Shay the pictures of her and Tommy in revenge. Shay receives them in Barcelona and is shocked.


After a visit to the Nou camp, Dean is persuaded to continue with the deal and hands Fletch the money. Fletch meets Angel and Ricardo in a darkened warehouse where he is forced into handing over the money when Ricardo pulls out a gun. Dean is furious and tells Fletch he should have known better than to trust an overweight has-been. Dean hears the Batistuta story on the news and goes mad at Fletch for leaking it. He then receives a call from Batistuta's office telling him they want an urgent meeting. A female representative bluntly tells them that Gabriel has no interest in coming to Harchester. Fletch finds a way of saving Dean from telling an excited Eli the truth – by claiming that Batistuta is only interested in coming if he gets to play Champions League football, so Dean better pray Harchester lose tonight. When Tommy comes on, Shay yells that Tommy is a dead man and is roughly escorted out of the stadium. At the Christmas party afterwards Dean is about to tell everyone Batistuta isn't coming, but when Fletch walks through the door with Gina Moliano, Dean announces that he is re-signing Fletch to everyone's surprise. While everyone is left stunned by the news, Shay sneaks up behind Tommy and stabs him in the back. Tommy collapses to the ground and Sofia comes to his aid screaming frantically for help as Don and the players gather round.




·          Terry Kiely returns for his third regular stint as Fletch from this episode onwards. This is also Kara Tointon’s first regular appearance as Gina Moliano after guest appearing as a 16-year-old Gina in 167168 back in Season 3. Carson Black, who co-produced Season 2 alongside Lizzie Becker, is credited as Executive Producer with Jane Hewland from this episode.


Best Known For: Mark Frost is a successful television actor and had a regular role on Birmingham soap “Doctors” from 2000-2001, with a high profile stint on “The Bill” following after. Jordanne O’Brien (now credited as Jordanne Swinnerton) also worked on “Doctors” as a runner in over 25 episodes between 2007-2008.


·          The Best: The use of Midlands actors in Mark Frost and Jordanne O’Brien. Tommy winding up Frank like Clyde used to, with the Eeore nickname. Fletch calling every waiter/barman he sees “Manwell”. Fletch paying the waiter a wad of cash to treat him like royalty and for him to bring over a "complementary" bottle of champagne. This years’ Harchester United Christmas party, although as brief as it was.


Quotes: Michelle (on Sofia): "That bitch of an agent tried to pay me off like I was a prostitute!".  Jodie (on Tommy): "That guy's a 24-carrot bastard. He's shagged and dumped so many of my friends I've practically lost count".


·          Foreshadowing: Fletch tells Dean to trust him on his son’s life (see 335: A Contract Killing).


Continuity: Dean says he thought Fletch was settled in the Middle East and Karl tells him he's playing for Murcia now. Dean asks weren't they relegated last season and Fletch sheepishly replies they were. Fletch pulls out a photo of himself with Gabriel Batistuta, which looks to be himself and Fletch at Al-Arabi Sports Club where Batistuta was from 2003-2005, and where Fletch must have moved to when Harchester sold him in 294: Long Live The King.


·          Additional Info: After drawing with Celtic, Harchester are at the bottom of the Champions League Group F table. When they play Barcelona, Celtic and PSG both have to draw for Harchester to go through even if they do beat Barcelona. Luckily they do.


Swearing Is Not Clever (mostly): Warning! These scenes will be cut to shreds if viewing a daytime repeat. All for Tommy, Sofia delivers a “Prick” followed by two “Bastards” from Curtis and Shay, but the trophy goes to sudden tourettes sufferer Jodie Stone who out-does her acquaintances and calls Tommy Valentine a Bastard four times!


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester draw against Celtic at the Dragons Lair, with Tommy equalising to 1-1. A back-header from Frank wins the Barcelona match 1-0 to Harchester, saving their Champions League status.


Soundtrack: Dirty Vegas: "Days Go By",  Herbalizer: "A Mother",  Shantel: "Bass And Several Cars",  Supatone: "Yorulamenta! (Original Mix)."


Screencaps from 8.10’s original broadcast on Sky One on 19/12/04, and from Sky Three repeat run in summer 2006.

That's never Fletch!

 ...Sounds like him



What's all this?!

 Not the message Shay was




Batistuta or Fletch? Hmmmm...

 In walks Miss Moliano



Tommy pays sharply for his latest affair

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